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London Coffee Shop Prices 2016, Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero

Author: Bob Handford

The intention of this page is for overseas visitors to London planning a visit to London can get a broad idea of costs before they depart home.

What we’re looking at here are the modern coffee focused chain formats typified by the global brand Starbucks.

In London the three leading chains are Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee. In most of London you\’ll be lucky to walk 100 yards without at least one of them being available and you\’ll find branches within everything from supermarkets to book shops too.

General proposition is a range of coffees, tea and perhaps iced drink, milk shakes and fruit based drinks with a selection of muffins, sandwiches, pastries etc with seating ranging from bar stools to leather sofas. There are of course lots of other outlets that will serve you coffee from pubs to general cafes and restaurants that may well offer a better proposition if you are watching the calories.

However hard the chains try to be consistent, there are often big variations between individual outlets in terms of service, ambiance and quality. Bob is not a frequent customer but friends who are suggest that Caffe Nero is the best combination of the three for  quality product, knowledgeable and friendly service and price.

Price Comparison Starbucks v Costa Coffee v Caffe Nero - London February 2016

This price comparison was performed on February 7th 2016 in the branches of Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero in the Earls Court / Gloucester Road hotel district of Kensington.


Starbucks Costa Coffee Caffe Nero
Americano 2.10 / 2.45 / 2.65 1.95 / 2.30 / 2.50 1.85 / 2.15 / 2.45
Cappucinno 2.35 / 2.70 / 3.10 2.25 / 2.55 / 2.75 2.05 / 2.45 / 2.70
Latte 2.35 / 2.70 / 3.10 2.25 / 2.55 / 2.75 2.05 / 2.45 / 2.70
Mocha 2.95 / 3.20 / 3.55 2.60 / 2.90 / 3.10 2.20 / 2.60 / 2.90
Espresso 1.70 1.55 1.65
Espresso Double 2.00 1.90 2.00
Pot Of Tea 1.95 / 2.05 /2.25 1.85 2.00
Herbal Tea 1.95 1.65 / 1.85 / 2.05
Chocolate 2.75 / 3.05 / 3.25 2.50 / 2.80 / 3.00 2.20 / 2.60 / 2.90

Prices Of Coffee, Tea etc From Other Retail Formats

If you just want a quick shot of caffeine and don\’t really car too much about quality, ambience etc then there are of course cheaper sources.
Tea and coffee and other drinks are highly variable in price.
Below is the current price of drinks purchased from McDonald\’s In Earl\’s Court Kensington on the same day as the prices sampled from the coffee shops above.

MC Donald’s Drinks (Regular / Large)
Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta 0.89 /0.99 / 1.39
Milk Shake 1.59 / 1.89
Latte/Cappuccino 1.79 / 2.09
Chocolate 1.49 / 1.79
Tea 0.99 / 1.09

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  • Mary Ann Vosloo

    Thank you for your most helpful postings. Silly question but would we (60 & 90+ oldies) be able to BUY not beg for, just hot water either in “their” cup or our vacuum flask anywhere?

    • Bob

      I’m sure if you turned on the charm and chose your moment well you would have a positive outcome.

      In pubs and restaurants by law they have to provide drinking water free of charge to customers if requested – so its not much of a step up to provide the same water hot.

      • Mary Ann Vosloo

        Thank you so much for your “hope-full” and helpful reply

        • Annabel Lightning

          The Mcdonald’s I used to work at was very willing. I don’t know if all stores are the same though.

  • Vitalij Audickas

    we need new prices

  • What about the prices of their cold drinks?

  • Bob

    Don’t have sources, prices are based on personal visits to the chains in question in their Earls Court Kensington branches back in February and are the prices displayed within the shops that day.

  • Kas

    If you’re coming to London and want good coffee, you’d best avoid the churn-em-out chains and their over-hot frothy drinks. It’s worth seeking out London-style coffee, instead of the same thing you can get everywhere in the world… There are loads of independent coffee shops in London which do amazing coffee (for much the same prices as above, often less) – if you search the internet for best coffee in whichever area you should find plenty of options.

    Places I can recommend off the top of my head – Flat White (soho), Princi (soho), Tapped & Packed (several cafes Soho), The Expresso Bar at the National Film Theatre (Southbank), the downstairs cafe at The British Library (King’s Cross), Look Mum No Hands (Old Street), Shoreditch Grind (Old Street), Love In A Cup (Brick Lane).

    And if you really love coffee try a flat white, and the Geneva at Love in a Cup is something special – a latte with orange peel.

    • Gmail Box

      It amazes me that you have been able to obtain hot, rather than merely luke warm, drinks from the chain shops.

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