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The Stonehenge Tour Bus From Salisbury

Author: Bob Handford
If you\’re not the tour bus type of person and value your independence seeing what you want to see at the pace you want to see it, then Stonehenge Tour Bus is the way to visit Stonehenge without a hire car.
The Stonehenge Tour is run on the hop-on, hop off principle. Starting from Salisbury Rail Station the bus has pick-up/drop points in Salisbury town centre, Old Sarum and Stonehenge itself.

There are frequent trains from London, broadly two an hour until very late for the 90 minute journey. Salisbury is a mini rail-hub and there are direct services to Southampton and Bath too.
You can get very cheap train tickets between London and Salisbury using the MegaTrain/MegaBus web site:

There is no left luggage facility at the train station, but a pub just down from the train station offers a left luggage service. (See video clip below)

The Stonehenge Tour Bus runs on a hop on, hop off principle and your ticket lasts all day. There are only 4 stops though : Salisbury Rail Station and Bus Station (the city centre), Stonehenge and Old Sarum.
You can buy various tickets, from a basic bus only ticket to bundles that combine the bus with admission to Stonehenge and Old Sarum or these plus also Salisbury Cathedral.
The bus only operates during public opening hours of Stonehenge and doesn\’t operate for the Special access sessions where you can walk among the stones outside normal public opening hours.
The bus is a standard double-deck public bus operated by the local public bus company with distinctive Stonehenge livery. You get very good views from the top deck of the bus and the continuous commentary as you go along is excellent adding much to your experience.
There is no public bus alternative.
The Stonehenge Tour Bus runs hourly, every 30 minutes in June, July and August.
The Stonehenge Tour Bus From Salisbury
Stonehenge is the first stop, about 25 minutes after leaving Salisbury, allow for about 2 hours to visit but you could stay much, much longer.

You can explore the Stonehenge landscape beyond Stonehenge itself, there is a marked trail that very few people follow, partly as its not well publicised that explores the wider Stonehenge landscape visiting burial mounds, Woodhenge and other Neolithic monuments.

After Stonehenge, the bus takes a scenic route across the Woodford Valley to Old Sarum (Old Salisbury) on the outskirts of Salisbury. Old Sarum is the original site of Salisbury before modern day Salisbury was built in the 13th century. Originally an iron age hill fort, the Normans built the original Salisbury Cathedral and Salisbury Castle. Its well worthwhile taking a visit, even though the site is very much a ruin. The views and the Iron Age defensive excavations will be a memory.

From Old Sarum you can use your Stonehenge Tour Ticket on public buses as well as the Stonehenge Tour Bus back into Salisbury. Opposite the main entrance is a chain pub-restuarant run by the Harvester Chain offering very good value meals.

Salisbury is well worth staying a few hoursĀ in its own right. The star of the show is Salisbury Cathedral, one of England\’s finest Cathedrals and well worth a visit. The best preserved original Magna Carta is displayed inside the Cathedral, the Magna Carta being signed around the time of construction of the cathedral.

Salisbury itself is also well worth exploring. The original wealth of the city came from the wool industry and there are still many wooden frame buildings dating back to medieval times. The industrial revolution by-passed Salisbury, no bad thing leaving much to see in the medieval heart of the city.

All in all, you may come for Stonehenge but there is a great day out beyond Stonehenge using the Stonehenge Tour Bus as your transport.

Pictures tell more than words and the video clip below should give you the information you need to decide if the Stonehenge Tour should be part of your visit to Stonehenge.


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  • Liana Li

    Does this tour bus still run in September?

  • Eve Cam

    Is it possible to see just stonhenge without the bus tour? Is the bus picking back from there to salisbury train station?

    • Bob

      The Stonehenge Bus is the only way of getting to Stonehenge by public transport, there is no standard local bus service

  • Christine Muir

    How much are tickets please?

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