Southampton cruise ship late flight solution at Heathrow Airport

Spend your time productively in Windsor instead of wasting time in a Heathrow Airport terminal

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Most cruise ships at Southampton are fully disembarked by around 9am, so with a transfer to Heathrow you can expect to be in the passenger terminal at 11am.


Great for a lunch time departure but not if your flight is not until late afternoon or evening, killing time in an airport terminal is not most peoples idea of fun.

The proposal here is that rather than spend your time in the airport terminal you relax in Windsor, just 15 minutes' drive from Heathrow.

The key to making this affordable is that you pay a nominal luggage storage charge, a flat fee no matter how long you stay in Windsor leaving you free to enjoy Windsor and Eton without waiting charges being clocked up. We can offer this service as the vehicles are based near Windsor, so the driver will not be waiting around.


Private transfers Southampton - Windsor - Heathrow/Gatwick Airport

We have a range of vehicles for all group sizes from a couple to large tour groups.

You'll be met as you exit the customs and baggage reclaim at Southampton and soon be on your way to Windsor. You should arrive between 90 and 120 minutes later.

You leave the luggage in the vehicle with the driver.


You stipulate what time you want to be picked up and start the second journey to Heathrow Airport, only about 15 minutes away. In the meantime you can enjoy any of the facets of Windsor and Eton. The times for departure at both Southampton and Windsor are agreed at the time of reservation.

Windsor - what to expect


Store your luggage in Windsor for a small flat fee

While you are in Windsor your luggage will be stored. We can offer this service as the vehicle is based in the Windsor area. You do not have to pay for the vehicle and driver's time while you are in Windsor because they won't be hanging around in a car park killing time.


Late flight solution pricing

We provide a personal quotation for each customer. For yours just use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

The price will be made of three components, the journey between Southampton and Windsor, the journey between Windsor and Heathrow (or Gatwick) airport and a small charge for storage of your luggage. You can accurately work out the cost using the able below.




To/From Windsor


Large Cases




Car/Sedan (Mercedes E Class)






Small MPV (Ford Galaxy)






Large MPV






Van (Mercedes Vito)






Luggage Storage Per Vehicle





4 people with 4 large cases + small hand luggage with a flight from Heathrow

Small MPV - Southampton to Windsor £175

Luggage Storage £20

Windsor to Heathrow £50

Total cost £ 245

Important word about luggage

An appropriate vehicle size can be as much be driven by the amount of luggage you are bringing as number of passengers.


So please give the amount of luggage you anticipate bringing some serious thought. It can be time consuming and expensive if you bring more luggage than stated at time of booking and the vehicle has to be upgraded at Southampton cruise port - the vehicles are based in Windsor, at least 90 minutes drive away.



Cars & vans for up to 8 people

Cases that go in the luggage compartment are assumed to be 10kg//22lbs to 23kg/51lbs - if you have larger cases please detail using the enquiry form below.


  • Large Case - 10kg//22lbs to 23kg/51lbs

  • Hand Luggage - Handbag, laptop size that could go on lap or under seat

If you have outsize cases (larger than 23 kg) please clarify on the enquiry form below.


If you have lots of luggage then our entry level 8 seat minibus can accommodate 20+ large cases. Please use the enquiry form below for a personalised quotation.


Larger groups from 8 to 50

If you have a larger group we have vehicles ranging from 8 seat mini buses to 50 seat touring coaches.

Use the enquiry form below for a customised quotation to your exact requirements.

Your Contact Details


E-Mail Address:


Quotations are based on the number of passengers and amount of luggage you state below.

If you are a large group or have more than one case per person, please expand on this in the comments section so the appropriate vehicle is quoted for.

If you want a particular vehicle please state this in the comments section.

Your Required Transfer Details

Date Of Transfer:

Number of Passengers

Estimated Large Cases (Please clarify in comments section)

Departure Point (At Heathrow please state passenger terminal number)

Departure Time or Flight Arrival Time


Luggage (Please clarify estimated luggage)
Large cases = 10-23 kg (22-50 lbs) cases you would normally check into the hold of a flight
Medium cases = 6-10 kg (13 - 22 lbs) cases you might put in the overhead locker of a flight
Hand Luggage = Items you could put under the seat of a flight (handbag size)

Subsequent Transfer Requirements / Specific Vehicle Requests / Other Comments


On the next screen your email address will be displayed. An automatic acknowledgement of your enquiry will be sent to the to the entered email address. Your personal quotation will also be sent to this address at a later time.

If you do not receive the acknowledgement the most common reason is that it is in a spam facility you have installed. The next most common reason is that your email address has been entered incorrectly.

If you do not receive a quotation within a day or so please follow up using the contact us menu choice at the top of the page. This facility links to your own email programme ensuring the email address on the communications are always correct.