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London Victoria As A Hotel District – Tick All The Boxes For You?

Author: Bob Handford
Victoria is one of London\’s major and most popular hotel districts, but does it meet your individual needs and preferences?

Victoria has a very wide range of hotels at both extremes of the budget spectrum. It\’s not the cheapest hotel district though, you do pay a slight price premium (especially at weekends) over other hotel districts like Kensington and Bayswater slightly further out from the centre. But on the other hand it is not the most expensive district to stay either.

London has no “downtown” area in the North American sense but Victoria is very central. Buckingham Palace is by Victoria, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye are within 15 minutes\’ walk, there are even two West End theatres by Victoria Station.

Victoria Hotels

Regards accommodation, Victoria is not one of the cheapest hotel districts. Room rates are quite volatile according to season. You can get bargains in the budget hotels mid-week. On the other hand many of the luxury hotels towards Westminster are cheaper at the weekend.

Victoria is a very large hotel district with everything from hostels to 5 star luxury and everything in between.

The 4 star grade hotels are in the immediate vicinity of Victoria Train Station and stretching east to St James. These vary from traditional full service luxury hotels like the Rubens at the Palace to top chain experiences like the Marriott St Ermine\’s to large 4 star blocks with global brands like the DoubleTree Hilton Victoria.

Budget hotels are south of the station and stretch all the way down to Pimlico.

There are a few budget chain hotels like Premier Inn, Comfort Inn, Best Western and Holiday Express. But don\’t expect modern purpose built units, these chain hotels are housed within the same terraced buildings that the independent budget hotels that dominate occupy.

The 8 minute video below will give you a good flavour of what to expect if you stayed in the Victoria hotel district and enable you to make an informed choice.

Hotels Near To Victoria Train Station

Bed & Breakfast – Cheap hotels around Victoria Station


Mid-Range Hotels – 2 / 3 Star Grade Hotels Victoria


4 Star Hotels – Full service hotels around Victoria Station


Airport Connections And As A Base For Sightseeing

One of the strengths of Victoria are its excellent airport links with airport buses to all four of London\’s major airports and if you are flying into Gatwick the train links make Victoria the benchmark hotel district to beat. There are also direct buses to Dover and Southampton cruise ports.

For getting around London it is excellent. By public transport Victoria is a major Underground and local bus hub with services radiating out in all directions. Victoria is pretty central too, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey just two of the sights within easy walking distance.

All of the popular hop on, hop off open top sightseeing buses have a major stopping point at Victoria and for day tours out of London, Victoria is the main departure point for the main tours from London.

Restaurants, Food and Shops

The number of restaurants, pubs, cafe\’s and fast food places would take a year to sample all of them. Victoria also has one of the few large supermarkets in Central London, Sainsbury\’s on Wilton Road plus a multitude of smaller convenience supermarkets.

In and around Victoria Station restaurants are geared around grab and go places and fast food supplemented by plenty of traditional English pubs. South of the station down the Wilton Road area there are plenty of restaurants covering just about every cuisine you can think off. Going east from the station towards Westminster restaurants are more upmarket, but there are still plenty of traditional pubs selling pub grub.

You can get most things you will ever need in the vicinity of the station although Victoria is not one of the major shopping districts of London. Especially south of the station you will find small service businesses like hairdressers and launderettes.

Everyday Item Price Checks In London

“Price Of Snack Foods in London From Convenience Stores – Prices of common snacks in convenience stores in London


Price Check McDonald’s v Burger King v KFC – Prices of fast food in London


Coffee Shop Prices In London – Starbucks v Caffe Nero v Costa Coffee


Family Restaurant Prices In London – Comparison of several budget chain restaurants in London


Comments & Questions

If you have any questions or questions just use the discussion facility below.
Normally I\’ll gte back to you within 24 hours

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  • Charlotte S. Marek

    Hello, Bob…first I’d like to thank you for your wonderful website. I’ve been searching the Internet for maps of London Underground stations (not the system maps, but floor plans for each station). Do you know of any websites that might have them? Your page on Paddington Station was very informative…do you have similar pages on the other stations?

    • Bob

      The railway stations have full floor plans available on the National Rail site
      Just enter the station you require in the search box at the url below and station map is about the last option for each station


      Never seen floor plans of Underground Stations
      The TFL site just has local location of each station

      • Charlotte S. Marek

        Thanks, Bob. I’m a little skittish on underground systems. Getting on & off the one in Vienna was a little scary for me. Maybe on arrival in London, we’ll just take a taxi from Paddington to our hotel south of Victoria Station. I don’t think a bus will work, since we’ll have luggage. I’ll take a look at the train station maps, though. We’ll be taking a train from London to Warwick which, I think, leaves from Marylebone.

  • Ruth Ann Henke

    We currently have reservations at St. Ermin’s. We picked it because of the location. We were wondering if you would compare its location to Marriott Maida Vale pros/cons. Maida Vale is a little cheaper, but would it be more inconvenient?

    • Bob

      London has no “downtown” area in the North American sense so whichever Marriott you choose you’ll be traveling around by Underground or bus every day to see the sights

      However the Marriott Maida Vale is the most marginal being the furthest out in an area with few if any other hotels in a neighbourhood that is a bit iffy walking about late at night down side streets

      The Marriott West India Quay sometimes has similar rates and is a similar distance out in a much nicer neighbourhood – but its a pain for airport transfers to/from Heathrow, fine for the other airports

      If you are arriving at Heathrow then the Marriott Kensington is worth checking out the rates.
      Marriott Regents Park at Swiss Cottage often has good rates over the weekend and though not as central as St Ermine’s is worth considering if the rate gap is substantial

      • Ruth Ann Henke

        We are still looking into Marriott Hotels as we can get better rates at those. We were wondering how you feel about London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch as compared to Kensington or Regents Park or St. Ermin’s.

        • Bob

          In terms of location (for the tourist) the best location of the three is probably the St Ermin’s.
          Regents Park and Kensington are normally the cheapest Marriotts in Central London. If you are flying into Heathrow then Kensington has the cheapest/quickest airport transfers, Regent Park its quite awkward.

          If you have one eye on the wallet, then Kensington is by Earls Court which is a budget orientated hotel district with lots of pubs and relatively inexpensive places to eat, plus 2 large supermarkets on your doorstep – in most of Central London hotel districts there are only convenience size supermarkets
          The Underground links Earls court and Heathrow and is by far the cheapest option for transfers and as its the closest hotel district to Heathrow a pre-booked taxi is probably only going to be 40-45 GBP

          A lot of US people have an issue with the Marriott Marble Arch as its in the middle of the Arab district of London and much of the shops/services are geared to Arabic speaking people.
          However if shopping is your main reason for visiting its close to Oxford Street – the busiest shopping street in London, though its the place where all the chain stores have their UK flagship stores, the good independent and quality stuff is elsewhere.in other districts

          The St-Ermine’s is most central in terms of proximity to the main sights first time visitors tend to viist.

          Buckingham Palace,, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye are all within easy walking distance and if you ask around there a few good pubs in the locality
          If you are flying into Gatwick, its the easiest transfer of the Marriott’s too being close to Victoria Station with airport trains every 15 minutes

          • Ruth Ann Henke

            This helps. Maybe I should give you a little more information that would help us narrow it down. We will only be in London the 5th – 8th. I know this is a busy time with Guy Fawkes Day and Remembrance Sunday. We fly into Heathrow. We would like to see most of the sights you mentioned plus the British Museum and perhaps make it to the Bond Street or Borough Markets sometime.

            If we could book the Marble Arch (which we can) at almost half the price of the Kensington and St. Ermin’s, would it be the better choice? It seems to be not too far from the British Museum and the sites say there is a bus stop close to it. Would that be helpful in getting to the major sites mentioned?

          • Bob

            Strange the Marriott Marble Arch being cheaper than Marriott Kensington if its that much cheaper then its seems a no-brainer to me if you are restricted to Marriott/Renaissance

            For 4 days just get an Oyster Card each at Heathrow Underground and that will cover your transport needs at the best price
            Heathrow to Marble Arch by Underground is Heathrow to Earls Court then District Line to Edgeware Road
            The Marriott is equidistant between Edgeware Road and Marble Arch Underground in the backstreets

            Although its called Marriott Marble Arch confusingly the Marriott actually on Marble Arch is the Marriott Park Lane, the Marriott Marble Arch is about 5-10 minutes walk north of Marble Arch itself

            If cost isn’t everything after a long flight get the Heathrow Express or cheaper Heathrow Connect train to Paddington Station, your hotel is about 1km from the station.
            Though you cannot use Oysters on these trains.

            Generally you use the Underground to get around. Whilst you could get a bus from Edgeware Road to the British Museum its comparatively slow though the streets are flooded with red buses and the view from the top deck is much better than travelling underground.

          • Ruth Ann Henke

            Thanks, again for all your help!! I wonder about a couple of your comments – one from a month or so ago, and one today.

            You mentioned that Maida Vale was in a “marginal” area, and I notice that the Marriott Marble Arch is fairly close to that area. What are your thoughts on that?

            Also, since we are not caring so much about the shopping, but more the sightseeing and have only four days, is there a better area? We are not “locked” into the Marriott chain, but we do have family connections that give us a pretty good discount at them. However, if a better location costs a little more, then we are also willing to pay a little more.

            Basically, we want to be able to see the sights mentioned, not be too far from a tube stop, and have easy access to the Southeast train to Maidstone.

          • Bob

            Maida Vale and Marble Arch are worlds and some distance apart, you will have no problems at Marble Arch – just that some Americans feel uncomfortable in an Arab area, while others embrace the Arab culture and food and its a highlight for them.

            It doesn’t really matter where you stay to be honest in the central hotel districts (within zone 1 of the Underground network). You are never far away from a tube stop.

            My personal favourite would be Bloomsbury (but no Marriotts) or Kensington Earls Court/Gloucester Road area.
            It doesn’t really matter, London is spread out so wherever you are you’ll be using the Underground.
            If you are travelling heavy, (more than 1 case of 20kg/44lbs plus a handbag) then the airport transfers might be stressful as in Europe its assumed nobody travels with that amount of luggage so no provisiion is made on public transport.

            West India Dock is a bit out, and the other side of London to Heathrow so it would be a real pain for airport transfers

            The favourite chain of the British is Premier Inn for leisure purposes which on consumer polls gets better marks for service etc than Marriott – but its tuned to British tastes, whereas Marriott replicates a typical North American experience.
            So Premier Inn has the typical European set-up of one double bed in a room, free wifi, no tipping and most importantly for the British a tea maker in the room.
            Marriott have the North American 2 king size beds in a room, ice machines on floors and powerful air conditioning plus tipping is quite engrained.

            Premier Inn on paper is a no frills setup, a bit like a Holiday Inn Express in the US only much better. There are Premier inn’s all over London about half the price or more of the Marriotts. I think they have a sale on at the moment.

            Some districts with a lot of business customers are cheaper at the weekend, the districts where leisure travellers gravitate to are more expensive at the weekend.

  • Pilar

    Hello again, Bob.
    We intend to leave our luggage at victoria and what I’d lke to know is if there is a group discount for hand luggage.
    Tahnk you

    • Bob

      Not that I know off.
      The coach station at Victoria is cheaper for left luggage than the train station

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