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Arora International Hotel Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Hotel Accommodation is available at competitive prices in all sectors from Bed & Breakfast, through no frills, budget chain hotels to luxury 5 star hotels.

There are only two hotels which you can walk to from a passenger terminal and do not need to get a transfer vehicle of one sort or another. These are the Sofitel Heathrow at Terminal 5 and the Hilton Heathrow at Terminal 4. Needless to say these are the two most expensive hotels at Heathrow. There are no hotels in the central area of Heathrow where Terminals 1,2 and 3 are located.

To make an informed hotel choice at Heathrow the key points are:

  • Heathrow Airport has five terminals numbered 1,2,3,4 and 5. All are far apart from one another. Which passenger terminal you are flying into can make a real impact on the ease of getting to and from your hotel. (There is a hotel map at the bottom of this page with relative positions)

  • The only passenger terminals that have hotels you can walk to are Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 with the Hilton Terminal 4 and Sofitel at Terminal 5. These normally have the most expensive rooms available on the airport.

  • Hotels at Heathrow are not allowed to operate their own complementary transfer shuttle to and from the passenger terminals. Instead the airport authority licences a Heathrow Hoppa Bus service. The Hoppa Bus has a route network consisting of routes each covering three or four airport hotels, typically at 30 minute frequencies. There is a full charge made for this. Some hotels you can access using the local public buses which are more frequent and cheaper, sometimes free.

Heathrow Hoppa Bus

Heathrow Hoppa Bus

  • Room rates at Heathrow Airport Hotels are driven by the business market. You will find, and especially at the four star hotels, that room rates on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday are much cheaper than the rest of the week.

  • Many of the hotels at Heathrow are relatively isolated. If you eat and drink at the hotel and use Hoppa Buses for the airport transfers you may easily spend more on these extras than the room itself. The main hotel strip is the Bath Road. Find a hotel here and you have the options of pubs, restaurants and convenience stores outside the hotel, plus the option of using free public buses to get you to and from the passenger terminals.

  • The modern marketing trick of offering a low headline room rate to lure a booking then stinging you with over the top prices for those extras like hotel transfers, internet access and breakfast is a alive and very much kicking at Heathrow hotels. You can easily pay more for the extras than the hotel room. however brief your stay. So do factor all the costs into your purchasing decision, not just the headline room rate.

  • Nearly every hotel at Heathrow, budget or luxury is a large chain hotel. Many of the main global hotel chains have several hotels at Heathrow. Its easy to turn up at the wrong hotel, but the right chain. Chains with more than one hotel include Holiday Inn (4), Sheraton (2), Marriott (2), Travelodge (2), Hilton (2) and Premier Inn (3).

Toolkit For Estimating Prices Of Add-Ons Beyond Hotel Room Rate

- Hotel Hoppa Buses - No complimentary hotel transfers operated by the hotels, the Hotel Hoppa serves all main hotels for a price.

- Free Local Bus Transfers - Many hotels you can travel to FREE using the red London buses.

- Cost of Breakfast At Heathrow Hotels - Breakfasts can be very expensive at Heathrow hotels with a wide variation between hotels

- Cost of Internet Access At Heathrow Hotels - Again WiFi can be free or eye wateringly expensive depending on hotel you select

- Cost of Overnight Car Parking At Heathrow Hotels - Comparison of overnight car parking charges for guests

Heathrow Hotel Prices & Reservations
Airport Hotel Price

Advance Purchase Rates Lowest Cost Room Rate


If you can find the same product cheaper within 24 hours of confirming your booking, it's yours for FREE* (conditions apply)

The hotel under comparison must be the same in every respect - for example at the same hotel for the same dates and with the same cancellation terms.

Airport Hotel Price

Alternative Flexible Room Rate

No Deposit, Pay At Hotel, Cancel Without Penalty

Flexible rates allow cancellations right up until the last moment, typically between noon and 4 p.m. on the date of arrival without penalty. This may vary on both hotel chain and on certain rates, so check. With flexible rates there is no deposit, you pay at the hotel.

Best Hotels At Heathrow Terminals 1 & 3 Best Hotels At Heathrow Terminal 4 Best Hotels At Heathrow Terminal 5
Indicative Heathrow Hotel Room Rates

Sampled prices at Heathrow for early October 2014

Hotels Walkable To Terminals (Note: No Hotels Within Walking Distance Of Terminals 1,2 & 3)

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



Hilton Terminal 4



Sofitel Terminal 5 +#



Heathrow Airport Budget / 3 Star Hotels

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



Heathrow Lodge ~+#



Travelodge Terminal 5 +#



easyHotel Heathrow



Ibis Heathrow +



Travelodge Central +#



Comfort Hotel



Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5 +#



St Giles Heathrow ~



Jurys Inn Heathrow +#



Thistle Terminal 5 +



Premier Inn Terminal 5 +#



Premier Inn (M4/J4) +#



Premier Inn (Bath Road) +#



Cottage Guest House ~+#



Heathrow Airport 4 & 5 Star Full Service Hotels

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



4 Star Mystery Hotel +#



Holiday Inn Heathrow Ariel ~



Holiday Inn (M4) Heathrow +#



Park Inn Heathrow +#



DoubleTree By Hilton +#



Marriott Windsor +#



Sheraton Heathrow



Crowne Plaza Heathrow +#



Arora International +



Renaissance Heathrow



Holiday Inn (Bath Road)



Marriott Heathrow +#



Hilton Terminal 5 +#



Radisson Blu Edwardian +#



Sheraton Skyline +#



Novotel Heathrow +#



Berkeley Park Apartments +#



~ Single Rooms     + Triple Rooms      # Quad Rooms

Heathrow Airport Hotel Map
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