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Breakfast Prices At Heathrow Hotels Compared Plus Cheap Alternatives

Author: Bob Handford
With most people comparing Heathrow hotels purely on headline room rates the hotels have learnt to offer a low room rate as a come on and make their profit on overpriced add-on\’s.

At Heathrow hotels as a result the prices of things like breakfast, transfers to passenger terminals, internet charges etc can soon add up and be far higher than you pay for a room.

The aim of this page is to help you make an informed choice of Heathrow hotels factoring in likely breakfast costs that are seldom made available to you when you make a purchasing decision.

The Price Of Breakfast At Heathrow Hotels January 2014

Prices stated here were researched in January 2014 and are of course liable to change.

As such please treat prices published as just indicative so you can compare likely costs and how prices differ between hotels.

Also do factor in that the quality and choice of the standard buffet breakfast will vary substantially between hotels.

* Breakfast start time stated is for the full buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. In some hotels this can be later at the weekend.

At some hotels continental breakfast is available earlier than the full buffet choice and many hotels (certainly the full service hotels) they will have room service options.

£ Breakfast Buffet Breakfast Start* £ Continental
Arora 13.75 6:30 AM 6.50
Comfort Hotel 9.95 6:30 AM 6.95
Crowne Plaza 17.50 6:00 AM 13.50
DoubleTree Hilton 14.00 6:00 AM
Hilton Terminal 4 20.50 6:00 AM 16.50
Hilton Terminal 5 20.95 6:30 AM
Holiday Inn Ariel 14.95 6:00 AM
Holiday Inn Bath Road 14.50 6:30 AM 10.00
Holiday Inn M4/J4 6:00 AM
Holiday Inn Express T5 6:00 AM Free
Ibis 9.95 6:30 AM
Jurys Inn 11.00 6:00 AM
Marriott Heathrow 16.95 7:00 AM 14.95
Marriott Windsor 16.95 7:00:00 AM
Novotel 13.95 5:00: AM 8.95
Park Inn 16.00 6:00 AM
Premier Inn M4 8.25 6:00 AM
Premier Inn Bath Road 8.25 7:00 AM 5.25
Premier Inn Terminal 5 8.25 5:30 AM
Radisson  Blu Edwardian 18.00 6:30 AM
Renaissance 17.00 6:00 AM 15.00
Sheraton 18.50 6:00 AM 16.25
Sheraton Skyline 17.50 6:00 AM 15.50
Sofitel 19.25 6:00 AM
Thistle 15.00 6:00 AM
Travelodge Central 7.75 7:00 AM
Travelodge Terminal 5 7.75 7:00 AM

Cheap Alternatives To Your Hotel For Breakfast

There are 2 McDonalds restaurants in the main Heathrow Airport hotel strips that also have free Wifi that open at 5 a.m.

One McDonalds is in front of the Radisson Blu Edwardian. Within 5 minutes walk are the Renaissance, Park Inn, Holiday Inn Bath Road, Marriott and Sheraton Skyline hotels .

The other McDonalds is opposite the Sheraton (not Sheraton Skyline). The Premier Inn Terminal 5 and Thistle Heathrow are within a 100 yards and the Arora International within 10 minutes walk.

Next to the Ibis is the Airport Bowl bowling alley that serves breakfasts between 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.  The Holiday Inn Ariel and Premier Inn Bath Road are close by.

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Further Input And Discussion

If you have anything to add related to breakfasts at Heathrow hotels, do please use the discussion facility below.
If you have any questions or clarifications I\’m willing to respond, normally within 24 hours.

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