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Find The Best Place To Join Your Sightseeing Day Tour From London

Author: Bob Handford

Need Help Finding The Best Boarding Point For Your Day Tour?

OK – the day tours we are talking about here are the full day tours both within London and outside London to places like Stonehenge and Windsor.

London Tour Hotels

Hotel Pick-Up List

All of the main operators day tours have left their main London departure point by 8:30 a.m. Because of the early start the “big bus” tours offer a long list of hotel pick-up points starting as early as 7 a.m.
The pick-up points, all hotels are located in all the major hotel districts of Central London, well over a 100 hotels. They then take you to Victoria Coach Station where the main tour departs from.
The exception are the small group tours with a maximum of 16 passengers just have a handful of pick-up points at strategic points across Central London. But if your hotel is not on the list or you are staying outside London where is the best place to join a tour?

Stumped? – Well just ask Bob at the discussion facility below saying which tour you are going on and where you are staying!

Other Day Tour Information

Guided Day Tours Outside London – The Most Popular Tours


Discuss With Bob About The Best Boarding Point For You!

I\’be been on most of the day tours in question, I\’ve even driven and guided some of these tours If you\’re scratching your head where the best boarding point is for your tour just ask me below! Normally I\’ll respond well within 24 hours

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  • Brendyn Hancock

    Bob, want to tour tomorrow. Bath Stonehenge. Closest pick up to grange tower bridge hotel

    • Bob

      Its too late to book for tomorrow on-line at the promotional price.
      Try the phone number below and they may be able to help you at the full price
      You’ll have to travel by tube to Victoria and pick up the tour at the coach station

      Tel: 020 7713 1311

  • Jon

    Hello. My wife and I are taking the Small Group Day Tour to Stonehenge, Windsor & Bath in early October. We are staying at the Hilton Metropole. Would the Marble Arch location be our pick-up point? Or would the coach be able to pick us up at the Hilton.

    Thank you.

    • Bob

      The Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch is your pick-up, about 10 mins walk from the Metropole

  • Kat Gavin

    Hi Bob! 2 travelers interested in the afternoon tour of Stonehenge in November. Staying at the Park Lane Hotel on Piccadilly. Where is the closest pick up point?

    • Bob

      The afternoon tour has no hotel pick-ups just a single departure point at Victoria Coach Station

  • Adele Higgins

    Hi Bob . 4 travelers interested in both hop on and hop of tours , and day trip out to Stonehenge we will be staying in Pimlico on Belgrave street ,can you advise of pic up points near here, thank you. Just adding that we are all well over 21.

    • Bob

      You are within 5-10 minutes walk of Victoria Coach Station where nearly sll tours outside London have theie main departure point.
      On tours with morning pick-ups the Sidney Hotel and Holiday Inn Express Victoria at the Pimlico end of Belgrave Road are normally pick-ups for tours though its a very short ride to Victoria Cosch Station where you switch coaches.

      All the HoHo buses have a major pick-up point at Victoria Railway Station

      • Adele Higgins

        thank you Bob very very helpful

  • Maria Paraggua

    Hi, I already book the Windsor, Stonehedge, Lacock and Bath tour and we are staying at St George Hotel In Paddington. What will be the nearest pick up point for us? There are 3 of us

    • Bob

      The Hilton Paddington firms the front off Paddington Railway Station and you can advise Premium Tours you want that as your pick-up hotel
      The hotel is only 2 minutes walk from Norfolk Square

      • Maria Paraggua

        Thank you. Do you have information on what’s the pick up time ?

        • Bob

          You will see the pick-up time when you make the reservation, normally its about 7 a.m

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