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Premium Tours Cotswolds Day Tour From London – Video + Review

Author: Bob Handford
The English countryside is a complete contrast to London in almost every way but every bit as worth visiting. The quintessential English countryside characterised by attractive small towns and villages with narrow lanes, village pubs and churches and green hills all around are depicted in so many films and TV series that for many visitors the English countryside is something they must witness. And they are right do so.

Many of the images you have seen in the films and TV would have been shot in the Cotswold region to the west of London, well within range of a day tour from London.

Many of the tours that say they visit the Cotswold region in reality just drive through them.

Premium Tours Lunch in the Cotswolds tour is one of the few that spends all of the day in the Cotswolds itself.

So one Sunday morning in August Bob boarded the tour coach in London to see for himself what the tour was like.

The tour itself visits four very different Cotswold villages, Bibury, Bourton On The Water, Stow on the Wold and Burford.

As the title suggests lunch is included in the tour and was taken in Bibury, described as “the prettiest village in England”

A nice touch was that the favourite dish chosen by members of the tour group on the menu was Trout, fresh from the trout farm next door.

Arlington Row Bibury

Arlington Row Bibury

The tour was easy paced and struck me as a good way of having a rest day in the middle of 4 or 5 days hard sightseeing in London that can be exhausting.

You can relax all day, as you are transported from place to place, given lunch and plenty of free time to take in everything around you at a pace of your choosing.

The guide talks for most of the time while you are on the coach, but for the most part its gentle background giving you a much better insight into what you see.

Once you are in the villages you\’re free to explore on your own, whether that be visiting a church, the shops or just sitting outside a café or tea room and taking in what is before you.

Bourton On The Water

Bourton On The Water

If seeing the English countryside is a priority for you and like most visitors you do not have time to spend 2 or 3 days in the countryside, this is a good option.

Although the pace is quite leisurely, you\’re not hanging around killing time at any stage. There are no “artificial stops” at souvenir places in the middle of nowhere and you do have free time in the villages to “do your own thing”

At the end of the day, reflecting on the tour in the coach as it traveled back to London it was surprising just how much there was to reflect on, at the time it seemed so leisurely.

If you have the time I would recommend you hire a cottage or something in the Cotswolds and spend 3 or 4 days there. It is excellent walking country, lots of antique shops and of course lots of pubs and tea rooms in addition to all the villages to potter around.

If you don\’t have 3 or 4 days, a day tour like this is a good alternative.

The Lunch In The Cotswolds tour runs all year round, although not on a daily basis. In summer running three days a week.

Below is a video I made that gives you a good flavour of what to expect if you took the tour too.

Lunch In The Cotswolds Tour From London

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  • nanoosh khan

    hi Bob I would like to go to this tour but I want to know is their any available in Jan 2017 and what kind of restaurants or foods in there because I saw the video and it is shows only fish and I don’t eat sea food – thanks a lot in advance

    • Bob

      In January the tour runs every Sunday and Tuesday
      There is an alternative to Fish and a vegetarian option when I went on this tour

  • Stephanie Ryan

    Hi Bob! Do your coaches have a toilet on board or do you make scheduled stops along way for bathroom visits? I’m pregnant and just planning ahead 😉

    • Bob

      Some coaches have toilets, some do not – so assume not
      The longest sectors outward from and returning to London can be up to 2 hours

  • samenriq

    Hi Bob- We’re arriving London on Christmas day.
    Is Cotswold best visited on a weekend or weekday?

    • Bob

      Nearly all salaried people in the UK have the week between Xmas and New Year as part of their paid annual holidays and all non-service businesses are closed.
      As a result that week it won’t really matter mid-week or weekend when you travel.

      Note if you are arriving at Heathrow Christmas Day there is no public transport at all so you should research how you are going to get to your hotel.
      All attractions, shops etc are closed that day and many will be closed the 26th too

  • Bob

    You seem to have taken time out to research some things that interest you individually rather than be told by the tourist marketing people what you “must” see.
    Bit confused as this page is about a Cotswolds Tour , you already have a London highlights tour booked a good days worth of other things you want to see spread across London and you only have 2 days.
    My personal inclination is to prioritise the things you want to see that presumably you feel are consistent with your personal interests.
    Speakers Corner only happens on a Sunday and is best around lunch time and anything that is still practising religious is best visited any day bar Sundays.

    • Howard

      Hi Bob,
      What I was wondering was if it was worthwhile replacing The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Institution of Great Britain etc. with the Cotswolds Tour ?

      • Bob

        Sounds like a personal decision which different people would have very different opinions depending on their interests.
        I would suggest just writing down what you think are key facets of either options and measure which is the best match to your personal interests.

  • Gerry

    Lunch in Cotswold talks about hotel pickup, but not about return to hotel after the tour. Is there a hotel return?

    • Bob

      None of the day tours in London do hotel returns at the end of the day.
      Dropping 50 passengers at their individual hotels spread around London would take several hours. (In the morning the hotel pick-up services take you to Victoria Coach Station where all the coach tours leave at the same time)

      On this particular tour the tour will finish at Victoria Station and normally offer a drop also at Gloucester Road Underground Station, both key Underground hubs in Central London.

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