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Doubletree Hilton Tower Of London – A Tour Of The Hotel

Author: Bob Handford
The other day I was given the chance to be shown around the DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London Hotel.

The DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London has only been open since 2011 and I had heard quite a bit of positive things about it, especially the rooftop bar with views all around the City Of London.

So I did not need much encouragement to take up the offer and was much looking forward to sampling the rooftop Skylounge bar and its views.

This blog and video records what I found.

A quick check on Tripadvisor told me the hotel was ranked 113 out of 1,072 hotels in Central London with about 50% of the 1500 reviews giving an “excellent” ranking. Whatever you think of Tripadvisor the ranking was pretty much in line of what I had heard about this hotel.


The DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London is on Pepys Street about 150 yards from Tower Hill Underground and 300 yards from the entrance of the Tower of London. Pepys Street is surprisingly quiet, even though there are a few similar large chain luxury hotels within 100 yards.

Located in the City Of London, the business area of London, the immediate area is much busier during the working week. Immediately south of the hotel, two of the biggest draws in London (Tower Bridge and the Tower of London) mean there is an island of this business district that is leisure and tourist orientated. St Katherine\’s Docks next to the Tower of London is now a swish marina area with lots of quayside pubs, bars and restaurants.

Tower Hill Underground gives you quick access to the rest of London, and all the major hop on, hop off sightseeing buses pick-up within 250 yards of the hotel in front of the Tower of London. Tower Pier next to the Tower of London has many river boat services in both directions along the Thames.

To the north and west of the hotel it\’s very much a business area and you are close to one of the key financial centres in the world. Here everything is geared up to the businessmen and workers. You\’ll discover your own traditional pubs and bars, Leadenhall Market is well worth checking out, a nice stroll in the evening.

Fenchurch Street Railway Station is about 75 yards away and you can buy Travelcards from the ticket office that qualify you for the railways 2 for 1 promotion, including 2 for 1 for the Tower of London.

The Hotel

The DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London is a modern hotel of nearly 600 rooms, (about a year before becoming the DoubleTree Hilton the hotel was opened as a Mint Hotel).

The hotel is contemporary modern, if you want a traditional period hotel with history, chandeliers and doormen with top hats this hotel is not perhaps for you.

If you want a comfortable London base where you can relax with clean, modern facilities and understated informal atmosphere this is more for you.

The lounge, bar, reception is spacious and on two levels, the fitness room is above average with lots of room and good equipment. There is no spa or swimming pool and the public areas are clean, uncluttered with simple, easy to maintain quality furnishings. Internet access is free and reliable throughout the hotel and without the nonsense of passwords or similar.

DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London

DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London Skylounge Bar Terrace

DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London Skylounge Bar Terrace

There is no getting away from the fact that space is at a premium in the district and room sizes reflect this. If you are used to North American size rooms with two king size beds that is not available here. Do look at the video below, showing standard rooms and suites – pictures here say much more than words.

The district is very much a business area and caters for this market including meeting rooms and business lounges. The meeting rooms although flexible in size are not the size that are going to be used for major conferences where a leisure traveller might feel crowded out.

On the rooftop is the Skylounge Bar. If there is one feature that guests will remember this hotel by it is this facility and the views that are to be had. Again pictures say more than words so check out the video footage below.

Room Rates

Room rates are very volatile.

The district is primarily a business district, (though very attractive to the leisure visitor) so room rates will be softer at the weekends and holiday periods like Christmas, August and Easter.

The DoubleTree chain has a regular stream of promotional offers that can be very attractive indeed.

Doubletree Hilton Tower Of London – Official Web Page & Reservations

The video below will give you a good flavour of what to expect if you stayed in the DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London Hotel and enable you to make an informed choice.

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  • Bob

    The rooftop bar on top of the DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London is one of the most sought after bars

    The area around Tower of London is rife with bars from Leadenhall Market to Butlars Wharf and Billingsgate
    The financial people who work in this area are not exactly tee totalers and if you can afford what these people require there is almost certainly going to be a wide choice that fits your ideal profile
    The concierge at the hotel should be able to point you in the right direction, except at weekends the hotel is full of business people looking for sophisticated bars or traditional pubs

    • WireValley

      Sounds like I may have picked the correct place then! I watched your video above. I was a little disappointed in the King City Suite… for some reason I thought it’d be more open than having to walk down a hall to get to the living area.

      One last question… do you know if this hotel will allow a rollaway bed in the King City Suite? I sent them a fax (hopefully it went through)

      • Bob

        I must admit when I went around the hotel I was a little taken aback how small the rooms were even for London.
        I’ve stayed at budget no frills hotels in London that were roomier.

        • WireValley

          Let me ask you this… if you had your choice between the two, would you rather:

          A.) Stay at the Doubletree Tower of London in the King City Suite.

          B.) Hilton London Tower Bridge (right across the river from the Doubletree) in a Twin Hilton Deluxe room (which is just a regular room with 2 twin beds.)

          Keep in mind there will be between 2-3 guests in the room. I’m just trying to decide if the extra money for the King City Suite will be worth it. It’s hard to tell how big the room actually is based on pictures / your video.

          • Bob

            I’ve only been in the reception area of the Hilton Tower Bridge so cannot compare rooms
            In terms of location the DoubleTree Tower of London is best in my opinion

  • WireValley

    I booked the King City Suite at this hotel. My friend and I are looking specifically for a Hilton hotel, but near the nightlife scene in London.

    I had originally booked the Doubletree over in Westminster, but some reviews said that is a quiet area and not a lot happening. Also not a lot of restaurants. So I then booked this Doubletree hotel – Tower of London. You say it’s in the business district. Is this going to be a problem for us? Should I look elsewhere?

    I was doing research to see where the nightlife is and from what I read, it sounds like the Shoreditch neighborhood (not too far from this Doubltree hotel) is a popular nightlife neighborhood.

    What are your thoughts? Thank you!

    • Bob

      The DoubleTree Tower of London is in the City of London, the business area of London.
      It depends on what kind of nightlife you want.
      If you want edgy, trendy kind of stuff this may be the place for you.

      If you want traditional nightlife then you need to be in the West End area.
      The smartest, most expensive clubs are in the Mayfair, Piccadilly area which means the Hilton Green Park or Hilton Park Lane or perhaps the Waldorf
      Mainstream stuff and theatre try the Hilton Trafalgar, DoubleTree Marble Arch, DoubleTree West End

      To be honest it doesn’t really matter where you stay as public transport is so good all through the night

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