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The Spot That Marks The Centre Of London

Author: Bob Handford

The Exact Geographical Centre Of London in Trafalgar Square

Charles 1 Statue In Trafalgar Square Marking The Centre Of London

Charles 1 Statue In Trafalgar Square The Centre Of London - The Plaque Marking The Centre Of London Is On the Ground To The North (left on picture) Of The Statue

London has no ‘downtown’ area in the American sense, its all rather spread out with the original city where London started now the financial district well away from the shopping areas, entertainment districts, government areas and the Queen’s residence. If you’ve wondered where the centre of London really is, the point where all road measurements to London are calculated from, read on…

The exact spot is the Charles 1 Statue at the south end of Trafalgar Square, (opposite the Whitehall exit of the square down to Big Ben).
The spot is marked by a very faded plaque on the ground which unless you are specifically looking for it you probably won’t notice. If you do look, its about 5 yards north of the Charles 1 statue, (thats the rear of the horse on the statue).

Why The Centre Is Here

The original sport marks Charing Cross, a memorial from 1290 by King Edward I in memory of his wife Queen Eleanor. Queen Eleanor died in Limcoln, a long way from London and Edward commissioned twelve crosses to mark the nightly resting places of the queen’s body on its journey back to London and Westminster Abbey. These were erected between 1291 and 1294. The last cross before Westminster Abbey was here at Charing Cross. Mileages have since been measured to this original site of Queen Eleanor’s memorial.
In 1675, a statue of Charles I was erected on the site of Eleanor’s cross though and in 1865 the current statue was commissioned by the South Eastern Railway Company for their Charing Cross Hotel (which is still going strong today a few yards away fronting Charing Cross Station).

The Centre Of London Plaque - Trafalgar Square

The Faded Centre Of London Plaque Reads: "On the site now occupied by the statue of King Charles I was erected the original Queen Eleanor's cross a replica of which stands in front of Charing Cross station. Mileages from London are measured from the site of the original cross."

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