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Golden Tours 3 Hour Open Top Bus Tour Of London

Author: Bob Handford
The big strength of London is that there is so much to see, though it is all spread out over quite a large area, there is no compact “downtown” area where everything is located.
One very good option to quickly get you up to speed and orientated is the 3 hour panoramic tour of London run by Golden Tours.

The tour is frequent, (about every 15 minutes) and will take you around all the main sights of London on an open top double-deck sightseeing bus like the one pictured below. Very quickly you\’ll be informed and orientated , see where everything is and have the platform for a very rewarding and efficient use of your time in London.

There is a local guide aboard giving live non-stop commentary. As well as the formal information you would find in a guide book, you\’ll hear a lot of stuff you won\’t find in the guide book too. Use the local knowledge of the guides to refine your plans with access to information that only a local could have – again giving you a head start over if you floundered around independently in an uninformed manner.

Golden Tours Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus London

The Golden Tours sightseeing buses used operate a hop on, hop off bus service. The 3 hour tour is a special reduced price ticket where you ride on the bus for one 3 hour lap of the main hop on, hop off route, the blue route. Golden Tours have several Hop On Hop Off sightseeing routes – you can choose which route you want to use the ticket on but the blue one is the core route that will enable you to see most of the major sights in London and much else besides.
You are not allowed to get on and off the bus with this ticket.

In London, Golden Tours are the only hop on, hop off tour operator offering this kind of ticket.

The first departure is at 9 a.m. so by midday on your first full day you could have had an excellent introduction to London, seen most of the main “must see” attractions from atop the bus and have confirmed in your own mind the places that are right for you and you will visit later. You can buy tickets to many of the major attractions on board the bus too.

As there is no rigid, start time, (the last tour leaves Victoria at 5 p.m.) it would also be good for if you arrive in London on a  morning flight.  After check-in to your hotel, a late afternoon tour would be a stress free, relaxed start to your visit, perhaps firming up over dinner that evening your plans for a bright and early start to your sightseeing the next morning.

Personally, I\’m not a natural “tour person”, I prefer to visit places independently at a pace of my own choosing.

The main drawback of visiting independently in a new city is getting up to speed and orientated. The 3 hour tour would be for me and people like me preferable to the classic hop-on, hop off format.

With this tour, in a very short space of time you\’ll soon get orientated where everything is and have the opportunity to pick the brains of the guide.  A very efficient way to give you the confidence to strike out independently afterwards.

Below is a short video that gives you a flavour of what to expect …

Panorama 3 hour London Tour Tickets

Panorama 24 hour London Tour Tickets

Panorama 24 hour London Tour Tickets

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  • Robyn

    Hi Bob, can tickets for any of the Golden sightseeing bus tours of London able to be purchased on the day, and if so is it from the bus driver or are there particular centres for this company? Or are they only available online–at the moment I think it is the 3hour panoramic(not hop off ) that we prefer, although being able to do the yellow and red routes is also of interest– we would do the laps before getting on/off but only have the one day available and doubt could take advantage of the free walking and river cruise offered . Thank you

    • Bob

      You can buy tickets from the Golden Tours reps that hang around the major bus stops, although prices may not be the same as buying on-line

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