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Using Free Public Buses To Heathrow Airport Hotels From The Passenger Terminals

Author: Bob Handford

Why Use The Public Bus When There Is A Dedicated Hotel Bus?

The only airport hotels you can walk to at Heathrow Airport are the expensive Hilton Terminal 4 and Sofitel at Terminal 5.

At Heathrow Airport there are no complementary hotel buses operated by the hotels. Instead Hoppa Buses run scheduled routes from the passenger terminals, each servicing 4 or 5 airport hotels.

The Hoppa Buses work out quite expensive, considering the distance. About £4 per person each way. Typically they run about every 30 minutes between about 5 a.m and midnight.

For many hotels at Heathrow you can use public buses free of charge along the airport perimeters where many of Heathrow\’s hotels are. For these hotels public buses are more frequent than the Hotel Hoppa buses. Many of the local bus routes run 24×7, unlike the Hoppa buses.

Which Hotels Can You Use The Free Local Buses To?

Heathrow\’s terminals are miles apart and what hotels you can access direct using the free buses depend a lot on which passenger terminal you are using.

The best choice by far is if you are using Terminals 2 or 3 as the main bus station at Heathrow is between them.

From Terminals 4 and 5 you can take the Heathrow Express train free to Heathrow Central which is beneath the bus station, though a 5 minute walk.

From Terminal 5 there are free public buses but choice is much more limited. The 423 bus starts from Terminal 5 and runs along the length of the Bath Road about every 20 minutes past all the hotels there and at night the N9 night bus runs along a very similar route.

Terminal 4 is on the far side of the airport from most of the hotels. There are less frequent buses from T4 to T5  that loop around the east side of the airport before traveling the eastern end of the Bath Road before going into the bus station at Heathrow Central.

Full details of routes and hotels serviced by these free buses are on the main web site at the Local Buses At Heathrow page

Video Clip Of A Journey On A Free Bus Identifying Hotels Passed

Below is a short video clip from the Central Bus Station on one of the bus routes. Route 105 runs along the Bath Road passing many of the most popular hotels. Many other routes follow this same journey along the Bath Road, the main hotel strip.

So, if you are interested in using these buses watch the video and you\’ll know exactly where to get off the bus at your required hotel.

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Need Clarification On Anything?

If you have any question related to Heathrow hotels and issues getting to and from the airport terminals just use the discussion facility below.
Normally I\’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • Jill

    Hi which bus is best to Leonardo hotel from terminal 2

    • Bob

      The only direct bus from T2 to the Leonsrdo are the Hoppa Buses

      If you want a free bus you have to walk over to the Central Bus Station where the 105,111,140 and 285 buses will drop you off at a bus stop by the hotel

      • Jill

        Thankyou that’s really helpful

  • John Curtis

    Hello. We’re staying at the Leonardo Hotel. Which buses serve it, and can we use our senior bus passes?

    • Bob

      You can use your English bus passes on the local buses but where do you want to from the hotel?

      • John Curtis

        Sorry, Bob, I should have said – to and from Terminal 3

        • Bob

          From Heathrow Central Bus Station any bus will do really as essentially its the first or second stop after exiting the tunnel under the runway.
          If you take the 105,111,140 or 285 bus the bus turn right at some lights at a T junction with the hotel on the junction, there is a bus stop just after the lights by the entrance way around the back of the hotel

          Coming back personally I would walk down the Bath Toad bridging the road into the airport and cross the road by the Park Inn Hotel and get any bus from in front of the Renaissance Hotel bus stop back to the Central Bus Station

          • John Curtis

            Thanks, Bob, very helpful

  • PM

    Is the Heathrow Hoppa the only choice to get from Terminal 5 to the Holiday Inn Terminal 5?

  • Zamir

    Hello. Can you advise if it possible. Do 105 and 111 busses go to Doubletree By Hilton. And is it free to go there or I need Oyster Card because hotel is out of Heathrow free zone? Thanks in advance

    • Bob

      Either stop by the DoubleTree Hilton but you will need to pay the fare of £1.50 with an Oyster or a debit/credit card that supports contactless payment

  • Emilie Haskins

    What is the best route from Terminal 2 to Sheraton Skyline Hotel on Bath Road, Hayes?

    • Bob

      You have 2 options:

      The Heathrow Hoppa Buses that go directly between Terminal and hotel about every 15-30 minutes and cost £4.50/£5.00


      You walk 5 minutes to Heathrow Central Bus Station and get a red London Bus to a bus stop near the Sheraton on the Bath Road (note there are 2 Sheraton’s at Heathrow)
      Routes 105,111,140 and 285 will do are free and run about every 5 mins and run 24×7

  • John Bedingfeld

    Sorry it’s 272 Bath Road

    • Bob

      Yes, from Heathrow Central routes 105,111, 140 or 285 will do the journey free
      Get off at the Texaco Garage immediately after you pass the Park Inn Hotel on your left

      • John Bedingfeld

        Brilliant thanks for almost instant response most appreciated

  • John Bedingfeld

    We are staying at the New Ibis Styles 260 Bath Road and wondered if the free buses stop near there ???

  • Angela

    How would we get from the Park Inn to Terminal 3 by public transport. We have a 9am flight so plan to arrive at the hotel at about 7am. We will be returning to the hotel a few days later at circa 23.00pm. Could you advise on which buses are best. We are 4 adults travelling with an 11 year old and a baby – will the elder child require a ticket? Any tips on how to recognise the right bus stop for the hotel on the return journey – thanks

    • Bob

      You cross the main road in front of the Park Inn to a bus stop in front of the Renaissance Hotel opposite.
      Any red London bus going to Heathrow Airport Central will do, its just one stop and free
      Bus routes 105,111,140, 285 and 555 will do and during the day thay run every 3-5 minutes, the 105, 140 and 295 run 24×7
      From the bus station Terminal 3 is signed undeground using moving walkways

      There is also a Hoppa Bus from reception of the hotel to T3 – running about every 20-30 minutes but costs £5 each

      • Angela

        Thanks Bob for quick and informative reply.

  • Claire

    Hi. We arrive Heathrow T4 and want to get to Premier Inn Bath Road. Is there a public bus from T4, or do we need to get to T2/T3 first? Thanks.

    • Claire

      I think I’ve answered my own question – with a fair amount of luggage, paying for the Hoppa Bus might be easiest.

  • Mary Lam

    I would like to know if these public buses run on Christmas Day too? Thank you!

    • Bob

      There is no public transport at all in the UK Xmas Day

  • phil

    How would I get from the renaissance hotel to terminal 4 in time for a 6 am flight? Probably have to check in by about 4:30am

    • Bob

      The 555 bus from Heathrow Airport Central starts up at 4:00 a.m. exits the airport and goes around the airport perimeter road to T4
      From the Renaissance you would get the bus on the opposite side of the Bath Road going in the opposite direction of all the other public buses going into Heathrow Central for Terminals 2 and 3

      Timetables at:

  • Mark

    Hi I am staying at the Travelodge Heathrow Central (arrive at T2 about 7pm)- is this part of the free bus service?
    There are five of us travelling 2 adults and 3 children, if I need to pay do my children travel free? Also I need to be at the airport (T3) by 4.30am, do the buses run at that time (is there anywhere I can get a timetable?)

    • Bob

      Despite its name the Travelodge Central is not very central and is far from the passenger terminals and is well outside the free travel zones for public buses

      The 105 and 111 buses run from Heathrow Central Bus Station to the Doubletree Hilton Heathrow on the other side of the lights from the Travelodge
      The 105 bus runs 24×7 and when the Underground is closed the N9 bus also runs through the night

      Kids under 11 travel free on these buses without a ticket

      Unfortunately you cannot buy a bus ticket with cash you need an Oyster Card or credit card that supports contactless payment on the buses

      Of course there is always the Hoppa Bus that goes to the Travelodge itself from T2
      And a local cab in the Hotel to T2 direction may be worth exploring

      • Mark

        Thank you Bob for the speedy response. I have a couple of Oyster Cards so the Bus option seems like a good choice to me.

  • wlbox

    285 Bus from Terminal 3 to Hilton Garden Inn. Where do we get the bus at LHR? How close does it drop us off at the Hilton Garden Inn? How often does the bus run?

    • Bob

      From Terminal 3 you walk to the Central Bus Station, about 10 minutes with luggage
      From within T3 the way is signed using moving walkways underground

      The 285 runs about every 10-15 mins during the day and about every 20-30 mins through the night
      Get off at Hatton Cross Underground Station, the bus will have passed the hotel on your left then its about a 300 yard walk back to the hotel

      • wlbox

        Thank you for such a rapid reply. Very very helpful

  • Jackie

    Hello, I’m arriving at 11:00PM (terminal 3) and staying at the Marriott Heathrow. Do the buses run at that time? and if so, what bus should I take? Thank you!

    • Bob

      If you miss the last Hoppa Bus walk across to the Central bus/coach station and there are buses that run 24×7 past the Marriott Heathrow and to the Marriott they are free of charge

      Routes 105, 140, 285 and N9 all run through the night padt the Marriott on the left side of the bus

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