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London 2 For 1 Attraction Discounts With Travelcards & Train Tickets In 2016

Author: Bob Handford

What is The 2 For 1 Promotion

The 2 for 1 promotion covers over 150 attractions in the London area.

2 for 1 requires a voucher printed at no charge from the promotions web site, plus a transport ticket issued by the railways that would enable you to get to the attraction that day. (The scheme is promoted by the railways)

2 for 1 means that one person pays the full standard adult admission and another person goes in free, irrespective of age. This means that the scheme is not normally worthwhile when children are involved as they normally go in around half price anyway, (you cannot use 2 for 1 to pay child admission and get another child in free).

You have to check out each attraction\’s individual rules and regulations when you print out the voucher from the web site, the above is the general rule but individual attractions may have other restrictions.

Attractions Covered And Savings

One of the attractions of the scheme is that it covers many of the top attractions.
These include the Tower of London, Madame Tussaud\’s, London Dungeon, London Zoo, London Eye, Kensington Palace, Tower Bridge Exhibition and Hampton Court.

Attractions do come in and out of the scheme. The London Eye is a good example.

When you consider that the admission to the Tower of London is over £20 and the cost of a 1 Day Travelcard is around £12 the savings are very worhwhile.

Key Points Of The 2 For 1 Promotion

– To qualify you must have a valid railway ticket with the railways logo on that is valid to get you to Central London on the day of entry to the attraction. Single railway tickets are only valid on the day the railway ticket is used. Return tickets are valid for 2 for 1 the entire period between the outward and return legs of your train ticket.

Or  a valid Travelcard issued by the railways, (not by the Underground, TFL or on-line)

– You must have a 2 for 1 voucher for the attraction. You can print as many vouchers as you like at no charge.

– The deal is normally for standard tickets, not fast-track and not to be used in conjunction with other promotional tickets.

– The vouchers have expiry dates. Near the expiry dates a new set of vouchers are put up on the official web-site. Each voucher cycle some attractions join, others may drop out.

– There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can use in a day.

Qualifying Railway Tickets For The Promotion

The facet that gets visitors confused is the qualifying rail issued tickets that can be used with the 2 for 1 promotion.

If you are not travelling to London by train, your work around is to buy a Travelcard. Travelcard is a public transport pass covering the buses, underground, DLR and railways in London. The alternative Oyster pass is not valid for the 2 for 1 scheme.

The only places that sell Travelcards with the rail logo on are railway ticket offices at Central London mainline rail stations, (Paddington, Marylebone, Euston, Kings Cross, St Pancras, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo, Fenchurch Street and Victoria). All these also have Underground ticket offices and some have information centres which also sell Travelcards. Purchasing from anywhere other than the train ticket offices do not qualify. Travelcards bought on-line in advance do not qualify for 2 for 1.

Its not all straight forward with the qualifying railway tickets either. The UK has a privatised rail system with many operating companies, not all of which support the promotion. Confusingly return tickets on the Gatwick Express and Stansted Express airport trains bought from the railways do qualify but tickets on the Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect do not.

There are railways stations in the suburbs of London away from where most visitors stay which may sell tickets valid for 2 for 1. If a railway station is in one of the London public transport zonal areas it will sell both Travelcards and return rail tickets that are valid for 2 for 1. However, the ticket office at such stations must be operated by the railways for tickets to be valid for 2 for 1.

Many stations are dual railways and underground/overground stations but unlike the mainline railway stations in Central London listed above do not have separate ticket offices. Some stations like Heathrow Airport and West Brompton as a result do not sell tickets valid for 2 for 1 whilst Ealing Broadway does.

The Cheapest Way To Qualify In 2016 If You Are Not Using The Train Into London

To qualify for 2 for 1 you need a valid rail issued ticket that will get you to Central London and the attraction in question on the day of entry.
Remember the airport trains from Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and Southend Airports (but not Heathrow) are valid for the promotion.

If you do not have a rail ticket then the cheapest 1 Day Travelcards issued by the railways that will qualify you for 2 for 1 is a zone 1-4  Travelcard.
In 2016 the cost of a 1 day adult Travelcard zone 1-4 is £12.10 (you can no longer buy 1 day Travelcards zone 1-2)
Assuming you are staying in Central London (zones 1 and 2) the maximum you can spend on an Oyster is £6.50 – so you are paying a £5.60 premium per person for using a 1 day Travelcard instead of an Oyster Card so you need to factor this into whether the promotion is worthwhile.
If you are in London a few days then a 7 day Travelcard zone 1-2 is available and at £32.40 is actually cheaper than an Oyster for more than 5 days travel in zones 1-2 and about the same for 5 days.
The railways do require a passport size photo in order to purchase a 7 day Travelcard.

Perhaps the cheapest option for many is to buy a very short railway ticket purely to qualify for 2 for 1.
For example a one-way adult rail ticket between Vauxhall Station and Waterloo is £2.90 in 2016.
Remember a one-way train ticket only qualifies you for 2 for 1 on the day of travel.

If you are using 2 for 1 in a Central London attraction you really need a railway ticket to a London terminus railway station like Waterloo. Attractions differ on the level of scrutiny they apply to vetting railway tickets, but to make sure you should have a ticket to a London terminus – the attraction itself has final say whether they accept your ticket.
If you actually use the rail ticket make sure you don’t use an automatic ticket barrier at your destination to exit the platform as the barrier will retain your ticket, go through a manned barrier.

For the visitor its very confusing identifying which stations ouside the London terminus stations are run by the railways and issue tickets valid for 2 for 1.
The simplest option is to look up the station on the National Rail web site.
For each station at the top of the page it will state who is managing that particular station.
(Opening hours of the ticket office will also be stated)
If it is managed by the Underground, Overground or TFL Rail then tickets issued will not qualify 2 for 1, a railway company then you are OK, (except Heathrow Express).
National Rail Station Search Facility

Photo ID Cards For 7 Day Travelcards Purchased From The Railways

In 2012 the railways brought in a requirement that when you buy a 7 Day Travelcard you require a photo id card. This is issued free when you buy a 7 Day Travelcard, but you must bring along your own passport size photo. This rule only applies to 7 Day Travelcards bought from railway stations.

(7 Day Travelcards bought anywhere else than the railways ticket offices come loaded on an Oyster Card and do not require a photo but are not valid for the 2 for 1 promotion.)

You do not need photo id for 1 day Travelcard

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Discuss 2 For 1 With Bob

For the visitor to London its bad enough getting on top of Oyster v Travelcard, let alone the 2 for 1 promotion.

So if you\’re confused just make a comment below, normally I’ll respond well within 24 hours

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  • Onur Atılgan

    Our journey will start from York and we already have our York-London train tickets. After our 4 days in London we will go to Cambridge (and then leave via Stansted). So we have York-London and London-Cambridge train tickets. I see that return tickets might have get us discounts at any day between these journeys, however we will not “return” to York, as we move on to Cambridge. Are we eligible for 2 for 1 offer? Thanks a lot!

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      Are you entitled to 2 for 1 qualification? – no.
      However, if you presented the voucher and tickets at an attraction there is a good chance they may be accepted – read the “featured comment” at the top of these responses, its a similar situation, but I’m guessing more would object to this scenario than that situation.,

  • Peter

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for answering all these queries – I have not been able to see this question posted elsewhere…

    If I use the 241 deal to buy 2 tickets to a show – how many valid rail tickets do I need to bring – two or just one? I have one valid travel card and want to buy two tickets to the theatre.

    Similarly – would it be possible to print four vouchers for one attraction – if only one of us has a valid rail ticket?

    Many thanks.


    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      You need a railway issued ticket for every person wanting to use 2 for 1

      For 4 people you would need 4 railway issued tickets and 2 vouchers printed from the promotion web site

      • Peter

        Thank you!

  • Holly

    We arrive into Heathrow and staying at a friend’s house in Fulcram. We will take the tube from parson’s green station to London. We are staying in Fulcram four nights so it will be about 3.5 days of sightseeing. We would want two – three days of 2 for 1 access but are open to suggestions since the boys haven’t been to London before. I have one under 16 and another teen over 16 and two adults. Thanks for the information!

  • Holly

    We are staying near Parson’s Green Tube Station and I wanted to find out the best manner to purchase the valid travel card? Would that be on-line? Thank you!

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      How / where are you arriving/departing in London?
      Are there any children involved under 16 years old?
      How long are you staying in London?
      How many days do you require 2 for 1 access?

      • Holly

        We are arriving in Heathrow and staying in Fulcrum for 4 nights and about 3.5 days of sightseeing. There are two teen boys — 1 under 16 and 1 over 16 years old. I am open to suggestions but would probably want the 2for1 at least two days — of particular interest are the Tower of London, The Churchhill war rooms and the London Eye. Also considering the Railway Children. Thanks for the information!

        • Holly

          We are departing from Gatwick.

          • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

            Bit confused by Fulcrum, do you mean Fulham – or are you staying in Parsons Green

          • Holly

            Staying in Fulham. Closest Tube station is Parson’s Green.

          • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

            Travelcards are a very expensive and inflexible way of getting around for 3.5/4 days

            I would suggest you just buy Oyster cards at Heathrow Airport Underground Station and worry about qualifying for 2 for 1 as a separate issue.
            For the child under 16 ask a member of staff at Heathrow Underground to load a Young Persons Discount onto their Oyster to get half price fares

            The tedious part is qualifying for 2 for 1 from Heathrow
            I would suggest for every person wanting 2 for 1 you buy train tickets from an on-line UK ticketing web site.
            There are several, just one is called the Trainline (link below)

            For each person buy one one-way ticket between Vauxhall and Waterloo for the date of your arrival at Heathrow and another ticket from Waterloo to Vauxhall.
            There is an option to collect the train tickets at a special ticket machine at major rail stations. They have just installed such ticket machines at every Terminal at Heathrow so you can select the terminal accordingly
            The fare is £2.90 each way so you are in effect paying £5.98 to qualify for 2 for 1
            (You don’t actually use the train tickets just show them at the 2 for 1 ticket desk if asked for)

  • Elizabeth Davin

    Hi Bob, Fabulous information, thanks!
    We are arriving in the morning and taking underground to Kings Cross. Our hotel is nearby and we will drop our bags. We then plan to head to Arsenal for stadium tour. If we buy single tickets from Kings Cross to Finsbury Park on Great Northern will that be sufficient to use the voucher? Or does it need to be in the opposite direction, terminating at Kings Cross?
    Thank you!

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      The Emirates is close to Finsbury Park so it would seem staright forward that a train ticket for every person concerned to Finbury Park from Kings cRoss would be the solution

      To make 100% sure you might want to check with the stadium

  • Joanne

    Hi Bob,

    I am afraid that I am quite confused about travel card/oyster card/2 for 1…

    My husband, and I are traveling to London for 5 days next week. We will be staying in a hotel Victoria Station and plan to visit (Tower of London, Westminster Abby, St Pauls)

    We have read that for more than 5 days a Travelcard is the way to go.

    -We think we need a 1-2 zone only, we arrive Heathrow and will travel to Victoria Station.
    Do we purchase the 7 day travel card at Victoria? Is the travel card good for metro/buses for the days we r in London? Is a standard size passport photo ok?

    Should we get an Oyster card for our travel from Heathrow to Victoria? We will be traveling to Pais after London via Euro star.
    Thanks for clarifying

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      5 days traveling in zones 1 and 2 (the centre of London) with Oyster is almost exactly the same price as a 7 day Travelcard zone 1-2

      Without the 2 for 1 requirement you’d simplu buy an Oyster Card at Heathrow

      If you require 2 for 1 then it makes sense to buy a 7 day Travelcard zone 1-2 at Victoria Railway Station ticket – where if you have not already got a UK railways id card you’ll need one made up supplying a passport size photo.

      To get from Heathrow to Victoria by Underground you can either
      – buy a one way ticket costing £6
      – you can buy an Oyster Card and the fare price will be £3,10 or £5.10 Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930.(but you will have the hassle of paying a £5 deposit then cancelling the Oyster at Victoria to get the deposit refunded plus any cash refunded)
      – if you have a credit/debit card that supports contactless payment you can use that as an Oyster at the same prices, if you are from overseas best check out any foreigh exchange fees you may incur though.

      • Joanne

        Thanks Bob,
        Do we have unlimited use of the travel card on metro/buses for the 5 days we are in London for zone 1-2?
        We only want to use the 2 for 1 at 2-3 sights as we have visited London
        before, but, I still think it makes sense to buy the travel card.

        Does the photo have to be photo quality? Or can it be a copy of a passport printed on paper?

        We will be arriving from the US at 8:00 am on a Friday.

        Thank Bob for your help


        • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

          Yes the Travelcard is a flat fee, unlimited ride tickets
          The photo needs to be an easily recognisable image posing passport style and of the right size

  • AG

    Hi Bob, I have been reading your useful comments with interest. Would the following strategy work?

    1. We are 4 adults visiting Portugal for a week and on our way back spending 6 nights in London and 4 nights in the Cotswolds.
    2. We are changing planes on our way to Lisbon, at Heathrow with a 4 hour layover. Therefore, I would plan to go out (during the layover) by cab to Feltham railway station, and buy British Rail tickets to London Waterloo, with a return date 4 weeks out, so it will cover the time frame we are in London. Since we are arriving late in the evening in London, this would allow us to go straight to our hotel without the Feltham station detour.
    3. Returning from Lisbon, at Heathrow, we will buy the Oyster card and (embedded) travel card for 6 days for zone 1-2, because we will be staying in central London.
    4. This will allow us to enjoy London and use the 2-4-1 tickets during our stay in London.
    5. As we visit outside zones 1-2, i.e. Wembley, Wimbledon, etc. the Oyster card would kick in.
    6. Upon returning to Heathrow, we would return the Oyster cards and get our refunds of £5.00 + up to £10.00 of unused fairs.

    This means that we will not use our rail ticket, but have the paper ticket with us. Is that OK as far as using the 2-4-1 tickets?

    Thank you.

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      Not sure that personally I would be comfortable with the Feltham lay over idea – a taxi is going to be something like 9 to 20 GBP each way depending on terminal you are using and company and even the slightest delay in arrival would make this risky

      A better idea I think would be to buy these tickets on-line and stipulate you want to pick the tickets up from a Central London train station at a special machine for this purpose – most of the mainline stations in London are on the list when you purchase (but unfortunately not Heathrow)
      Most of the on-line railway ticket web sites make this facility available and its a railways ticket machine that issues the tickets

      Just need to sort out where the most convenient station on the list is for you personally in London to collect the tickets from.

  • Bhargav Sura

    Hello – traveling to London for the first time and heard about the TravelCard 2-for-1 deals. If I were to buy tickets from Victoria, how much would it cost for a 1-day ticket for two people? Is the 2-for-1 valid at London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, etc? Is there a list available?

  • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

    There are automatic photo kiosks at the train stations that take passport size photo’s

  • Nina

    Hi Bob,
    I’ll be staying in London for 5 days and I’m planning on buying a 7 days Travelcard (I’d be using it both to travel within London -tube, bus, etc.- and to take advantage of the 2for1 offer) and, as you’ve stated, I should bring an ID photo to purchase a Travelcard but a friend of mine came to London last month and purchased a 7 days Travelcard at KX station and said they didn’t ask for an ID photo, just their ID card number. What should I do?
    (I’m also pretty sure their TC was bought at a railway office since it was orange and white),
    Thank you so much!

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      If you already have a Railways ID Card then you don’t need a photo.
      The photo requirement assumes you are from overseas and don’t have a UK railways id card and require a photo for the railways id card to be made up.

      • Nina

        I don’t have one, and neither did my friend, we live in Italy, but they still didn’t ask for a photo of him..

        • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob


  • Sergej

    Hi Bob,
    me and my girlfriend are coming to London. We will arrive at Liverpool Street Train Station and will be staying for three days. We want to see some atractions and we were wondering if it is cheaper to use oyster cards, which we already have, or should we buy 1 day Travelcards, so we can take advantage of 2 for 1 offers? Do they count for the offer if we buy them at the Liverpool station?
    Thank you so much, best regards!

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      The enabler for 2 for 1 is a ticket bought from the railways to London or a Travelcard bought from the railways in London
      The railways do not sell Oyster Cards so these do not qualify for 2 for 1
      Its very confusing for visitors what buy from the railways mean as the Underground, Overground and DLR train networks in London are trains but not part of the railways and some trains into Liverpool Street are run by train companies that support 2 for 1 others do not.

      If you bought a 1 day Travelcard from Liverpool Street RAILWAY station ticket office (not Underground) that would qualify you for 2 for 1 but a 1 day Travelcards costs £12.10 as opposed to £6.50 per day if you travelled by Oyster in a day around Central London

      Perhaps more fruitful may be to look at where you are coming from to Liverpool Street to see if that ticket may qualify you for 2 for 1

      • Sergej

        We have return train tickets that we bought online from Stansted airport to London (stanstedexpress), which do have the national rail sign on them, but we don’t know if we can use them for 2 for 1 deal?

        • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

          If you bought return Stansted Express tickets from Stansted Express with or without train logo’s they qualify for 2 for 1
          If you collect physical tickets at Stansted rather than an e or m-ticket then don’t go through the automatic ticket barriers at Liverpool Street to exit the platform as it will retain your ticket which you need for 2 for 1

  • kgs7

    Hi Bob,

    This site is fantastic. I am travelling to London with my 10 year old son in a couple of weeks, and we were already planning on visiting several places covered by the 2 for 1 pass. I had no idea this existed. This will save us a ton. We will be in London for about 5 days (staying right next to Waterloo station where I will get our 7 day travelcard), and then I am renting a car and we will be touring around the countryside for another 4 days. You have already provided so much great info, but I wondered if I could ask a couple more questions:

    * I noticed that places outside of London such as Warwick Castle and Cadbury World were on the list. Does the 2 for 1 deal work outside of London with a TravelCard or do you have to have a train ticket to a local station, such as in Warwickshire?

    * From what I have read, I don’t think my son would need a travelcard because he is only 10 and free on much of the public transportation. Can I get the 2 for 1 deal when only 1 of us has a travelcard? Or would both of us need one?

    • For the attractions, can I prebuy my tickets online to get cheaper prices, or do I need to buy them at the gate?

    • Any chance this works at any West End shows? I think we are going to see Matilda or Aladdin.

    Thanks so much

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      To go back to basics, the 2 for 1 promotion is a national promotion by the railways.
      The commercial logic of this promotion is that the extra revenue the train companies get by people taking the train to visit attractions rather than by car, tour bus or local urban transport outweighs the costs.
      Its further complicated by the fact that the UK runs a privaties railway network and although most support the promotion, a few do not.

      So to answer you specific questions

      – For places outside London that support 2 for 1 you need train tickets to these attractions to qualify. So for Warwick Castle you therefore need train tickets to Warwick. Obviously if you have a hire car you have no such tickets

      – The railways only provide free travel for under 5’s. In London on the Underground, buses and some London trains operated by the same company who regulate London’s public transport under its free travel for under 11’s.
      So in London you have an awkward choice for a 10 year old, probability is all your travel in London will be free and without a ticket, but without a ticket issued by the railways the 10 year old doesn’t qualify for 2 for 1

      – For 2 for 1, the basic deal is one person pays full walk up adult price the other goes in free irrespective of age. Its not one child pays child admission another goes in free
      You can only use 2 for 1 buying tickets on the day at the ticket desk and normally you can’t use it on fast track or any form of promotional tickets.
      For places like the London Eye where wait times may be several hours in peak times

      – The full list of 2 for 1 attractions are on the promotions web site which normally includes some theatre shows though normally by their nature walking up on the night grasping a 2 for 1 voucher is not practical and there is normally a procedure for pre-purchasing tickets

  • Joel Harris

    HI Bob,
    My family is arriving at Heathrow and we plan on using a 7-day travelcard while we are in London. To get the 2 for 1 Rail Pass deal I figure I need to buy Tube tickets at Heathrow to take us to Waterloo Station and then buy our travelcards there at the rail station. Does this sound like an economical plan since we can’t purchase the railway branded travel cards at Heathrow?

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      Presumably your hotel is in the Waterloo area ?
      How long exactly are you staying in London?
      How many adults and kids are traveling and how old are the kids?
      Which terminal are you flying into at Heathrow?

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      Can you advise:
      – How many in your family and the ages of the kids?
      – Which terminal you are using at Heathrow?
      – Presumably your hotel is in the vicinity of Waterloo Station?
      – How long are you staying in London?

      • Joel Harris

        There are 4 of us (3 adults, one 15 year old), I don’t know which terminal we are flying into yet but the airline is British Airways. We will be staying near Kennington in London for 6 days. Waterloo seemed the only rail station enroute from Heathrow. Thanks in advance for your advice.

        • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

          If you want the 2 for 1 I would suggest the following strategy

          The underlying assumptions behind this are:
          a) You are using Terminal 5 where most (but not all) BA flights go
          b) You will be traveling within London for the full 6 days

          On arriving at Heathrow go to Heathrow Underground Station (which is under T5) by lift.
          Buy 4 Oyster cards from a ticket machine
          For the 3 Adults purchase a 7 day Travelcard zone 1-2 (£32.40) and also the minimum Oyster amount when getting the Oysters
          For the 15 year old ask a member of staff to load a Young Persons discount onto the Oyster giving half price fares and caps but not Travelcards. I’d suggest you put £23 cash on this Oyster

          Out the front of T5 arrivals is a lane of bus stops as you exit the terminal London doors. Turn right as you exit the terminal doors and the red London buses are at the far end on the right.
          Take the 490 bus which runs every 10-15 minutes and use your Oysters (fare £1.50 adults) to Feltham Railway Station – journey should be about 20-25 minutes

          At Feltham Railway Station ticket office ask for the cheapest return fare to London Waterloo Station and back for the days and times you are travelling to and from the airport. What is cheapest will depend on the day and time you are traveling.
          Hopefully you will be offered some kind of off-peak Groupsave fare

          The return railway tickets are the tickets that qualify you for 2 for 1 not the Oyster & Travelcards
          When you get to Waterloo Station don’t go through the automatic ticket barriers to exit the platform as they will retain your outward ticket which you need to show at 2 for 1 venues
          Go through the manned exit explaining why you want to keep the outward tickets

          Use the Oysters to travel around London for the week and keep the railway tickets to show at 2 for 1 venues
          For the adults if you stay in Central London (zone 1-2) then the Oyster will only kick in for the 2 bus journeys at Heathrow – £1.50 each, the Travelcard embedded within the Oyster covering all travel in the centre.
          If you go outside the centre, the Oyster will kick in and start funding travel seamlessly, assuming you have enough cash on the Oyster
          The 15 year old is using Oyster for fares all the time.

          Unless you are going somewhere like Harry Potter or Kew gardens the amounts I suggested should cover you for Oyster but you can top up the Oysters at any time at a ticket machine if need be.

          At the end of the trip at T5 cancel the Oysters on ticket machines and you will be refunded the £5 deposit on each card plus up to £10 left on the Oyster card..

          • Joel Harris

            Thanks for the detailed plan. It sounds complicated but workable. So the paper travel card purchased at a rail station doesn’t sound like it will work for the 2 for 1 then. We appreciate your help.

          • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

            Buying a 7 day Travelcard zone 1-2 from Waterloo Railway Station ticket office for all is an option.
            Apart from the hassle of having to provide passport size photos for all buying a Travelcard from the railways the tedious part would be the airport transfers to and from Heathrow

            Given there are 4 of you a private car transfer might be worth looking at rather than one of the ticketing options using the London Underground between Heathrow and Waterloo/Kennington which requires at least one change of train

      • Joel Harris

        There are four of us (3 adults and one 15 year old). I’m not sure which terminal but we are flying into Heathrow on British Airways. We will be staying in Kennington for 6 days. Do the 7-day travelpasses that you purchase at the rail station with the insignia cost the same as the ones you buy at the underground stations without?

  • Roman

    Hi Bob,

    First I would like to thank you for answering to such a lot of questions. I think this is great.
    We read a lot of the given answers, but there are a couple things still unclear to us. My wife and me are visiting London in in a couple of weeks arriving at Gatwick airport and staying for 5 nights at a hotel near to the Wembley stadium. The hotel is in the zone 4 if I’m not mistaken.
    What is the best option to qualify for the 2-4-1 offers and travel in those 4 zones?

    Thanks in advance!


    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      I would suggest you simply buy return train tickets between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria, either the non-stop dedicated airport train the Gatwick Express or the slower, cheaper Southern trains taht makes stops along the line..
      The return tickets will qualify you for 2 for 1 all the time you are in London.
      Its key that you don’t go through the automatic ticket barriers on exiting the platform at Victoria as the machine will retain your outward ticket that you need to show for 2 for 1

      At Victoria Underground Station buy 2 Oyster Cards from the ticket machines
      If all your travel is within zones 1-4 then the most you can pay in a day on public transport is 9.30 GBP per calendar day.
      So for 5 days 48 GBP on each card should be more than enough to cover all 5 days.

      (A 7 day Travelcard zone 1-4 is £46.50, so might as well get the Oyster for flexibility and if one day you don’t hit the 9.30 GBP fare cap)

      You will also pay a 5 GBP deposit on each card
      Before getting the train back to Gatwick cancel your Oysters on a ticket machine at Victoria and you will get back your 5 GBP deposit plus up to 10 GBP still left on the Oyster

      • Roman

        Thanks for the quick and detailed answer! This will help us a lot.

  • Sharon

    Hi Bob, If I purchase a 7 day travel card is it good for only 7 consecutive days or and 7 calendar days? For example, I will be staying in London for 15 days, but plan on making day trips. Can I use the travelcard for any 7 days within my 15 day stay?

    • http://www.londontoolkit.com/ Bob

      The 7 day Travelcard is for 7 consecutive calendar days.
      So if you start on a Monday it expires at the end of the following Sunday.

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