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The Gatwick Express – What To Expect Video And Insight

Author: Bob Handford
London\’s Gatwick Airport is around 30 miles south of Central London.
Road links are not good, you would be doing well to get to Central London in under an hour by vehicle. In the morning commute hours forget it.
As a result the preferred mode of transport between Gatwick Airport and Central London is train.
The Gatwick Express train is the fastest most stress free transfer option between Gatwick Airport and Central London.

About The Gatwick Express Train

The Gatwick Express trains are air-conditioned and have full size luggage racks in each carriage.
In 1st class, there is room for only 3 seats across the carriage, in 2nd class 4 seats (2 either side of the aisle).
You have much mores space and room to move around than any vehicle.

Other commuter stopping trains operate between Gatwick and London and are cheaper, but slower and much more crowded.
On the Southern trains many carriages are 5 across and often there are no luggage racks.

The train station at Gatwick is within the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport. If you are using the North Terminal there is a frequent and free inter-terminal shuttle train that takes just 2 minutes, (see video clip below).
In London, the terminus is Victoria Station, a major hotel district and central. Buckingham Palace is close by..

You have nuch more room than a taxi or car aboard the train and of course you can stretch your legs if you want.
A refreshment trolley comes to your seat during the journey on the Gatwick Express and are complementary in First Class..
As a dedicated airport train, Gatwick Express trains tend to be a lot emptier than Southern Trains and First Capital Trains (who operate another route into London).

Southern trains, the alternative train to the Gatwick Express do not start at Gatwick, the train will have picked up many commuters and day trippers before it gets to Gatwick. During commute hours, even at weekends on these trains you may struggle to get a seat.

There are no reserved seats on any of the train services from Gatwick.
You carry your own luggage onto the train and find an available seat on a first come, first served basis. The Gatwick Express does offer a free porterage service at both Victoria and Gatwick though.

1st Class v 2nd Class Gatwick Express - Whats The Difference?

On every Gatwick Express train there is a 1st class carriage, normally in the centre of the train.
As explained before the main thing you get is more space and comfort, (see video clip below).
A very welcome bonus travelling 1st Class is complementary access to a Gatwick Airport Lounge.
Other frills you might expect on a premium class, complementary tea or coffee and newspapers are also there.

Bob's Video Diary Of Travelling On The Gatwick Express

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Questions And Discussion

If you have any questions or have something relevant to say about the Gatwick Express then please use the discussion facility below.
I\’ll normally reply within 24 hours.

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  • Brian

    I was just about to purchase train tickets and seperately book the No. 1 lounge in Gatwick north for 4 of us when I came across this offer. Seems like a no-brainer – Buying 1st class from Victoria is just a few pounds more expensive than booking the lounge on its own. Apart from a significant saving, the one advantage with bokking the lounge direct is that you get complementary fast track security. I seem to recall that used tobe available with Gatwick Express as well – does anyone know if First Class Return includes fast track security as well as the lounge?

    • Bob

      Regarding the specific offer, I believe that the fast track access is not included on the
      GEX offer because it is only temporary (until the end of September) on the No1
      Lounge website.

      Since access to airport security tends to be through automated machines that read your
      boarding pass, it would be very difficult to get the GEX ticket to work on these
      machines and let people through the fast track lane. Moreover, since this is a
      temporary offer from No1 Lounges, I would assume it would make even less sense
      to try to make this work with the GEX ticket.

  • Chris H

    I have just looked at prices. It shows that if you book a first class return ticket (£56) you get “Free” access to an airport lounge. The price of a return is more than the price of 2 singles if you book online (£51.60).
    So my question is, if I book single 1st class tickets, rather than a combined return, will I still be given access to the airport lounge? It is only a small saving, but I would rather that money be in my pocket than theirs!

    • Bob

      I think this is a question you need answered in writing by Gatwick Express

      • Chris H

        Thanks for answering. I have looked at the terms and conditions and it says the free lounge access is only available with a 1st class return ticket, so you do have to pay a bit extra to get a free entry.

  • Michael

    Hello. I purchased a Gatewick Express – 1st Class – Ticket. However, a change in plans has me arriving a day after the ticket is good. Can I exchange the ticket before arriving or when I arrive?

    • Bob

      Contacting Gatwick Express would be appropiate

  • Mui

    Hi Bob,
    We are trying to buy 4 tickets for Gatwick Express to Victoria London online. We understand that there should be an option for Print Tickets At Home. However, it doesn’t seem to show it as an option during our purchase process. I emailed Gatwick Express for a few days but there is no response. I called them and the CSR there asked us to set up an account which will take us to full delivery options (include the Print at home option). We did everything but still doesn’t work. Did we miss anything? Any advice is appreciated.

    • Bob

      I would just select the “Ticket On Departure” option and collect the tickets on the day from the machine at Gatwick Station

  • Terry Hipwell

    can you buy a london 7 day travel card at Gatwick airport.thank you.Terry

    • Bob

      Afraid not, Gatwick is outside London.
      You can buy it at Victoria in London

  • Terry Hipwell

    do you need a photo id to buy 2 return train tickets from Gatwick airport to Victoria station London to get a 2for1 offer.

    • Bob

      No you do not

  • Jackson

    Dear Bob,
    Thanks for this website.

    I will be traveling in a few weeks with family (2 adults and a child).
    I am confused by Victoria station accessibility for lifts in order to be able to handle luggages and push chair. Can you confirm that there exist lifts at the Victoria station.


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