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Visiting Stonehenge – What To Expect 2014 With New Visitor Centre

Author: Bob Handford
Stonehenge is the best part of two hours drive west of London and is high on most people\’s lists of places to visit if they have time to sight see outside London. Its the number one destination for day tours from London with a choice of many permutations in itinerary leaving every day of the year, even on Christmas Day when Stonehenge is closed

In 2014 a visit to Stonehenge was transformed by the opening of a new visitor centre.
Before you could drive up right next to the monument and just walk over to Stonehenge. Facilities were minimal and most people did not stay longer than an hour . Most people struggled to understand what they had seen or understood what it was used for.

The video clip below shows you the logistics of what to expect on a visit to Stonehenge from 2014, whether you visit independently or visit on a tour bus.
Below that are further links to practical information on making an informed visit to Stonehenge and making the best choice for you on how to visit.

Links To More Practical Information Related To Visiting Stonehenge

Stonehenge Opening Times, Prices and Ticketing – Full details of the cost of visiting Stonehenge


Stonehenge Special Access – Walk Among The Stones – Full details of Stonehenge up close special access


Tours To Stonehenge From London – Full details of many tours that visit Stonehenge


Independent Visits To Stonehenge – Your options traveling independently


Comments and Questions About Visiting Stonehenge

If you have any comments or questions about a visit to Stonehenge then please use the discussion facility below.
I\’ll normally get back to you within 24 hours

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  • John

    Hello. I am interested in doing a special access tour of Stonehenge that allows you to walk among the stones. This site mentions that there are three tour companies that run these tours out of London. I came across another company (link below) that seems to have these tours as well and I was wondering if you had any information about them. I would like to know if they are a reputable company. Thanks!


    • Bob

      For the normal Special Access Stonehenge Tours act as an agent reselling Premium Tours one of the three tour companies mentioned.

      However, the summer solstice and equinox tours I believe are operated by them. As far as I am aware they do not own vehicles or anything so I assume they charter them in from third parties for these special occasions.

      • John

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I suspected that this might be the case. It looks like they actually are reselling the Anderson and Evan Evans tours as well. What was throwing me off is that the dates shown on their site don’t quite match up with what is on the actual tour companies’ sites.

        Additionally, the dates listed on your site seem to be fewer than what is mentioned on the individual sites (e.g., Evan Evans says that they do their summer sunset tours on Mondays and Fridays but your site only lists some of those dates). Is there a reason for this?

        • John

          Actually, I see by going further into the reservation process on the Evan Evans site that they do seem to only be available on certain Mondays and Fridays, not all. Apologies!

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