London Group Travelcard 2024

Cheapest transport pass for groups of 10 or more? Well, sometimes...

London Group Travelcard

Summary of 1-day London Group Travelcard

The London one-day Group Travelcard is the only group ticket for London's public transport system.

There is no group travel product for longer durations than one day.

The Group Travelcard covers the same public transport as other public transport passes for individuals like standard Travelcards and Oyster.

If you are a group of 10 or more, this ticket is worth benchmarking against other alternatives but normally only becomes attractive financially if your group is staying outside the centre of London (zones 1 to 3).

Key rules   Purchasing 1-day group Travelcards   Purchasing from Visit Britain   Alternative tickets   Oyster & Travelcard prices compared

Key rules of the London Group Travelcard

You must have a minimum of 10 people and they all need to travel together. The 10 people can be a mix of adults and children.

The Group Travelcard is off-peak only, you cannot use it before 9.30am Mondays to Fridays. You can use them all day weekends and national holidays.

The Group Travelcard is only valid for zones 1-6. Most tourists only need zones 1 and 2.

The Group Travelcard is valid on all public transport that the standard individual Travelcard is valid for, including buses, London Underground and Overground, DLR and trains.

The Group Travelcard, like the 1 Day Travelcard, is valid for the calendar day, not 24 hours from first use.

The child age band is under 16, like standard Travelcards and Oysters there are no seniors concessions for visitors

You can only purchase from Underground Station ticket machines, Overground or TfL Rail station ticket offices and some National Rail stations that Tube and London Overground services run through – and only on the day of travel.

However you can buy them online in advance, from the Visit Britain TFL Travel shop.

If you are not travelling beyond zones 1 to 3, a standard individual Oyster Card is cheaper than than the Group Travelcard.

Purchasing 1-day Group Travelcards

You can buy Group Travelcards on the day of travel or in advance from Visit Britain or the TFL website (see below).

Buying in London there is a restricted list of outlets (compared with other public transport tickets) that you can purchase from.

Most people will buy Group Travelcards from Underground Station ticket machines. You can also purchase from London Overground or TFL Rail station ticket offices and some National Rail stations that Tube and London Overground services run through.

You can use credit and debit cards to purchase.

Group Travelcard 2024 Prices from 3 March

Zones Adult price Children under 16*

Zones 1-6



Zones 1-9



* Children under 11 travel free without a ticket on London buses, London Underground and Overground, DLR and some rail services.

Buy your Group Travelcards from Visit Britain in advance

If having to purchase on the day of travel and from a ticket machine is a lot of hassle and stress you do not need, you can order Group Travelcards online in advance from Visit Britain or the TFL website.

See banner below to order from Visit Britain.

Both sites only sell zone 1-6 Group Travelcards, they do not sell Group Travelcards for zones 1-9.

Tickets are sent to your home address wherever in the world you reside, for which there is a charge.

You can choose between standard and an express delivery option. When you select your country on ordering you will be given indicative delivery times for each option.

Transport for London


Group Travelcards for London

Visiting London in a group of 10 or more? Buy in advance to save time and money

Group Day Travelcard valid on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services within London fare Zones 1 to 6.

Alternative tickets for groups that may be cheaper than Group Travelcards

There are three major features of the Group Travelcard that often means that even if you have a group of 10 or more it may be cheaper or more convenient to buy individual tickets for each member of the group.

- The cheapest and most popular Group Travelcard is for zones 1-6. Most visitors stay in a hotel in zones 1-2 and most attractions are also in zones 1-2. If you do not travel outside zones 1-3 it will be cheaper to buy an Oyster Card each instead.

- The Group Travelcard doesn't allow travel before 9.30am Monday to Friday. If you require to travel at these prohibited times then an individual Oyster Card or a 7 day Travelcard will be your best option.

- The Group Travelcard doesn't allow the Group to split up, they must all travel together, even though each person has individual tickets. If you require to split up your group when travelling then an individual Oyster Card or a 7 day Travelcard will be your best option.

Below are tables summarising fares and fare caps for individual travel passes for Oyster and Travelcards.

The fare caps are the most you can pay in a calendar day with Oyster. Once you hit that fare cap all travel for the rest of the day is free.

If you have a credit or debit card that supports contactless payment or have Apple Pay you can link these to Oyster fares.

Oyster Cards are cheaper than 1 day Travelcards but if you are travelling 5 or more days in any 7 then a 7 day Travelcard is normally cheaper than an Oyster Card.

Oyster Cards - more details

Contactless Payment Cards - more details

Travelcards - more details

Price caps for Oyster & contactless card payments, compared to Travelcard prices

From 3 March 2024 - March 2025

    1-day Travelcard  
Zones Oyster daily cap Peak* Off-peak 7-day cap**
Zone 1-2 £8.50 £15.90 £15.90 £42.70
Zone 1-3 £10.00 £15.90 £15.90 £50.20
Zone 1-4 £12.30 £15.90 £15.90 £61.40
Zone 1-5 £14.60 £22.60 £15.90 £73.00
Zone 1-6 £15.60 £22.60 £15.90 £78.00

* Travelcard peak fares apply for any travel made Monday to Friday before 9.30am. All other travel is off-peak.

** Prices for a 7 day Travelcard. Also the 7 day cap for contactless payment cards between Monday to Sunday - not available on Oyster.

SPECIAL CAP FOR BUS TRAVEL ONLY: £5.25 (When you only travel on London's buses on 1 day).

CHILDREN'S OYSTER CAPS: Off-peak: £1.80 (zones 1-9). Peak: approx half of adult cap.

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