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Photocards Now Required For 7 Day Travelcards Purchased From Railway Ticket Offices

From May 20th 2012, the railways have introduced a new restriction on purchasing 7 Day Travelcards.
Note: this restriction doesn’t apply to 7 Day Travelcards sold by TFL (basically all Travelcards sold not purchased from a railway ticket office)

How Do I Get A Rail Photocard

The good news is that the Photocard is free and you can get one on demand at any railway ticket office in the centre of London.
What you do need to bring is a passport size photo and a couple of extra minutes while the Photocard is made up.

How Does This Affect The 2 For 1 Promotion

For visitors one of the most attractive offers in London is the 2 for 1 admission days out promotion. Basically, if you have a valid rail ticket you can print vouchers out that entitle 2 for 1 admission to a very long list of London’s attractions including blockbusters like the Tower Of London.
Most visitors do not require a train ticket, but they do need to get around London. Travelcards giving access to London’s public transport and are a cost effecient way of using public transport. If you buy your Travelcard from a railway station outlet you qualify for 2 for 1.
The introduction of the Photocard requirement thus impacts anyone buying a 7 day Travelcard from the railways to take advantage of the 2 for 1 promotion. Note: 1 day Travelcards purchased from the railways do not need a Photocard
The 2 for 1 Promotion Details

TFL Issued 7 Day Travelcards Do Not Need Photo ID – The Confusing Bit

TFL (Transport For London) sell all the Travelcards from all other outlets (including Underground Stations).
At the moment you do not need a Photocard to buy an adult 7 Day Travelcard from a TFL outlet.
If you have a child between 11 and 15, with  TFL you do require a special Oyster Photocard to buy a child 7 Day Travelcard. This costs £10 per child and takes 3 weeks to process.
Buying a child 7 Day Travelcard from the railways still requires a Photocard, but the railways Photocard is processed on the spot and it is free.
Staright forward isn’t it?

Travelcards Explained – How they work, costs and conditions
Oyster Cards – How they work, costs and conditions

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  • Sarah Gooda

    Hi I need to get a photo card for my daughter. Does she need to go to the station or can I get it for her?

    • Bob

      The railways photocard most people supply their own photo, as long as its passport size and the pose is passport style.
      There are also machines at most train stations that will do the photos for you

  • Alper Doğdu

    i am planning to buy a week pass travelcard myself and my wife to travel and to use 2for1 campaign. as i see i must have photocard first. a saturday evening is there a open office to get it from victoria station? i will be there around 7 pm saturday. can i get a photocard at that time?

    • Bob

      Victoria Railway Station Ticket Office is only closed from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. (Sunday 1 a.m. to 6 a.m)

      • Alper Doğdu

        thank you!

  • Ben Hakan Yuksel

    If a ticket inspector was to check my ticket would I need my photo id with me aswell?

    • Bob

      You must show both your ticket and photocard with matching
      numbers if requested by rail staff. Failure to provide a photocard with
      your ticket when requested by a member of staff may result in
      being charged for a day ticket or a penalty fare.

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