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The London Gatwick – Heathrow Airport Bus (And Alternatives That Are Cheaper, Faster or Include Sightseeing)

Author: Bob Handford

The only direct public transport between London’s two major airports is the National Express bus service. The video below gives you a flavour of what to expect using the service.

Full details of the National Express bus service are at the web page below:
National Express Gatwick – Heathrow Bus – Full details

Although the National Express bus service is perhaps the benchmark to measure all other options transferring between Heathrow and Gatwick against, there are faster, cheaper and options with sightseeing available.
The links below cover these options.
If you’re still confused or need clarification just use the comments box at the bottom of this blog and I will normally come back to you within 24 hours

The Best Way Between Gatwick & Heathrow – A discussion of options
Private Transport Between Gatwick & Heathrow – Full details
Layovers and Sightseeing Between Gatwick & Heathrow – The options

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