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The Cheapest Heathrow – Gatwick Transfer 2014 Named + Priced

Author: Bob Handford

The Only Direct Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Public Transport. Quick But Not Cheap

The only direct public transport link between Heathrow and Gatwick Airports is a coach service run by National Express. In around an hour on a good day frequent buses will transport you terminal to terminal on a near 24×7 basis.

Full details of this service, the most popular way measured by numbers using the service can be found via the banner link below:

Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Coach Service

Cheaper, Slower Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Transfer Alternatives

The cheapest way of traveling between Heathrow and Gatwick airports is indirect with a change of transport interconnecting separate public transport services for both Gatwick and Heathrow.

These cheaper alternative transfers are as you might have guessed slower.

If you have a long layover between flights, many of these options require an interchange in Central London providing an opportunity for sightseeing.

The suggested alternatives include prices. These prices are public transport prices set for 2014. There may be promotional fares on some legs that may become available not included here.

The suggested journey times are calculated broadly on scheduled times and assumes the interconnect waiting time is half the average frequency of the next transport.

It should be emphasised these are scheduled not actual times and you should add as much contingency time as you feel comfortable with, we would suggest at least an hour.

Alternative 1: Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Transfer via East Croydon

Heathrow – East Croydon (X26 bus) – £2.40

Gatwick – East Croydon (Train) – £5.10

Journey Time :  2 hours 15 mins

The X26 is an ordinary London red bus that runs every 30 minutes between Heathrow Central Bus Station and East Croydon Station taking around a scheduled 90 minutes. Heathrow Central Bus Station is between Terminals 1,2, and 3, If you are using Terminal 4 or 5 you can either take the 490 local bus to Hatton Cross Underground Station free and catch the X26 there or take the free Heathrow Express shuttle train that takes you to Heathrow Central Station, then walk over to the bus station.

Gatwick – East Croydon trains runs frequently about every 10 minutes between Gatwick and East Croydon Station taking around a scheduled 15 minutes

Alternative 2: Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Transfer via Victoria

Heathrow –  London Victoria (London Underground) – £5.70

Gatwick –  London Victoria (National Express Coach) – £6.50 or

Gatwick –  London Victoria (Southern Train) – £10-£15.00

Journey Time : Around 2 hours 45 mins using Gatwick Bus, 2 hours Gatwick Train

The Heathrow London Underground service is the cheapest option between Heathrow Airport and Central London. Victoria has the main choice of options between Gatwick and London. A straight compromise choice between speed and cost between the Gatwick Airport Bus, or Southern Trains stopping trains.

Underground trains run around every 5 minute, with 3 stations at Heathrow (Central Station serving Terminals 1,2,3) and Terminal 4 and 5 with their own station. Its about a 50 minute to Victoria from Heathrow with a change of train at Barons Court.

From Victoria you have a choice of transport to Gatwick. The slowest but cheapest is the National Express coach. This leaves from Victoria Coach Station about 600 yards from the train/underground station.

The train station is above the Underground station. You have a choice between the dedicated airport train the Gatwick Express and the Southern Trains stopping trains. As this piece is looking at the cheapest options we\’ve assumed here that you\’ll use the Southern Trains. Fares will differ depending on which day and times you travel. If you are a group or family there may be promotional fares like 4 travel for the price of 2.

There is a left luggage office at both Victoria Train Station and Victoria Coach Station if you want to do some sightseeing.

Alternative 3: Heathrow - Gatwick Airport Bus Transfer via Victoria

Heathrow –  London Victoria (National Express Coach) – £6.00

Gatwick –  London Victoria (National Express Coach) – £6.50

Journey Time : 3 hours +

National Express run the direct bus service between Heathrow and Gatwick. But,they also run separate airport services from London Victoria, their Gatwick – London bus and their Heathrow – London bus both terminating at London Victoria Coach Station. Surprisingly its cheaper to go indirect between Heathrow and Gatwick buying two separate tickets than using the direct service.

At Heathrow, coaches leave from the Central Bus Station that is convenient for Terminals 1,2 and 3 but if you are using Terminals 4 or 5 you have to take the free train shuttle over to the central area of the airport where the Central Bus Station is located.

This option is particularly suited to if you have a long layover and want to do sightseeing in London, (there is a left luggage office at Victoria Coach Station cheaper than the rail station).

This option also has the most seamless interconnection of transport of all the options.

Note, there is a luggage allowance on National Express that may be lower than your flight luggage allowance, especially if flying in from North America.

The Trainline - timetables and ticketing for UK railways

National Express Coach Services

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