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Original London Tour Open Top Sightseeing Bus

Open Top Sightseeing Bus London

No Tour Buses Visit Heathrow!

Ok, lets get one thing clear first, the answer to the most common question from people on a layover At Heathrow Airport.

There are no sightseeing tours that pick up from Heathrow or its hotels that will take you sightseeing into London, (or indeed anywhere else). If you want a public tour of London then you will need to take public transport into the centre of London and join the tour there or charter your own private sightseeing capability.

Visiting Central London From Heathrow

Heathrow - Central London Public Transport Options

The full range of transport options between Heathrow Airport and Central London are laid out for you on our dedicated Heathrow Airport - Central London Transfer pages.

By far the majority of people travelling between Heathrow and Central London for layover sightseeing use the London Underground, by far the cheapest transport option as well as taking you direct to the sights themselves.

Underground trains leave Heathrow about every 5 minutes throughout the day between about 5:30 a.m. and midnight, (slightly shorter times on Sundays). There re 3 stations at Heathrow covering all 5 passenger terminals.

London Underground Heathrow - Central London - Full Details

Hop-On, Hop Off Sightseeing Tours Of London From Heathrow

The most popular way of seeing London's sights in a short space of time are London's Hop on, Hop Off sightseeing buses.

There are three competing tour companies, for a discussion of the differences between them, read our dedicated page, comparing London's Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Buses. Though note, you need at least 3 hours to do one lap of the main sightseeing route on these buses even without hopping on or off.

At this moment in time we would suggest the Big Bus as being a good fit for those travelling in from Heathrow.

You can buy discounted tickets on-line in advance from Big Bus, print out your voucher at home and board the bus at any Big Bus stop.

From Heathrow the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground stops at Gloucester Road, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner and Green Park Stations in a journey time of between 30 and 45 minutes. Big Bus stops outside all of these stations.

Big Bus London Tour Tickets

Tours Of London From Heathrow Terminals & Hotels By London Black Taxi (Maximum 5 People)

The least hassle and most straight forward way to get a good look at London's iconic sights from Heathrow is to let one of London's famous black taxi cabs and one of their equally famous cabbies show you around London.

The tour departs and returns to your hotel at Heathrow or passenger terminal and you decide where you would like to visit. Alternatively let your cabbie suggest an itinerary for you. Luggage can be carried as well.

For full details of this opportunity, click through on the banner below.

London Black Taxi Tours From Heathrow Airport

Windsor - An Alternative To London As A Stopover - Closer & More Convenient

If your priority is to just find something more pleasurable than killing time between flights in an airport terminal then Windsor is a great alternative to London, it is very close to Heathrow.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Public buses run from Terminal 5 frequently stopping outside Windsor Castle, but there is much more to Windsor and Eton than the castle.

The public bus takes 55 minutes or so and runs once or twice an hour.

A car can do the same journey in 15 minutes and will go and return at a time convenient to you.

We have an arrangement with a Windsor cab company where you are not charged waiting time, it is the same fee whether you stay 2 hours or 10 hours in Windsor.

If you have luggage this can also be stored for you while you are in Windsor at a much cheaper price than the left luggage facility at the airport.


The Legoland theme park is located on the edge of Windsor so if you have kids you might want to spend the day at Legoland!

Windsor & Legoland Stopover Solution For Heathrow Airport - More Details

Sightseeing By Public Transport From Heathrow (Other than London)

There are direct frequent public transport links from Heathrow to a number of attractions you could fit into a day trip.

Windsor - 55 minutes by First Bus public bus, once or twice an hour.

Hampton Court Palace - The 111 London bus takes 90 minutes to travel a circuitous route several times an hour

Harry Potter Studio Tour - the 724 Green Line bus runs an hourly service taking 50 minutes to Watford Junction where you can board the Harry Potter Shuttle Bus for the 10 minute journey to the studios. You need to have purchased Harry Potter tickets prior.

Oxford - The Oxford Bus Company runs a schedule broadly twice hourly that takes 90 minutes to/from Oxford.

Stonehenge - It is possible to visit Stonehenge by public transport, but you would need all day and several changes of transport. You can take a RailAir bus from Heathrow to Woking Railway Station from where trains run to Salisbury. The Stonehenge Tour Bus runs at least hourly to Stonehenge from Salisbury Railway Station. If you are that interested in Stonehenge, probably best to hire a private driver (see below), Stonehenge is about an hours drive from Heathrow.

Affordable Private Cars & Guided Tours From Heathrow For Small & Large Groups

We can customise a day to remember reflecting your interests and time available. We can offer solutions for one or two people with a friendly driver right up to a formal coach tour for large groups requiring a formal tour with top grade guides and attraction tickets included.

Full details at our Private tours from Heathrow page

Map Of Tour Options From Heathrow