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Victoria Railway Station London What To Expect Video

Author: Bob Handford
This post is aimed at those using Victoria Railway Station for the first time curious over what to expect.

To achieve this, the best option is to just play the video clip at the bottom.

Victoria Railway Station is the second busiest railway station in London after Waterloo, its main purpose in terms of numbers is as a commuter hub getting people South and South East of London into town.

Over 70 million people pass through Victoria each year.

For visitors if you fly into Gatwick Airport, there is a very good chance you will get a train into Victoria.

The station has a small shopping centre, Victoria Place, there are retail outlets to meet most peoples needs. Bars, restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, convenience stores, newsstands, pharmacies, even a bookmakers.

There is a handy left luggage office in the station, but it is not cheap and a small visitor centre. There is a slightly more economical left luggage facility at Victoria Coach Station.

Hotels Near To Victoria Train Station

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Mid-Range Hotels – 2 / 3 Star Grade Hotels Victoria


4 Star Hotels – Full service hotels around Victoria Station


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  • Andrea

    Thank you for all of your helpful information. Our trip to London this Oct 2013 is literally the trip of a lifetime for us.

    I read that if I purchase a 7 day trravelcard in London it is automatically put on an oyster card. If this happens I will not be able to use the 2 for 1 offers. I know I must purchase the 7 day travel card at a railway station Pimlico is closest but Victoria is the next nearest railway station. What do I have to do to make sure I get a paper ticket with the railway icon on it?

    Also we need transportation for 9 days – what do you recommend for the other two days? We do plan on visiting Windsor one day and Hampton Court another day.

    Again, thank you so kindly for your well appreciated assistance.

    • Bob

      The railway ticket office at Victoria Station is quite a large affair in the railway station you can’t really miss.
      If you watch the video on the blog article below you will see were it is:

      You almost certainly only need a Travelcard for zones 1 and 2 for your needs.
      Hampton Court is out in zone 6 and Windsor is just outside London so you might want to visit these on the “other” 2 days.
      If you bought a day return train ticket to Hampton Court from Victoria (changing at Clapham Junction) that would qualify you for 2 for 1 there and would be the fastest way as well.
      At the moment I don’t think Windsor Castle is supporting 2 for 1.
      There is a Green Line bus from Victoria that stops outside Windsor Castle that is one simple option.

      If you need London travel outside the 7 Days just get an Oyster Card or if you want to use 2 for 1 simply get a 1 day Travelcard from the railways again.

      (You could use Oyster as the basis for your whole trip and just buy 1 day Travelcards for days you want to use 2 for 1 and use the Travelcards instead of Oyster those days).
      That would allow you to buy a zone 1-6 Travelcard for the trip to Hampton Court and qualify for 2 for 1 and it would also mean you do not need any photos for the Travelcards

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