Find The Best Place To Join Your Sightseeing Day Tour From London

Author: Bob Handford

Need Help Finding The Best Boarding Point For Your Day Tour?

OK – the day tours we are talking about here are the full day tours both within London and outside London to places like Stonehenge and Windsor.

London Tour Hotels

Hotel Pick-Up List

All of the main operators day tours have left their main London departure point by 8:30 a.m. Because of the early start the “big bus” tours offer a long list of hotel pick-up points starting as early as 7 a.m.
The pick-up points, all hotels are located in all the major hotel districts of Central London, well over a 100 hotels. They then take you to Victoria Coach Station where the main tour departs from.
The exception are the small group tours with a maximum of 16 passengers just have a handful of pick-up points at strategic points across Central London. But if your hotel is not on the list or you are staying outside London where is the best place to join a tour?

Stumped? – Well just ask Bob at the discussion facility below saying which tour you are going on and where you are staying!

Other Day Tour Information

Guided Day Tours Outside London – The Most Popular Tours


Discuss With Bob About The Best Boarding Point For You!

I’be been on most of the day tours in question, I’ve even driven and guided some of these tours If you’re scratching your head where the best boarding point is for your tour just ask me below! Normally I’ll respond well within 24 hours

  • Eng Tan

    Hi, Bob, we are interested in the Stonehenge and Bath tour. We will be staying at the Citadines St Mark’s hotel in London. Where is the best pick-up location please? Thanks.

    • Bob

      Geographically the closest pick-up is the Travelodge Kings Cross Royal Scott.
      But this is probably too far to walk and it is one of the first pick-ups of the hotel pick-up buses around 7 a.m. (Note there are 2 Travelodge hotels at Kings Cross)
      For the same cost on the Underground you could change at Kings Cross to the Victoria Line and go to Victoria where the Groxvenor Victoria Hotel is the last pick-up around 8 a.m. and is part of the station.

      From the Grosvenor the bus just goes 400 yards down the road to Victoria Coach Station where the main tour bus departs from about 8:15 a.m. so you might choose to simply walk to the coach station from Victoria

  • Merith

    We are interested in stonehenge half day tour. We are planning to go on wednesday. We are coming from Guildford. Where is the best pick up point?
    Thank you. Merith Briones

    • Bob

      Trains from Guildford run into Waterloo. Change at Clapham Junction onto a train to Victoria Station.
      You can pick-up morning and afternoon tours from in front of the Grosvenor Hotel part of the station.

      From Guildford you could also get a train to Salisbury, changing train at Woking avoiding London.
      From Salisbury the Stonehenge Bus goes 1 or 2 times an hour

  • Rudy Uy

    We are interested in Stonehenge & Bath Day Tour with admission to Bath. We will be staying at Ibis Heathrow Airport Hotel. Is it possible to pick us up at the hotel for this tour or is there any nearby boarding point for us to join this tour?

    • Bob

      I’m afraid none of the tours out of London pick up at Heathrow Airport.
      You would have to travel into London to get any tour and then return out to the airport at the end.

      The most convenient pick-up from Heathrow would be to get the Underground to Gloucester Road, the Crowne Plaza Kensington is opposite the Underground Station.
      Pick-up is 7:45 a.m. so from the Ibis you’d have to leave the hotel by 6:15 a.m.

      • Rudy Uy

        Thank you for your reply. I guess it is more convenient for us to take the National Express bus from Heathrow Airport at 6:50AM arriving Victoria Coach Station at 7:50AM to join the said tour. Where can I find the tour bus at Victoria Coach Station?

        • Bob

          The tour bus departs from within the coach station at Victoria.
          However coaches arriving are in a physically separate building to the departures terminal, they are only opposite sides of the road though.

          I should warn you that National Express buses from Heathrow Bus Station do not start at Heathrow. Heathrow is the last stop before London for inter city buses after leaving regional cities several hours prior. If you are travellng Saturday and Sunday buses are reasonably on time, during the week they can be substantially delayed through traffic congestion dealys.
          The Underground to Victoria will be faster than a vehicle and much more frequent though the Underground Station is about 600 yards down the road from the Coach Station. Change at Hammersmith on the Underground.

  • sara neuman

    We are interested in the Stonehenge& bath include admission to bath tour. We are staying at the Lakeside lodges at Firmly green GU16 6GP Where would we pick up the tour and at what time?. The nearest train station is at Farnborough , is it possible to be picked up there?

    • Bob

      Although the coach would normally go down the motorway quite close to Frinley on the outward leg it cannot stop and the return leg back to London goes on a different more northerly route into London.
      So I’m afraid you’d need to join the tour in London and return from London at the end of the day. Its an hour on the train from Farnborough to London Victoria changing at Clapham Junction so you’d need a train from Farnborough around 6:15 a.m

      You could do this independently by train from Franborough.
      There are frequent trains between Farnborough and Salisbury changing at Basingtstoke and Salisbury and Bath. The Stonehenge Bus runs from Salisbury Station to Stonehenge

  • Melanie Murphy-Corwin

    We are interested in the Leeds – Canterbury-Dover – Greenwich tour. We are staying at the Trafalgar Hotel located at 2 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2TS. Where would we pick up the tour and at what time?

    • Bob

      The Guoman Charing Cross Hotel that forms the front of Charing Cross Station is the other side of Trafalgar Square (about 300 yards ) from your hotel and is a listed pick-up hotel.
      If people have booked the tour the hotel pick-up bus is due here about 7:40 a.m.

  • Irene Jim Heinert

    We are interested in the Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath Tour & Pub Lunch with Premium Tours. We are staying at the Beauchamp, 24-27 Bedford Place, which I think is in Bloomsbury, near the British Museum. Where is the closest morning pickup? Also, where will we be dropped off at the end of the tour, & what’s the best way back to our hotel?

    • Bob

      The Russell Hotel on Russell Square itself is a pick-up hotel for Premium about 250 yards from your hotel.

      • Irene Jim Heinert

        Wonderful – Thank you so much, Bob! Hopefully, they will advise us about the return.

        • Bob

          Normally the tour ends at Victoria Railway station with a stop offered at Gloucester Road Underground station.
          There are direct trains between Gloucester Road and Russell Square

          • Irene Jim Heinert

            Wonderful! So good to know what we’re doing & where we’re going! Thanks again!

  • Brenda

    Interested in a Premium Tours Sunset Stonehenge and will be staying at Thistle Picadily. What is the closest pick up point?

    • Bob

      There is no pick-up for that tour within walking distance.
      Personally I would just take the 6 or 23 red public bus to Marble Arch where the first pick-up at the Cumberland Hotel is next to the Underground Station there.
      Buses go about every 5 minutes

      On the return the tour bus will probably offer a drop at Gloucester Road Underground Station where there are direct trains to Piccadilly Circus

  • Rachel

    I’m interested in the Stonehenge and Bath day tour. We will be staying at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel. What is the closest pick up point?

    • Bob

      Closest would be the Hilton Park Lane around the corner from your hotel in Park Lane itself

  • Lilian

    Hello, please let me know how can i schedule my 2 days tour in London,
    the date will be 13/14 April

    • Bob

      Sorry I don’t understand your question, which tour or tours is your 2 day tour?

  • Karen Jo Russell

    Interested in two of the small group (16 person) tours March 25 & 27th. ‘Oxford, Cotswald & Stratford’ and ‘Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury.’ Our hotel is the Thistle Euston located near Euston Station. Thanks!

    • Bob

      Closest pick-up point for both tours will be the one at the ISL at Great Portland Street.
      Its about a 10-15 minute walk along the Euston Road from your hotel or the number 18 bus or one stop on the Underground from Euston Square (not Euston) Underground Station

  • Bob

    If its the tour linked below, your hotel the Lancaster Gate hotel is listed as a pick-up hotel you can choose during the booking process as your pick-up

    • cindy

      Thanks Bob I will try and book this tonight there will be four of us so hopefully there are still spaces open

  • Karen Zients

    Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge – we are staying at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum – What would be the closest pick up point?

    • Bob

      If you are looking at the big bus tour then the Millenium Gloucester directly opposite the Holiday inn Kensington Forum is the nearest pick-up.

      For the small group (16 people) tour nearest pick-up is the Premier Inn Kensington about 500 yards away.

  • Pamela

    We’re staying at the Waldorf Hilton. Where is the closest pick-up spot? Thank you.

    • Bob

      Can you clarify which tour you are interested in?

      • Pamela

        Salisbury, Stonehenge, & Avebury tour – small group on Wednesdays

        • Pamela

          I think it may be the Great Russell Street pick up spot?

          • Bob

            Yes, the British Museum is about 10 minutes walk from your hotel and is the first pick-up so you get to choose the best seat on boarding

          • Pamela

            Thank you very much!

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