Southampton to Gatwick Airport London cruise transfers

Details of independent travel between Southampton and Gatwick Airport

National Express Coach

It's about 90 miles (145km) between Southampton and Gatwick Airport.


Between Southampton and Gatwick Airport there is a limited choice of transport, both public transport and private hire, though note there are no direct shared van shuttle style services available.

These are your options:

  • The cheapest option are the National Express scheduled buses. Full size 50 seat coaches with washrooms that depart from both of Gatwick's passenger terminals. They do not go to the cruise terminals, you will need a taxi between Southampton bus station and one of Southampton's four cruise terminals.


  • The faster but more expensive Southampton train services run broadly hourly Monday to Sunday. On Sundays you have to change trains. Like the National Express buses you will need a taxi between Southampton train station that is very close to the coach station and one of Southampton's four cruise terminals.


  • And of course the money no object option is a private car service door to door at a time specified by you. If you have a group there are vans, even coaches available.

National Express coaches - Southampton to Gatwick & Gatwick to Southampton

The cheapest option by scheduled public transport are coach services by National Express. The National Express coaches are much slower and much cheaper than the train services. They are modern air-conditioned buses with washrooms. Unlike the trains there are true e-tickets available online. Significant for people on cruises is the luggage allowance, 2 cases neither of which should weigh more than 20kg (44lb) before steep surcharges kick in.

The other critical aspect is that the buses do not go to the cruise terminals, you need a short taxi ride between bus station and whichever of Southampton's four cruise terminals your ship is docked at. At Gatwick the buses only visit the passenger terminals, they do not go to any hotel.

National Express to/from Southampton details

National Express coach route map Southampton - London

Rail Map Between Southampton & London

Train between Southampton and Gatwick Airport

 London South West Train At Southampton

London train at Southampton

There are hourly trains between Gatwick Airport and Southampton, Monday to Saturday. The train station is part of the South Terminal.


There is a free shuttle train linking the North Terminal and the South Terminal every couple of minutes. On Sundays you will have to change trains, there are several route options.


There are no seat reservations on the trains, but unlike the National Express buses the amount of luggage you can carry on board is only limited by your ability to carry it. Don't expect any assistance!

The train station is near Southampton Coach Station, so just like the National Express coaches you need a taxi between train station and cruise terminals. A few hardy souls walk from the train station to the City Cruise terminal, about 15-20 minutes with luggage, the other cruise terminals are out of range.

Southampton by train details

Train route map Southampton - London

Rail Map Between Southampton & London

Private transfer options between Southampton and Gatwick Airport

Private Cars Southampton to London gatwick and Gatwick to Southampton

Of course private cars and larger vehicles are available. You select what time you want to depart. Vehicles all the way from saloon/sedan cars to large coaches are available.


Note, with cruise transfers, more often than not it is the amount of luggage that determines the size of vehicle required, not the number of passengers.

With a clear road, London to Southampton is about 2 hours 40 minutes but London's orbital road which you have to go around is congested. Its quite important you budget adequate contingency time. If the motorway is congested or there is an accident, alternative routes are much, much slower.


Nearly all cruise ships have assisted disembarkation between about 7am and 8.30am. During weekdays, transfers into London and its airports have a high probability of road congestion delays at the tail end of the morning commuter traffic once you approach the Heathrow area and the turn-off for Gatwick.


Going towards Southampton its not so bad, but if you are travelling on a summer Saturday, the road down to Southampton can be at gridlock in the morning as half of London makes for the beaches.

Private cars and vans to/from Southampton details

Visit Stonehenge or Windsor on your transfer to/from your Southampton Cruise Ship

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This very convenient package covers all the key components of your visit to London before boarding your cruise ship.

In summary the London pre-cruise package offers:

  • Private transfers from London's Heathrow, Gatwick or City Airports to your London hotel

  • 3 nights accommodation at a choice of 4 or 5 star hotels in Central London

  • Free day to explore independently or 10% discount on other tours

  • Transfer from your London hotel to your cruise ship at Southampton, with option of upgrading to include a visit to Stonehenge

Included guide tour of London highlights

The day begins with a guided tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral then following the Thames to Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben stopping at Buckingham Palace. Here you can watch the pomp and ceremony of the changing of the Guards

After time for lunch, the tour continues through Theatre-land to visit the The Tower of London.

The tour finishes at the famous Harrods department store.

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