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Kings Cross St Pancras Hotel District – Tick The Boxes For You?

Author: Bob Handford
Kings Cross St Pancras is one of London\’s major hotel districts, but does it meet your individual needs and preferences?

Well of course if you are using either Kings Cross or St Pancras Stations as your gateway into London it\’s a natural place to check out.

Kings Cross St Pancras has a direct link to Heathrow Airport as well as rail links to Luton & Gatwick Airports. If you are looking for budget accommodation and flying into any of these airports then again a great place to check out.

St Pancras is also the London terminus of the trains to Europe. If you are contemplating a day trip to Paris its going to be an early start and a late return so again it makes sense to stay in this district.

Euston Station is only 600 yards west of St Pancras, the main London terminus for trains to Birmingham, North Wales and the north-west of England – so again if you are looking for budget accommodation when in London check Kings Cross St Pancras.

Kings Cross St Pancras Hotels

To put Kings Cross St Pancras in its place relative to alternative hotel districts in London then its strength and bias is towards the budget traveler, although in the last couple of years hotel openings have become upmarket with two five star hotels opening right next to the stations

Directly opposite Kings Cross & St Pancras Stations behind the shops is a small district centred around Argyle Square, a small garden square. The streets around Argyle Square are full of near identical 5 or 6 storey terraced houses, nearly all of which have been converted into small, independent so called “Bed and Breakfast hotels”. Of their type in London, this is one of the best places to come for such accommodation. Compared with other similar districts featuring these kind of cheap hotels like Bayswater or Earls Court the price/quality balance is one of the best here.

However, please note, these are mostly not B&B\’s that you commonly find outside London with high quality and personal attentive families running the hotel. These are small cheap simple hotels. Many will not have lifts, the very cheapest rooms will have shared bathrooms.

There are also some low cost budget chains around Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations, the major ones being Travelodge (2) and Tune (cheap) or the better quality Premier Inn Kings Cross and St Pancras.

There are also four full service luxury hotels, all of which get very good feedback, but are very different from one another, the Renaissance St Pancras, Great Northern Hotel, Pullman St Pancras and Megaro Hotel.
The Renaissance Hotel St Pancras a recently opened luxury 5 star hotel. The Renaissance Hotel St Pancras is an original station hotel for St Pancras that has over the last few years been lovingly restored to its former glory. The Great Northern Hotel is very similar, an old railway station hotel restored at considerable expense to it\’s former glory too.

Bed & Breakfast – Cheap hotels around Kings Cross St Pancras Stations


Budget Hotels – 2 / 3 Star Grade Hotels Kings Cross St Pancras


4/5 Star Hotels – Full service hotels around Kings Cross St Pancras


This short video puts in pictures what the Kings Cross St Pancras area is really like.

Airport Connections And As A Base For Sightseeing

The Piccadilly Line of the London Underground runs about every 5 minutes to and from Heathrow. First Capital trains run direct trains from St Pancras to Gatwick and Luton.
The fastest public transport to Dover for ferries and cruises also leave from St Pancras.
There are no major sights within walking distance, though the British Library is here and the British Museum is about 15 minutes walk.
Kings Cross St Pancras then has little to keep you in the district as a visitor so you will be using public transport daily

For getting around London Kings Cross St Pancras is excellent. By public transport Kings Cross St Pancras is London\’s 3rd busiest Underground station with no less than six lines and is a local bus hub with services radiating out in all directions.

The popular hop on, hop off open top sightseeing buses have feeder services to St Pancras, you may prefer to walk 10 minutes to the Royal National Hotel close to Russell Square where both major operators service regularly.

Transfers Between London\’s Airports & Cruise Terminals to Kings Cross St Pancras – Quickest, cheapest, most comfortable alternatives


Kings Cross St Pancras Facilities & Summary

Outside the hotels and some nice restaurants in St Pancras Station, options are mostly biased towards fast food, grab n go and other budget options. All the fast food and coffee shop chains are here plus independent competition. Pubs and cafe\’s are everywhere, if you don\’t want fine dining this is a good place all day and night both within and outside the stations.

There is also a post office, launderette, pharmacy and small supermarkets for your everyday needs.

The Kings Cross St Pancras hotel district is a benchmark hotel district for those on a budget and those using St Pancras, Kings Cross and Euston Stations as their gateway into London.

Although in terms of numbers of hotels the district is biased towards the budget traveler there are some decent mid-range and top range hotels too.
The district is not a district you will want to linger or explore much, but with the normal precautions is safe as any other hotel district.

Prices tend to be lower during the working week than at weekends for the cheap hotels, for the 3 and 4 star hotels weekend rates are cheaper and often deep discounted.
Just to the west of St Pancras, about 600 yards away is Euston Station. Around Euston Station the hotels are mostly larger, more upmarket hotels but otherwise is like Kings Cross just a base from where you will spend most of your time elsewhere just returning to your hotel in the evening.

If you want a hotel district that you will want to explore, then look at Bloomsbury less than a mile from Kings Cross, South West – one stop on the Underground to Russell Square. Here you are within easy walking distance of the very centre of London and theatre district, but of course there is a step change in hotel rates from Kings Cross and St Pancras

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  • Pauline

    Do you have the name or address of the launderette at King’s cross st pancreas area?

    • Bob

      Laundrama114 Cromer St, London WC1H 8BS

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