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Q&A Cruise Transfers London & Southampton or Dover 2016

Author: Bob Handford

Bob's Question And Answer Forum For Cruise Transfers

This is a question and answer forum where you can discuss which is the best option for you and your wallet transferring between London, its airports and its cruise ports.
None of the cruise ports are near London, by vehicle its best part of a 2 hour drive on a good day to both Southampton and Dover.
Southampton and Dover are served well by public transport, as well as cruise shuttles and tour transfers and cabs offering door to door solutions giving many transfer options

Who Is Bob?

If you’re wondering, who is this guy, a self pro-claimed expert on the subject matter dispensing free advice and why, the following may reassure you that you get an informed, non-biased reply.

In terms of knowledge base, I’ve lived in London all my life.
In that time I’ve driven private transfers to the cruise ports, yes one of those guys with your name on a board when you exit customs at the airport. Nowadays you might find me on a tour bus as a guide, including the cruise tour transfers to/from the cruise ships so if your interest is in this area …
I also run the London Toolkit web site and have acted as a local expert on Tripadvisor for London giving advice and receiving feedback on hotels as well as visiting many hotels for transfers, tour pick-ups etc.

Personally I tend to use public transport as first choice when traveling and am a bit of an anorack in this area.

The reason for doing this forum is of course self interest. You’re reading this so its succeeded in getting someone interested in a cruise transfer to the web site where I get a small commission for some of the solutions available.

Cruise Bus Services - Your Questions Answered

I\’ve traveled on all of the cruise bus services, you may meet me guiding on the Salisbury, Stonehenge and  Windsor service. So if you have a question about any of the services,  I can normally give you the answer. If I don\’t know I\’ll know somebody who does. Just put your question in the discussion facility below and I\’ll normally I\’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Advice About London Hotel Location And Airport Transfers

A lot of the questions I receive every year are regarding where is best to stay in London. London is spread out, there is no downtown area and most chain hotels will have many options spread out all over the city. There is no universal best district. I\’m quite happy to give you pointers and my opinions but without where you are flying into or out of London, broad budget, hotel facilities required and what are your priorities to do in London the reply will be very broad.

Links To Detailed Cruise Port Transfer Information

The main web site has pages and pages of detail about transfer options. Public transport, private cars, tour transfers, shuttles are all here with prices to compare. Includes transfers from Heathrow and Gatwick Airports as well as Central London.

Southampton – London Transfer Choices – Full details of services between Harwich and London


Dover – London Transfer Choices – Full details of services between Dover and London


Your Questions Answered

If you have a question about the logistics of getting to and from your cruise ship.
Just put your question in the discussion facility below and I\’ll normally I\’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
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  • Sarah

    Hi Bob, next wednesday mornging I would like to go from Southhampton Port to Heathrow airport. What is the CHEAPEST way – should / can I buy tickets now already? Thanks!

  • oksana

    HI Bob!
    we will stay in hotel located near Victoria London and on the 30th of Aug we need to join Cunard ship in Southampton, we will leave London apr at 12 00 or 13 00 ,what is the best option for us to travel as i have small kid and suitcases?
    we will have friend arriving same day to Heathrow but we ask her to join on Victoria ,from where we can go to Southampton, or maybe is better way us to go to Heathrow? what is your advice?
    i prefer to travel from victoria as i have kid and dont wann go all over the city, tell me your advice.

    • Bob

      The most straight forward option and by far the cheapest (if you book on-line) are the National Express coaches that run hourly from Victoria Coach Station to Southampton Coach Station.
      However note the scheduled time is 2 hours and 15 mins so allow at least 3 hours from departure at Victoria to the time you want to be at check-in.
      A local taxi will take you from the coach station to the cruise ship in 5-10 minutes and will cost 6 to 11 GBP depending on which of the 4 cruise terminals the ship is docked at.

      Natiomal Express also run the only direct public transport between Heathrow and Southampton, (but a separate service to the one from Victoria)

      Full details are at our web page below and please take note of the luggage allowance on the coaches especially

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