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London Heathrow Airport Frequently Asked Questions & Discussions

Author: Bob Handford
Below are links to set piece articles answering the most frequently asked questions we receive.
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General Questions About Heathrow Airport

What Passenger Terminal Does My Flight Depart/Arrive At? – Which airlines use which terminal

Left Luggage Facilities at Heathrow Airport – Location, opening times and charges

Heathrow Central Bus Station – All you need to know about

Do I buy a Travelcard or Oyster card at Heathrow for my visit to London – A decisiion tree

What's The Best Way To My Hotel In Central London

What’s The Best Way Into London From Heathrow – Discussion ot main choices

What’s The Best Area To Stay In Flying Into Heathrow – Good and bad districts to stay from Heathrow

Best way to Bayswater Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to Bloomsbury Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to City of London Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to County Hall / Waterloo Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to Euston Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to Kensington Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to St Pancras / Kings Cross Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to Paddington Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Best way to Victoria Hotels from Heathrow Airport – Fastest, cheapest, alternatives

Choosing a Heathrow Airport Hotel

Which Heathrow Hotel? – A List of all main Heathrow hotels comparing prices

Which Heathrow Hotel With Parking? – A List of all main Heathrow hotels with long stay parking comparing prices

How Do I Get To My Heathrow Hotel? – The Heathrow Hoppa hotel shuttle service

Are There No Free Shuttles To My Heathrow Hotel? – The free local buses at Heathrow

Which Heathrow Hotels Have Free WiFi? – WiFi charges of all major Heathrow Hotels

How much is breakfast at Heathrow Hotels? – Breakfast prices at all major Heathrow Hotels

Any Heathrow Hotels With Free Parking? – Car parking prices at all major Heathrow Hotels

Whats The Best way To London's Other Airports From Heathrow

The Best Way To Gatwick Airport From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

The Best Way To Stansted Airport From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

The Best Way To Luton Airport From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

Whats The Best way To London's Cruise Ports From Heathrow

The Best Way To Southampton From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

The Best Way To Harwich From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

The Best Way To Dover From Heathrow? – Fastest, cheapest, direct, stopover options

What To Do on Long Stopovers Between Flights

Which Heathrow Hotels Have Day Rooms? – Heathow hotels with rooms available for daytime use only

How Can I Get to Nearby Windsor from Heathrow? – Public bus and taxi options

Do Any London Tours Pick Up From Heathrow? – No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sightsee in London on a long stopover

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  • Bette

    Sounds great. Thank you very much for all your help — and time– in finding a way for us to enjoy the 2 for 1 voucher system. Very much appreciated, indeed!

  • Bette

    South bank near Waterloo station (10 minutes walk)

    • Bob

      Waterloo is the other side of London to Paddington where the Heathrow Express arrives in London

      Here is an alternative option that works if you are flying out of Heathrow as well and especially well if you are using Terminals 4 or 5

      On arriving at Heathrow buy Oyster Cards at Heathrow Underground Station
      Use them right away to travel by red London bus to Feltham Railway Station
      If you are using Terminals 4 or 5 the 490 bus runs from outside arrivals to Feltham
      If you ars using Terminals 2 or 3 follow the signs to the bus station and get the 285 bus to Feltham a longer ride

      At Feltham Railway Station buy return train tickets to Waterloo.
      These tickets will qualify you for 2 for 1 during your entire stay
      Make sure on arriving at Waterloo that you don’t go through the automatic ticket barrier to exit the platform as it will retain your outward ticket which you may need to show at the 2 for 1 attractions

      Use the Oyster for all travel around London except for the Feltham – Waterloo – Feltham train journeys

  • Bette

    Thank you for your prompt response and advice, Bob. I had previously read the information on your site, and since we are only touring in central London for 3 days, it seemed the best way to go was an oyster card plus purchasing a rail ticket from Vauxhall to Waterloo each day for the 2 for 1 activities we planned to visit. I had hoped to be able to buy a return Vauxhall -Waterloo ticket to cover the entire 3 -day stay with one ticket, and to order it in advance, to be printed at home. It turns out that National Rail doesn’t deliver this type of ticket by email. So I will probably buy a Vauxhall to Waterloo train ticket at Paddington when we arrive via Heathrow express. For other days, I would do the same at a Waterloo station ticket machine. Does this sound like a good plan? Could you also please clarify if a single ticket from Vauxhall to Waterloo is sufficient to qualify for a 2 for 1 deal, or do I need to purchase a return (single) ticket as well, to show to the ticketing person when we use the 2 for 1 voucher?
    Once again, thank you so much for your help; your response is very appreciated!


    • Bob

      Where exacly are you staying in London?

  • Bette Grant

    Hello Bob
    When I try to order a print-at-home (online purchased) RETURN rail ticket from Vauxhall to Waterloo, in order to take advantage of 2FOR1 over the 4 days we are in London, I am told I must purchase 2 singles from Vauxhall to Waterloo and 2 singles from Waterloo to Vauxhall, rather than 2 return tickets. Does this mean we can only use the 2For 1 like a single ticket on the first day? Your response would be VERY appreciated, as we leave in 1 week.

    • Bob

      I have yet to hear from anyone who has been able to purchase railway tickets on a print at home basis for this travel pair that they are acceptable for 2 for 1 use
      I would write to whoever is offering these tickets to you and get written confirmation that they will be accepted for 2 for 1 promotion purposes

      If you do manage to get such tickets on-line and they are accepted at 2 for 1 attractions this confirmed would be a breakthrough moment and I would direct others to that web site

      Until then for 100% certainty to qualify for 2 for 1 for 4 days I would suggest 7 day Travelcards zone 1-2 bought from a London railway station on arrival would be the way ahead with a passport size photo required
      If you are ariving at Gatwick, Stansted, Luton or Southend airports then return tickets on an airport train to London would be a good alternative

  • Bob

    For getting around London just get an Oyster Card each.

    Victoria Underground/Rail Station and Victoria Coach Station are about 500 yards apart.
    I suspect any coach tours you are doing are leaving from the coach station.
    There is also an hourly Green Line public bus from oustside Victoria Coach Station to Windsor and Legoland that stops outside the castle, although most people would take the Underground to Paddington then get the train.

    Heathrow to Victoria is difficult without knowing how many in your party, how much luggage, which terminal at Heathrow you are flying into and where in Victoria you are staying.
    I think most people would take the Underground to Victoria or Pimlico depending on where your hotel is.
    There is a National Express coach that runs infrequently compared to the Underground to the coach station but this is only convenient if you are using Terminals 1,2 or 3 and luggage allowance may be less than your flight allowance

  • Elizabeth

    We arrive on the 26th of August and will travel directly to Portsmouth from Heathrow. Two passengers. Should I purchase (is it even possible) tickets on the RailBus to Woking and then subsequent Train tickets to Portsmouth to confirm seating?

    • Bob

      If you go to the Central Bus Station (between Terminals 1,2,3) or the National Express kiosk in T5 arrivals they will sell you a combined bus/train ticket to Portsmouth
      There is no reserved seating on the train and you don’t need a reservation on the bus.

      National Express also operate direct buses to Portsmouth but they take a curcuitous route via Southampton and take around 3 hours and are less frequent than train/bus combo option, though the bus is cheaper. A good idea to book this, especially if there are a lot of cruise ships in Southampton that day.
      National Express schedules and ticketing:

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you! Wonderful assistance and greatly appreciated. We would rather ride the bus/train combo…. do we need to be concerned with selling out or no seats available with this route?

        • Bob

          I guess there is the outside possibility that a large scout group or something buys up the whole number of seats on the RailAir bus but everytime I’ve seen it, its been less than half full.

          • Elizabeth

            Fabulous! Can’t anticipate a scout group so we will hope for the best. Thank you for all of your assistance. Enjoy your weekend,Elizabeth

  • Royce Alsop

    I will arrive at Terminal 5 at 6:30 am and my traveling companions will arrive at Terminal 3 at 8:00 am. I have a pass that I got with my Brit Rail London Plus Pass, as my companions do. Can I go from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3, get off and wait for the others and then we all go to Paddington together? Or should I just go on to Paddington and wait for them there? Thank you.

    • Bob

      The Heathrow Express is free of charge between Terminal 5 and Heathrow Central where Terminal 3 is, so you might as well go over to T3 and set up camp in a coffee shop in arrivals or something there

      • Royce Alsop

        Perfect. Thank you.

  • Cheryl

    I arrive from Brussells into Heathrow (terminal 5) and will leave 5 days later to Miami (terminal 3). Which of the terminals should i think about when selecting a hotel.?

    • Bob

      If you are looking at using Heathrow as a base from which to visit London from then I would strongly urge you to rethink and find a hotel in London.
      Kensington and Paddington are the most convenient hotel districts for Heathrow

      At Heathrow all the mainstream hotels have Hoppa Buses that charge a standard fare of 4 GBP between hotels and terminals so it doesn’t really matter where you stay.

      Personally I would go for one of the hotels on the Bath Road.
      If you really do want to visit London from Heathrow then the Hilton Terminal 4 and Sofitel at Terminal 5 are the best hotels but normally the 2 most expensive hotels on the airport

      • Cheryl

        Thanks Bob.
        I will be commuting for 3 days to Bermondsey Street. I wanted apartment rental (prepare own meals) with good Wifi rather than hotel and do not want to have to pay more than 35GBP one way to Heathrow by cab or better yet a shuttle directly from the hotel.

        • Bob

          Bermondsey Street is by London Bridge on the far side of London from London.
          Taxi’s and shuttles are just not appropiate for your needs. Taxi’s and shuttles (which aren’t really done in the UK) would be too slow and too expensive
          You will be travelling by train or Underground from wherever your accommodation is in London / Heathrow to Bermondsey Street
          From the Heathrow area you will be doing well to get to Bermondsey Street within an hour, probably a lot more.

  • Suzy brett

    We booked transport from st giles to harwich port. Now how do we get from harwich royal Caribbean port to Heathrow airport on July 13?

  • rjvt

    This blog is very helpful – thanks! Do you know if there are any laundromats near any of the Heathrow hotels (of if any of the hotels have laundry facilities that guests can use)?

    • Bob

      Can’t think of a hotel that has its own washing machines you can use yourself.
      The only laundromat I can think of is at Langley, which is close to the Marriott Windsor/Heathrow but not much else.
      I’m sure there mus be a laundromat at Cranford or Feltham but cannot think where.

      • rjvt

        Thanks. I’ve looked around a bit, and it looks like the Doubletree has both laundry and free wifi.

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