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London To Southampton Cruise Bus Service 2013

Author: Bob Handford
Bob is very familiar with the London to Southampton Cruise Bus service and has ridden along a few times and will continue to do so, so if you come along we may meet!

In summary, the Southampton Cruise Bus is the affordable, door to door option from your Central London or Heathrow hotel to your cruise terminal at Southampton with an hours stop at Stonehenge.

Demand for the cruise bus service is driven by travellers from North America, probably about 90% of passengers are from Canada or USA.
The general idea is to give you a stress free, dependable door to door service from your London or Heathrow hotel to your cruise terminal in Southampton at a sensible price.
On most journeys, (and assuming you have properly labelled your luggage with the cruise lines labels) once you have loaded your luggage into the bus hold the next time you see it will be on board your cruise ship.

Demand for the service is highly variable from cruise to cruise. When we make a date available we guarantee to run the service. Normally the service is popular and on some dates in 2012 it required 4 large buses to meet demand on a single date in one direction. On a handful of occassions we have run the service with just 2 passengers.
The standard bus we use is a full size 50 seat touring bus. Cruise passengers tend to not travel light and we don’t want to hassle you with strict baggage limits. We put a passenger ceiling of 32 of 34 passengers so there is enough room in the luggage hold and plenty of room in the bus.
With regards luggage, we assume you are bringing no more than 2 large cases per person, contact us if you are. Small hand laggage, handbags, lap tops that kind of thing can be brought into the passenger cabin.
Outsize items, electric mobility scooters and such like contact us before you book.

London is a spread out city, there is no real ‘downtown’ area in the US sense. We have around 170 hotels from where we pick-up from in Central London. These are the main hotels from customers that have vehicle access in the major hotel districts. If your hotel is not on the list and you are staying in one of the main hotel areas there will be a pick-up hotel close by.
Use the facility at the bottom of this page if you want to discuss London’s hotel districts and likely districts and hotels that meet your needs.
Your confirmation will have the time when the bus is scheduled to be at your hotel, we just ask you to be ready 10 minutes prior. Pick-ups are between 7 and 8 a.m. in Central London.

The bus then goes out to Heathrow, about 40 minutes from the centre of London and performs any hotel pick-ups there.
No pick-ups are performed from the passenger terminals (we are not allowed to just turn up at the passenger terminals and pick people up). We will perform pick-up’s from 17 of Heathrow’s hotels, named in the tour detail page.
Heathrow has 4 terminals, miles apart from another – if you want advice on the hotels just use the facility at the bottom of the page to discuss.

In the London to Southampton direction we won’t normally be taking a top guide with us, it will be either a tour manager or a personable driver who will give commentary but not to the level of professional full time guides. In the reverse direction we do operate all the tour transfers (3 of them) with top class professional guides.
One hour is spent at Stonehenge, an audio guide comes with admission.

You should be at your cruise terminal by about 1 p.m. Southampton has 4 cruise terminals and on some dates there many be stops at more than one cruise terminal.
On most cruises, porters will unload the cases direct from the bus and take them onto the ship.
You proceed direct into the check-in.

If you want to use this service its a good idea to book early.
We start by filling one bus. If a bus is filled we normally add another if booking patterns suggest we will get enough passengers to make it viable.
The caveat is that in the peak months, buses of the quality we need may not be available at short notice and we cannot get a bus to put on.

The tour detail page is at the link below.
You order on-line with the major credit cards. The price includes all taxes.
The credit or debit card is charged in UK pounds, your issuer will perform the foreign exchange.
We do not make any extra charges ourselves at this end, your card issuer may have charges of their own, there is a wide variance with credit card companies.
You will receive a confirmation immediately the card is processed by e-mail.
Southampton Cruise Bus – More Details & Booking

The purpose of this posting is to make sure you make an informed decision on the the service being right for you.
I’ve put together a short video (below) on my last journey on the bus and if you have further questions just ask them on the comments facility below. Normally I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
The most frequent question is about hotel pickups both in Central London and at Heathrow, but I’ll answer anything you throw at me.

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  • Faye Amos

    Bob we need transportation 8/27/2014 from London to Southhampton, we are on the Ruby. Do you stop at Stonehenge on the way? thank you

  • Jim Lardie

    Hello Bob We want to take the London to Southhampton Cruise Port bus on
    3 November, 2013. We wiil be staying at the May Fair on Stratton St. Please tell us where the bus would pick us up and at approximately what time. Thank you.

    • Bob

      The Holiday Inn Mayfair is about 75 yards away from your hotel departing around 7:45 a.m.

  • Greg Justice

    Bob — I am interested in taking your bus service from Central London to Southampton. However, I will be staying at the Grand Harbor Hotel for two days before I embark on The Semester at Sea voyage. I was wondering if my wife and I can take your bus and get our own bags to go the Grand Harbor hotel once we arrive at Southampton terminal? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Bob

      The cruise bus only runs on days when there is a supported cruise ship in port so the first thing to do would be to check if the bus is running on the required date.
      The cruise bus will not normally drop at hotels in Southampton, though you may be able to work something out with the driver on the day. In short we cannot give you a guarantee to do this.
      The Grand Harbour is a 6 to 8 GBP taxi ride from the cruise terminals, depending on which cruise terminal the supported ship is docked at on that day.

  • Bob Finkelstein

    where is the closest pickup point for the Cavendish Hotel London on Jermyn Street for the bus to Southampton via Stonehenge?

    • Bob

      The closest pick-up hotel of the Cavendish for the cruise bus services is the Ritz Hotel about 200 yards away at the end of Jermyn Street.

  • frank

    Where is the nearest pick-up point for the Opulence Central London hotel, Gloucester Place, Marylebone for the Southhampton cruise bus, via Stonehenge? Sailing on Princess 14oct2013. Thanks

    • Bob

      The closest pick-up hotel for the Opulence would be the Thistle Marble Arch about 400 yards away.

    • frank

      What is the pickup time from Thistle Hotel Euston?

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