Golden Tours - Warner Bros. Studio - The Making of Harry Potter

What to expect when going on this tour, including bus, tickets, pick up points, cafe, gift shop, what to do with children

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter - Golden Tours office

Golden Tours office: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, Golden Tours highlights

- Golden Tours hourly return buses from London Victoria and Baker Street
- On board screens showing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, for your entertainment on the journey
- Entrance into Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

- Step into the actual Hogwarts Great Hall
- Walk down the cobbled street of Diagon Alley with its famous wizarding shops
- Visit Platform 9 ¾ and step on board the Hogwarts Express

- Dare to enter The Forbidden Forest and see lifesize models of Buckbeak, the Hippogriff and Aragog

- See the sets of Dumbledore’s office, the Gryffindor common room, the Burrow, Malfoy Manor, Hagrid’s Hut and much, much more
- Step outside and see Number 4, Privet Drive, the Knight Bus
- Take a walk across Hogwarts bridge
- See iconic props from the films, including Harry’s Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s motorcycle
- Learn how creatures were brought to life with green screen technology, animatronics and life-sized models
- Walk around the Hogwarts Castle model, the original scale model used in the film series
- ‘Ride a broomstick’ using green screen technology (see price board for details)

- Practice your wand moves with interactive wand choreography
- Have your photo taken in the Ford Anglia Car from Chamber of Secrets
- Purchase a Butterbeer from the Backlot Café, one of only four places in the world selling it!


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Golden Tours tickets

Days of operation & duration - Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

- Runs daily year round

Tour picks up in London between 7.30am and 4pm returning to London around 7 hours later.

Pick-up points in central London

There are two pick-up points in Central London, Victoria and Baker Street, and the buses drop off at the same two points.
Journey time is around one hour, depending on traffic conditions.

Boarding & locating the Golden Tours bus in London


The main departure bus terminus is at the Golden Tours Office on Buckingham Palace Road, in a building just down the road from Victoria Train Station. Victoria is a major hub in central London and easy to get to.


The office is separate (across the road to) Victoria Coach Station. The outside of the building has colonnades and is unmarked with no tour operator’s details on the outside. There will often be a Golden Tours bus parked outside which is helpful in finding it.

Golden Tours bus and office Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Golden Tours office: Buckingham Palace Road


Operators are often to be found standing outside so you can ask them if you are in the right place. You go up some steps and a ‘Union Gifts’ shop and a Subway can be found on each corner. At the back is Golden Tours’ office.


The reception area is quite large and well lit but there are no seats, except for those in the eateries surrounding the office. Check in closes fifteen minutes before advertised boarding time, but the bus does not actually depart for a further thirty minutes.


You can use this time to grab something to eat – there are many places around to buy lunch or snacks and drinks - or maybe even purchase a gift from the London gift shop in the vicinity.


There are no public toilets in the immediate area; you can if you wish use the loos from one of the surrounding shops, but you need to make a purchase to do this. There is no wi-fi in the waiting area at the office, but there is wi-fi on the Golden Tours Bus.


After this it is time to queue up behind a well marked yellow sign labelled ‘Tour WB’, just in front of the bus you will be boarding. The Golden Tours Bus is painted on the outside with the ‘Hogwarts Express’ train on it so you cannot miss it.


The order of queuing is the order of entry onto the bus, so if you are first in the queue you will get first choice of seat. Just before you go on the bus have your paper ticket(s) ready for checking.


You will be given an envelope with your Warner Bros. Studio Tour London tickets inside and also return tickets for your shuttle back to the bus station, and the time of meeting.


Baker Street

The second pick-up point is at Baker Street, again a strategic location with a major Underground station very close to Madame Tussauds. This is convenient if you are staying in a hotel district close to Hyde Park, Marble Arch or the St Pancras, Bloomsbury area.


Full details of the pick-up points plus exact timetables can be found by clicking through on the banners below.


Golden Tours Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter - what to expect

Aboard the Golden Tours bus to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

The top deck is popular with everyone choosing to sit up here; from here you have a nice view of some of the sights of London and you can also see two screens, where they show the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This is particularly useful if you have children! The film does not start playing until all passengers have been picked up from Baker Street.

Golden Tours bus Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Golden Tours Bus: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London


There is free wi-fi on board the Golden Tour buses. There are no toilets on board the bus so it is best to go before you leave.


Hot food and drink is not permitted on the coach, but you can eat simple cold snacks. The bus is not a guided bus, therefore there is a driver only. Driving to the Studio Tour, the driver does not make a commentary, so any questions are best directed beforehand to the office assistant who can advise you in the queue.


There is wheelchair access (for one wheelchair) on all Golden Tour buses but you are advised to let your tour operator know at the time of booking that you require this. There is space to park a couple of pushchairs on the lower floor of the bus.


There is no luggage storage on board the bus; at Victoria Railway Station and Coach Station there are left luggage facilities where you can pay a nominal fee and leave your cases all day until you return. Alternatively you can leave small suitcases, coats and bags free of charge at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, in the Lobby cloakroom.



Shuttle only tickets

Golden Tours also offer shuttle only tickets, if you already have purchased your Warner Bros. Studio Tour London tickets.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Golden Tours shuttle only tickets


Information desk, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Information desk: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Arrival & admission to Warner Bros, Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

The bus takes you to just a hundred metres or so from the entrance, and then you are left to walk inside independently. Upon entry you will have your bag checked and then you are free to walk inside into the lobby.


Your arrival time will allow you about twenty minutes to queue, ready for your pre-booked entry time into the Studio Tour itself.


Please note, there is a bag check before you go inside. If you need somewhere to store any small suitcases (or coats and bags) you may have, you can do this free of charge in the lobby cloakroom.


Pushchairs are also encouraged to be left here if possible due to the restricted amount of space in the Studio Tour.


The toilets are to be found in the lobby, so it can be useful to use them before you queue up to begin your tour.

Before you even step inside with your tickets, the lobby is filled with great posters of the actors in costume up high, and set items like the blue Ford Anglia from the second movie suspended from the ceiling.


While in line to begin your tour, as you queue you can see Harry’s cupboard under the stairs from Privet Drive, complete with small props such as a pair of his actual glasses and tiny toy models.



Coffee Shop Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Coffee Shop: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Refreshments in the Lobby and at the Backlot Cafe

If you have any extra spare time before your tour begins, the lobby also hosts a Studio shop and a Starbucks Cafe selling hot and cold drinks and snacks. You can bring your own food with you but it must only be eaten in the Backlot area or outside picnic area.


Halfway through your tour, you can stop for a rest at the Backlot Cafe with a counter serving Butterbeer, where you can choose to eat and drink inside or out. Butterbeer is non -alcoholic and has quite a sweet froth to it, with a slight taste of butterscotch.


The Backlot Cafe serves hot food – both children’s and adult’s - from a daily specials board, sandwiches and salads, snacks and hot and cold drinks.


Digital guide hire and souvenir guidebook

If you wish you can hire a Digital Guide, with extra information on the Studio Tour, for around £5, from the desk in the lobby before you go in.


You can also purchase a Souvenir Guidebook of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London for around £10, with behind-the-scenes secrets and beautiful photography.


There is free wi-fi throughout the Studio Tour, and Warner Bros. Studio Tour London encourages you to share your photos with them on social media.


Photography and video footage

The cinema areas and the green-screen areas are the only parts where you are not allowed to take photographs or video footage. Otherwise, you are free to do so in all other areas of the Studio Tour. Filming with the use of flashes, tripods and other specialist photographic equipment is not permitted.


Passport stamping at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Passport stamping: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Accessibility and children

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London have done everything they can to make the Studio Tour accessible for wheelchair users. There is a lower window for ticket collection and step free access to the attraction.


The Studio Tour itself, including the loos, gift shop and special effects green screen area, is completely accessible.


If you have small children or just need a break yourself, there are seats dotted around inside where they can sit and rest if needed.


Fold up chairs are available for those who require one if you ask in the lobby. There are also toilets to be found around the Studio Tour.


There are some interactive things for younger ones to do but because of the nature of the Studio Tour and the amount of information on offer, it is probably most appropriate for children eight and up.


As you hand your tickets over, if you have any children with you, they will be given a Studio Tour Passport each. In this A5 size booklet kids are able to collect stamps as they wander around the Studio Tour, and even find the Golden Snitch if they follow the clues on each page.


Gift Shop Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Gift Shop: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Gift shops at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

There are two gift shops at the Studio Tour. One is at the Railway Shop, a train-themed souvenir shop, and the other is the main Studio shop located at the entrance.


At both of these you can purchase such Harry Potter merchandise as the books by J.K. Rowling, Hogwarts T-shirts and robes, house jumpers, pens, key rings, postcards, sweets, wands and cuddly toys. Prices range from around £2 for a postcard to around £20 for a cuddly toy.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter – what to expect

The Studio Tour itself is a free flow, walking tour which showcases all of the original sets, props and costumes of all eight Harry Potter films. You are given three and a half hours to go round the Studio Tour, enough time to stop half way round and enjoy a snack, light meal or a Butterbeer from the Backlot Cafe.

Diagon Alley Warner Bros. Studio

Diagon Alley: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London


As a Studio Tour, you will see the real sets used in the Harry Potter films, as well as countless props and special effects. The Studio Tour is not a theme park and as such will not feature rides, or experiences of this nature, though there are a few interactive features popular with both children and adults alike.


While the Studio Tour is aimed primarily at fans of the Harry Potter film series, if you have an interest in special effects and film sets more generally, there would be plenty to get out of this tour. The level of detail gone into making the sets and the props is awe-inspiring and the information on offer as to the process of film making is very instructive.


The guides are friendly and helpful and happy to chat if you want a bit of extra information. Some of them were extras from the films themselves so have a bit of insider knowledge. Only the beginning part of the Studio Tour is guided; through two short films and into the Great Hall. After this you are free to take the tour at your own pace.


Return journey to Victoria or Baker Street

After three and a half hours it is time to leave the Studio Tour, and make your way to your Golden Tours bus, which will be waiting just outside. The driver will be standing outside the bus; you show your return tickets and hop on.


On your return journey you can sit back and watch the remainder of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, remembering where all the magic began.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter Golden Tour Tickets

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