Dover - London cruise ship transfer via Canterbury, Dover Castle

Turn your transfer between Dover cruise ship and London and its airports into a sightseeing experience

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Visit Canterbury, Dover , Windsor etc to/from your cruise ship

Canterbury, Leeds Castle and Dover Castle are the most visited attractions along the route between Dover and London. You can make a small detour and make a visit of 2 hours to Dover Castle or Canterbury or indeed anywhere else along the route when travelling between London, its airports and the cruise terminals at Dover.


To visit Leeds Castle you really need more than 2 hours and you might want a longer full day tour from your Dover Cruise Ship.


Windsor Castle is right next to Heathrow Airport and is a good choice if you have a flight departing mid to late afternoon.

Logistics of private transfers via Canterbury, Windsor, Dover Castle ...

Dover to London - Dover direction

The majority of cruise ships at Dover dock around 5am to 6.30am with assisted disembarkation starting around 7am and the last people off around 9am, Disney cruise ships a little later.

Dover Castle has variable opening times but in the summer months when cruise ships are prevalent opening is at 10am. As Dover Castle is only 10 minutes' drive from the cruise ship unless you are on one of the later disembarkations it doesn't make logistical sense.


If your transfer is to Heathrow, Windsor Castle is only a few miles from the airport and opens its gates at 9.45am. It's a 2 hour journey from Dover to Windsor, then only 15 minutes to Heathrow.

Canterbury is only 30 minutes from Dover and the main attraction Canterbury Cathedral opens its doors at 9am, though note not on Sundays when religious services take place. From Canterbury to Heathrow Airport or a Central London hotel the journey can be up to 2 hours, Gatwick Airport about 40 minutes less.

London - Dover direction

From Heathrow Airport or most Central London hotels its about 2 hours down to Dover by road. From Gatwick Airport about 40 minutes less.

Dover Castle has variable opening times but in the summer months when cruise ships are prevalent opening is at 10am Dover Castle is only 10 minutes drive from the cruise ship terminal. Its about 2 hours from a Central London hotel or Heathrow Airport to Dover, 40 minutes less from Gatwick Airport.


Canterbury is only 30 minutes from Dover and the main attraction Canterbury Cathedral opens its doors at 9am, though note not on Sundays when religious services take place.

Visiting Dover Castle, Canterbury or Windsor

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Dover Castle sits strategically upon the famous White Cliffs of Dover, overlooking the port and town far below.

Way back before the Normans started building castles in England the site was originally an Iron Age hill fort, and later housed a Roman lighthouse and later still an Anglo-Saxon church, part of a Saxon fortified settlement.

After the Norman invasion, William the Conqueror raised the first Dover Castle in earth and timber soon after invading England in 1066. From then on the castle was garrisoned uninterruptedly until 1958, a continuous nine-century span equalled only by the Tower of London and Windsor Castle.

Secret Wartime Tunnels were dug deep beneath the castle, within the 'White Cliffs' themselves. For many the tunnels are the highlight of a visit.

Today you can tour the Secret Wartime Tunnels. Dover Castle, the Roman Lighthouse and much more. There is much to see, an average visit taking a whole morning or afternoon. Dover Castle is open daily from 10am (09:30 in August) until late afternoon.

Dover Castle ticketing & opening hours - official website


There is much more to Canterbury than Canterbury Cathedral but the Cathedral is the must see for first time visitors. Canterbury itself is a medieval city and today is a major regional shopping and administrative centre. Canterbury Cathedral is in the middle of the medieval centre of the city.


It is the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England and symbolic leader of the world-wide Anglican Communion.


Much of the history of Canterbury Cathedral predates the Church of England, notably Thomas à Becket assassinated in 1170 by followers of Henry II, the event that made Canterbury a major place of pilgrimage.

Canterbury Cathedral ticketing & opening hours - official website

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of three official residences of The Queen and has been home to the Sovereign for over 900 years.

The Castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world and the oldest in continuous occupation. The imposing towers and battlements of the Castle loom large from every approach to the town, creating one of the world's most spectacular skylines.

Windsor Castle ticketing & opening hours - official website

Standard car / MPV/ minivan stopover transfers with 2 hour sightseeing stopover

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  • Child & Baby Seats -Are provided on request and are free of charge where available. If booking received less than 7 days before travel we cannot guarantee availability.

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From 8 and 16 seat minibuses to the largest touring coaches of 50-72 seats.

With large groups on cruises the capacity issue is not normally passenger numbers but luggage.

UK coaches are built to European traveller requirements, where one large case is perfectly adequate. A typical 50 seat coach will be able to accommodate around 60 large cases in the luggage hold.


For a group travelling with North American flight allowances a 50 seat coach will typically only be able to accommodate the luggage of 35 such passengers maximum.

The 8 and 16 sear minibuses can take around 20 large cases.

With large groups just as small groups multi- drop and pick-ups from hotels is routine and if required we can arrange a guide.

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