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The Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square – March 2012

Author: Bob Handford Trafalgar Square is geographically the centre of London where all road distances are measured from. The centerpiece of the square is Nelson’s Column, the famous naval commander. On the four corners of the square were four plinths, the one on the north-western corner was left empty, the original intention was a statue […]

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Cycle Hire Scheme In Central London

In 2010 the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme was introduced to London after the runaway success of a similar scheme in Paris. The scheme is sponsored by Barclays the bank but regulated by Transport for London as part of the general transport infrastructure of London. Just like Paris the scheme has been very popular and you […]

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Walking Piccadilly Shopping Arcades – Among The Oldest In The World

London’s Burlington Arcade was one of the world’s first shopping arcades. Opened in 1819 to great acclaim and now recognised as a historic and architectural masterpiece. The Burlington Arcade is one of the longest covered shopping streets in Britain. However, the Burlington Arcade was completed in 1819, a year after The Royal Opera Arcade, often promoted […]

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Burlington Arcade

OK, OK Bob doesn’t shop at Burlington Arcade but nevertheless its a great place to visit for the visitor to London, another great ‘mini-experience’ of what makes London so attractive. The Burlington Arcade was built “for the sale of jewellery and fancy articles of fashionable demand, for the gratification of the public” in 1819 and that pretty […]

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Denmark Street – Centre Of The Music Industry In London

Author: Bob Handford Denmark Street has been the centre of the music industry in the UK for much of the 20th century, perhaps with its heyday in the 60′s.  The likes of Elton John, Rolling Stones and David Bowie were all here. Today the street is dominated by musical instrument shops. Music publishers first moved […]

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The Spot That Marks The Centre Of London

Author: Bob Handford The Exact Geographical Centre Of London in Trafalgar Square Charles 1 Statue In Trafalgar Square The Centre Of London – The Plaque Marking The Centre Of London Is On the Ground To The North (left on picture) Of The Statue Continue reading

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