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Victoria Coach Station London Video – What To Expect

Author: Bob Handford
Victoria Coach Station is London\’s only major bus terminus for bus services outside London. Its also the main morning departure point for many day tours outside London.

The station, frustratingly is a 5 minute walk from Victoria Underground and Train Station.

The coach station itself is behind (south) of the train station and is in the middle of one of London\’s major budget hotel districts.

The coach station has the feel of a regional airport with almost identical facilities. The arrivals hall is the opposite side of the road from main departures building.

National Express and Megabus run bus services to most towns and cities in England, Eurolines dominate European routes.

Opposite Victoria Coach Station is the Green Line Coach Station. From here Terravision operate Stansted Airport services, easyBus go to Luton Airport and their are regional services to Oxford by the Oxford Tube and Windsor and Legoland by Green Line among others.

National Express run airport bus services to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports from Victoria Coach Station.

In the road in between the arrivals and departures building is a row of cheap cafe\’s if you prefer that kind of “greasy spoon” style fayre to the mostly chains inside the coach station itself.

This short video runs through what to expect. Ticketing facilities, lounges, cash machines, left luggage, food, toilets, bus and taxi stops …

Hotels Near To Victoria Coach Station

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  • jak

    hi, how long does it take me to get from the arrivals hall to the departure hall. I will be arriving at 7:20 and need to catch a connecting bus at 7:30.

    • Bob

      I don’t think it will take 10 minutes to get your luggage and across the road to departures.

      But I think your main problem is going to be that its very unlikely your bus is going to arrive exactly on the scheduled time.

  • Ray Baldwin

    Good morning from Texas. I need a place to store our luggage so that we can take a tour of London. Is there a storage place at Victoria Coach Station and how much does it cost.

  • CathyG

    Can you tell me how far Gatwick Express at London Victoria is from the bus station and tube station? I will be travelling from Kensington High Street area. Thank you.

    • Bob

      Victoria Coach Station must be about 800 yards from the rail/Underground Station along Buckingham Palace Road

      From within the railway station its signed via a short cut up escalators and through a small shopping centre

  • Karina

    Hi, 5 years ago I used National Express bus to get to Golders Green from Heathrow and back -is it still possible?I do not want to use underground at all and it was a most perfect option.

    • Bob

      There has never been a direct National Express Coach service between Golders Green and Heathrow.
      The direct National Express service from Golders Green goes to Stansted Airport

  • Karina

    Hi couple years ago I used National Express to transfer from Heathrow to Golders Green and back.Most perfect.Is it still possible- do not need Victoria and all that walking.Thank you for the info in advance!

  • Gui

    Hi Bob,
    I want to purchase a ticket (return) from Gatwick/South Terminal to Victoria Station. Arriving on Nov 2nd./ 7:00 am ( Saturday ) and Departing on Nov 8th. / 9.35 am ( Friday )
    1.- What is cheaper: Megabus – National Express ?
    2.- Departing back to Gatwick follows in a week day, perhaps rush hour: Additional charges may apply ?
    3.- What are my windows in regard to time to make sure that I can catch the bus on time – use the seat reservation in and out of London ?
    4.- Where is the link to purchase the ticket on line… don’t see it ?
    5.- Will I get an actual ticket delivered ( mail ) to my place or I need to print a receipt after purchasing it.

    • Bob

      Megabus do not operate between Gatwick and Victoria, your choice is the National Express bus, the Southern train or the Gatwick Express train.
      Normally the National Express bus is cheapest, but is also the slowest and less frequent and unlike the train may suffer from traffic delays, although the times/days stated are not condusive to this.
      There are advance on-line tickets on all three services which are the cheapest fares.
      Southern trains sometimes have £5 advance purchase fares so it may be cheaper to use the train than the bus if these are available, perhaps using different options on each leg.

      Please use the journey planner at the url below for National Express schedules, fares and ticketing

      and compare with the train journey planner at the url below for schedules, fares and ticketing on Southern Trains and the Gatwick Express:

  • Hwang

    Dear Bob,
    I have plan to arrive at Gatwick 12:00 from Dubrovnik and leave at 21:00
    same day from Heathrow.
    If any time in between, I would like to spend some time near Victoria.
    How long do you think I have time ? And are there facilities to leave
    lugggages for a few hours at Victoria Coach Station ?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Bob

      If you want to spend a little time in London then I would recommend using the train to London, not bus and the Underground back out to Heathrow.

      Assuming your flight is on time you can expect to be at Victoria by train by about 2 p.m. from Gatwick
      If your flight is at 9 p.m. and you need to be leaving London by 6 p.m.
      There is left luggage at both the rail station and coach station at Victoria. The coach station is cheaper and is about 600 yards from the train station.

  • Clare

    Dear Bob,
    Thanks for this very informative site. Unfortunately, I’m still a bit confused.

    I will be landing at Terminal 3 at London Heathrow. I want to get to Cardiff. I think the cheapest way is LHR T3 CBS to Victoria Coach Station then via MegaBus to Cardiff .

    1. How do I get to Victoria station from London Heathrow?
    2. From Victoria how do I get the Megabus?
    3. The Megabus ends at the Cardiff Central Bus Station right?
    4. What are the approximate costs?
    5. Is this the cheapest way?
    6. Is there a simpler way? (don’t want to get lost)

    Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate your input.

    • Bob

      The first point to emphasise is that nowadays there are no fixed fares on the coaches and train services.
      It is a bit like the airlines there are fixed full fare standard flexible fares you buy on the day but most leisure travellers will get a discounted advanced or restricted use fare.
      Fares may change on a day to day basis.

      The simplest option is the direct Heathrow to Cardiff Bus by National Express. If you are looking for the cheapest fare, use this as your benchmark. On National Express a return ticket is normally much, much cheaper than 2 single tickets.

      Potentially cheaper but nearly twice longer is to go to Victoria Coach Station in London then get the Megabus or National Express service. This will probably take you 6 hours against the 3 hours of the direct service.
      You should also factor in the “what if my flight is late” factor. With the National Express service from Heathrow to Cardiff, if your flight is late and you miss the bus on your ticket your ticket is valid for a later journey.
      On the National Express and Megabus cheap tickets from Victoria if you miss your bus you lose your ticket and you have to buy another one.

      From Heathrow to Victoria Coach Station the cheapest option is the London Underground to Victoria then walk about 600 yards to the coach station.
      National Express also operate services from Heathrow to Victoria. Many of the National Express coaches between Cardiff and London Victoria stop at Heathrow, but the fares from London Victoria are much cheaper than from Heathrow.
      The National Express services from Heathrow start from the Central Bus Station for Terminal 3 – this is a 10 minute walk underground mostly along moving walkways from T3

      Fares, timetables and bookings for National Express and Megabus are at the respective journey planners of both companies.



      • Clare

        Thanks so much for the info. It has helped tremendously. Have a great day.

  • Ken

    Bob, we are renting a flat in West Kensington for 9 days in September. I want to spend a day at Portsmouth Shipyard but don’t want to pay rail prices. It looks like a coach might be the least expensive mode of transport. Do you agree and what routes do I need to use? Thanks.

    • Bob

      Before you totally reject the train on cost grounds, check out the MegaTrain/Megabus web site who sell very cheap train tickets Waterloo to/from Portsmouth at off peak hours on-line.
      If there is no train suitable then the two bus lines are National Express and Greyhound UK, both have services from Victoria.

      At the page below there are banner links to both Megabus/Megatrain and National Express web sites.

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