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Stonehenge Opening Hours & Prices In 2015

Very few Stonehenge tickets are available on the day, so how do you get advance tickets?

Stonehenge Ticket Office

Stonehenge Ticket Office
But Few Tickets Available On The Day

From 2014 the experience of visiting Stonehenge has been transformed. Prior to 2014, you parked by Stonehenge and walked across the road with immediate access to Stonehenge. There were very few few facilities and little to educate you about Stonehenge and what you were witnessing.

Stonehenge has now been dragged into the modern age of tourism.

You now park over a mile from Stonehenge itself, out of sight of Stonehenge the monument. Here there is a modern visitor centre with modern exhibition and education facilities about Stonehenge and a spacious cafe and gift shop. A Stonehenge shuttle transports you between the visitor centre and Stonehenge.

You Must Book Tickets In Advance, Paying On Day Is Not An Option !

To be assured of entering Stonehenge you must reserve tickets in advance on the Stonehenge web site (see banner link below). If you have a heritage pass or are a National Trust or English Heritage member and are entitled to free entry you still need to obtain (free) tickets in advance.

Note: you cannot reserve tickets on-line on the day of your visit, you must reserve before midnight latest on the day before. Only a very small number of tickets are held back each day for walk-up visitors.

Note: the last bookable 30 minute time slot is 2.5 hours before closing time of Stonehenge. Closing times are variable according to month of the year.

Stonehenge Entrance Prices & Opening Times

The Stonehenge people advise to budget for a visit of around 2 hours.

Members of the National Trust & English Heritage enter free and there are various other heritage passes that may include admission to Stonehenge. Even if you are entitled to free entry you still need to book your entrance in advance.

Visiting Stonehenge - What To Expect

There is 10% discount for groups of 11 or more visitors paying together plus a free place for every additional 20 paying passengers. Free entry for coach driver and tour leader.

If you come by car you will park in the car park outside the visitor centre. It is free for people purchasing tickets to enter Stonehenge, there is a charge if you are not.

Tour buses have their own separate coach park

Before the visitor centre opened you could drive up to Stonehenge and get quite a good view of Stonehenge through the wire mesh fence. The old road to Stonehenge has been closed and grassed over, from the visitor centre Stonehenge is out of sight over the horizon.

To enter the Stonehenge exhibition at the visitor centre you need a full ticket to Stonehenge, anyone can access the cafe, gift shop and toilets though.

Note: the last bookable 30 minute time slot is 2.5 hours before closing time of Stonehenge. Closing times are variable according to month of the year.

Stonehenge Admission & Opening From January 2015
Note prices to be reviewed March
Opening Times After March Are Last Years
And Yet To Be Confirmed for 2015


Opening Times



1 Jan - 15 Mar

09.30 - 17:00

Child (5-15)


16 Mar - 31 May

09.30 - 19:00

Students/Seniors *


1 Jun - 31 Aug

09.00 - 20:00

Family Ticket †


1 Sep - 31 Dect

09.30 - 17:00

Last entry 2 hours before closing
Members of the National Trust & English Heritage enter free

* Students with official student card and seniors over 60

† 2 Adults and 3 Children

~ Closed 24th to 26th December

Stonehenge Tickets

What Does Buying A Ticket Give Me ?

A typical visit to Stonehenge will last 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Your ticket buys you access to the exhibition centre and the shuttle up to view Stonehenge itself. The exhibition centre is well worthwhile and recommended, if you are going to understand what you are looking at when you get to Stonehenge. There is minimal information once you get to Stonehenge around the monument.

An audio guides, complementary and available in ten languages, (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Dutch and Swedish) will be offered before you board the shuttle to Stonehenge itself.

Stonehenge Visitor Centre, What To Expect On A Visit - Full Details

Special Access Visits

During normal opening hours you cannot walk up to the stones themselves.

The nearest you will get to the stones is about 10 yards, the monument being roped off by a low barrier, (see picture below).

However it is possible to walk up to and among the stones at Stonehenge outside public opening hours. These are called Special Access visits. During these sessions of one hour duration, only 26 people are allowed onto Stonehenge going beyond the barriers and walking amongst the stones.

The fact that these Stonehenge Special Access visits are outside public opening hours mean that they are at dawn or evening. Given that London is 2 hours drive from London this obviously provides logistical issues in getting there.

The Special Access Visits are also immensely popular, demand far outstrips supply and they are often sold out months in advance.

We have dedicated pages for people independently wanting to partake in a Stonehenge Special Access Visit and also a page on scheduled Stonehenge Special Access Tours From London.

Image Depicting How Close You Can Get To Stones At Stonehenge During Public Opening Hours

How Close You Can Get To Stones At Stonehenge During Public Opening Hours
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