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Left Luggage Facilities In Central London & Airports 2013

Author: Bob Handford
There are well run left luggage offices at all of London’s major train stations and the main bus/coach station at Victoria.
The downside is that (except for Victoria Coach Station) they are all run by the same company, The Excess Baggage Company. This same company also has a monopoly of Left Luggage at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
If you have left luggage the cheapest and most convenient option is to check out with your London accommodation what they can do for you.

Excess Baggage Company Overview

There are left luggage offices at Paddington, Euston, Kings Cross, St Pancras International, Liverpool Street, Waterloo and Victoria Railway Stations.
These are manned offices where you physically hand over your luggage, not lockers. They are well signed within the station.
The offices are only closed on Christmas Day. All except St Pancras are open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m (St Pancras an hour earlier)
Current charges are £9.00 per Item per 24 Hours
For further details Google ‘Excess Baggage Company London’
Excess Baggage Company will also ship your luggage home or to your next destination.

Heathrow & Gatwick Airports

The Excess Baggage Company also has the franchise for London’s major airports, Heathrow & Gatwick when it comes to left luggage. They have offices in all passenger terminals in both airports. The daily charge is exactly the same as the rates at the London railway stations above, but they have an additional charging band of 0-4 hours duration, currently £5.

Victoria Coach Station Overview

Victoria Coach Station is about 800 yards south of Victoria Rail / Underground Station. The coach station is dominated by National Express, Eurolines and Megabus that offer most scheduled long distance bus services from London. There are also airport buses to all of London’s major airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted. Terravision and easyBus services start across the road from the coach station. A lot of coach tours also start from Victoria Coach Station.
The left luggage office is within the coach station which is like a small regional airport terminal and well signed.
The office is open daily between 07:00-22:45. Again you hand over your luggage.
Current charges are per item:
Deposits up to 2 hours: £2 / No weight consideration
Deposits 2-24 hours: £3.50 / Under 20 kg
Deposits 2-24 hours: £5.50 / Over 20 kg
Multiple Days charged at daily rate as above (£3.50/£5.50 by weight)

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  • fiona


    I would like to ask:

    a) whether the luggage storage service at Victoria Station is available on 31 Dec 2013 and 1 Jan 2014?

    b) If yes, can we claim our luggage outside opening hours (I under that the opening hours is 7am-midnight)? As our train is sheduled at 4am on 1 Jan 2014 thus we need to take the luggage at around 3am.

    Soonest reply is much appreciated. Thank you.

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