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Southampton to London Cruise Bus Tour Transfer Service 2013

Author: Bob Handford
Bob was heavily informed in getting the cruise bus service started and is very familiar with it .
Every so often I ride along, so you never know we may meet

In summary, the aim of the Southampton Cruise Bus is to make available a stress free, dependable, door to door option from your Southampton Cruise Ship to your hotel in London or Heathrow Airport passenger terminal or hotel. We think its a shame to head straight down the freeway only to hang around in London waiting to check into your hotel, when there is so much to see along the way.
We therefore offer three different tour transfers of different lengths that will get you into Heathrow and London at different times of the day.
We’ll give you a professional tour in a luxury bus seeing world class sights with drops at your hotel, often much cheaper than your cruise line will offer for a 2 hour transfer to the airport.
The three tour transfers
1) A one hour stop at Stonehenge only arriving London lunch time
2) Visiting Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor arriving late afternoon
3) Visiting Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor arriving early evening

Demand for the cruise bus service is driven by travellers from North America, probably about 90% of passengers are from Canada or USA.
Demand for the service is highly variable from cruise to cruise. When we make a date available we guarantee to run the service. Normally the service is popular and on some dates in 2012 it required 4 large buses to meet demand on a single date in one direction. On a handful of occassions we have run the service with just 2 passengers.
The standard bus we use is a full size 50 seat touring bus. Cruise passengers tend to not travel light and we don’t want to hassle you with strict baggage limits. We put a passenger ceiling of 32 of 34 passengers so there is enough room in the luggage hold and plenty of room in the bus.
With regards luggage, we assume you are bringing no more than 2 large cases per person, contact us if you are. Small hand laggage, handbags, lap tops that kind of thing can be brought into the passenger cabin.
Outsize items, electric mobility scooters and such like contact us before you book.

At Southampton all cruises dock about 5 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. with assisted disembarkation starting at 7 a.m. Most cruises are totally disembarked by 9 a.m.
We ask you to go to the customer services desk on board and say you are meeting a tour bus due to depart at 8 a.m.
This normally means you get assisted disembarkation about 7:15 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. giving you time to go through customs with your luggage.
The guide or port authority personnel will greet you as you exit customs and you will be directed to your bus in one of the coach bays by the terminal.
In 2012, most buses departed by 8:15 a.m.

Once you have loaded your luggage into the hold the next time you will see it will be when you arrive at your hotel or airport terminal.

We will drop you at any hotel that has access for a large bus in Central London’s main hotel districts or any mainstream Heathrow Airport hotel (one that is serviced by Heathrow Hoppa transfer buses) or passenger terminal.
I’m only to happy to discuss with you hotels in London and Heathrow so you make the right choice – use the facility at the bottom of this page.

The three tours will have professional guides, the same guides that do the day tours from London who will keep you entertained and informed.
Again, Bob knows the places visited like the back of his hand so if you want to know anything just ask about the places visited.

If you want to use this service its a good idea to book early.
We start by filling one bus. If a bus is filled we normally add another if booking patterns suggest we will get enough passengers to make it viable.
The caveat is that in the peak months, buses and guides of the quality we need may not be available at short notice and we cannot get a bus to put on.

The tour detail pages are at the links below.
Southampton to London via Stonehenge Cruise Bus – Details
Southampton to London via Salisbury, Stonehenge & Windsor Cruise Bus – Details
Southampton to London via Stonehenge, Bath & Windsor Cruise Bus – Details

You order on-line with the major credit cards. The price includes all taxes.
The credit or debit card is charged in UK pounds, your issuer will perform the foreign exchange.
We do not make any extra charges ourselves at this end, your card issuer may have charges of their own, there is a wide variance with credit card companies.
You will receive a confirmation immediately the card is processed by e-mail.

The purpose of this posting though is to make sure you make an informed decision on the service being offered.
I’ve put together a short video (below) on my last journey on the bus and if you have further questions just ask them on the comments facility below. Normally I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
The most frequent question is about hotel drops both in Central London and at Heathrow, but I’ll answer anything you throw at me.

Southampton To London Cruise Bus Tour Detail Pages

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  • Maureen

    Hi Bob,
    My 88 y/o mother and I are planning a trip of a lifetime! We arrive in Heathrow from Chicago on Thurs, /16/16 at 9:00 am and need to get to Southampton for RC – Navigator of the Seas departure at 4:30 pm. (Checkin starts 11;00 – noon) Is there time to see something on way to the ship?
    Then we arrive back in Southampton on Tuesday, 6/28/16 at 5:30 am and would like to see some sights on way into London. Is “The Rubens at the Palace, Victoria, London” a hotel you could drop us off at?
    Finally, we would need to get from The Rubens to Heathrow for a 12:00 noon flight on Thursday, 6/30/16. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Maureen

    • Bob

      On the transfer to your ship from Heathrow you don’t really have time to hang around.
      If your flight is on time and if all goes smoothly you should be at check-in before midday using a pre-booked private car and driver.
      Cost depends on number of passengers and more often than not with people from the US going on a cruise its the amount of luggage that drives the size of vehicle required
      I don’t think any other option is viable at that time and schedule
      For a quote fill in the form at the bottom of the page linked below

      For a tour transfer from the ship with drop off at the Rubens there are two options
      The first visits Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor.
      Full details at the tour detail page linked below where you also make reservations

      The other is a Downton Abbey themed tour

      Note if your mother is not very mobile there is a fair bit of walking on the Stonehenge/Windsor option

      The Rubens at Victoria offers a wide range of transfer options which one is best for you to go to Heathrow will probably be depend on how fit your 88 year old mother is and how much luggage you have
      Most people would just take the London Underground from Victoria Station which is only about 200 yards from the hotel, this is the cheapest and can be as quick as alternatives. However I suspect that this is not the right end for your trip for an 88 year old and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are travelling heavy, anything above 1 large bag of 20kg/44lbs
      See: https://www.londontoolkit.com/travel/lhr_underground.htm

      There is a hotel shuttle but this isn’t North America and about the only people that use it are North Americans not used to using public transport. It somehow contrives to be one of the slowest but most expensive transfer options but might offer a stress free option slightly cheaper than a taxi..
      Details are linked below – but do check the luggage allowance

      The main alternatives are:
      a) A private car and driver. This is the most straight forward option and depending on the number of people and luggage could be cheaper than a shuttle
      For a firm quote fill in the form at the bottom of the page linked below

      b) The airport train called the Heathrow Express is a lot moer civilised way of transferring to the airport. Its aimed at business people but in 2016 they have introduced 90 day advance purchase fares you can buy on-line that are reasonable
      The only issue is that Paddington , the railway terminus is a 15 minute taxi ride from the hotel.
      A black cab is going to be about £15 and a 90 day advance ticket is £12 so unless there are only 2 of you a private car and driver aall the way is probably going to be cheaper
      Details of Heathrow Express are at:

      • Maureen

        Thanks so much! This is GREAT information!

  • Flavio Artur Silva

    My Wife and I wil be disembarking the MSC-SPLENDIDA, On 24th abril, 2016, comming from Brasil. We would like to take the Southampton to London via Salisbury, Stonehenge & Windsor Cruise Bus. Does the bus stop at the Ibis Shepherds Bush Hotel On Rockley Rd?

    • Bob

      The closest supported hotel drop to the Ibis Shepherds Bush is currently the Hllton Kensington about 400m away

  • hi nice one . you can also visit http://www.limominivans.com.for luxury car service inlondon

  • Norbert Gatt

    My wife and I will be disembarking the Arcadia, on the 13th April, 2014 and would like to experience the Southampton to London via Stonehenge, Bath & Windsor Cruise Bus.
    We will be staying at the
    Star Hotel
    97-99 Shepherds Bush Road
    Can you please advise if the Star Hotel is a designated Hotel drop off?

    • Bob

      I’m afraid the Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor itinerary has been discontinued for 2014.
      With the opening of the Stonehenge visitor centre from yesterday the much longer time it now takes to visit Stonehenge makes this routing unviable going forward through lack of time.
      Instead, a Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor tour transfer will run although the first operating date is not until 18th April.

      • Norbert Gatt

        Can you advised if there will be any bus transfers between Southampton and London on the 13th April, 2014?

        Is the Star Hotel, 97-99 Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith, London a designated Hotel drop off?

        • Bob

          The first cruise bus sevice is not until 18th April in 2014 I am afraid.
          Shepherds Bush is a bit awkward from Southampton if you do not use a private car.
          I would suggest you look at taking a local taxi from the cruise terminal to the train station at Southampton.
          You can buy a train ticket from there to Shepherds Bush changing at Clapham Junction.

  • Jane

    Considering taking the 24 September tour from Southhampton thru Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor. Can you drop us off at St. Ermin’s Hotel, 2 Caxton Street, St. James Park?

    Also, our preference (2 people) would be for the Southampton-Stonehenge, Salisbury, Windsor tour but there is only 1 seat available. Is there a possiblity to add a seat or perhaps there is another bus going? Thank you for your time.

    • Bob

      They have just put another bus on for the 24th via Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor route so at this moment there are plenty of seats.
      The St Ermine’s hotel in St James is a popular drop off hotel

  • Leon

    Hi Bob we will be boarding for the Salisbury/Stonehedge/Windsor Castle coach tour from Southampton To London. Does the bus stop at the Ibis Shepherds Bush Hotel on Rockley Rd?

    • Bob

      Yes, the Ibis Shepherds Bush is fine as drop location.

  • Jaine Edwards

    Please advise if you can do a drop off at London Bridge Hotel on the the Southampton to London trasnfer. Thanks

    • Bob

      Yes, the London Bridge Hotel by London Bridge Station is fine.

  • Virgie Holbrook

    Where is the closest pick up hotel to the Novotel London Tower Bridge? Thanks.

    • Bob

      The DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London is a few doors down from the Novotel and is a pick-up hotel.

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