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Harwich Cruise Ship Shuttle Service 2016

Affordable Door To Door Shuttle From Your London Hotel Or Heathrow Airport

Harwich Cruise Shuttle Bus From London

The Cruise Bus At A London Hotel Pick-Up

Door To Door Harwich Cruise Transfer Shuttle From London

A value for money, dependable transfer that collects you from your Central London or Heathrow Airport hotel and takes you to your waiting cruise ship at Harwich.

In 2016 there are few major cruise ships using Harwich after Royal Caribbean and Holland America both dropped their cruise programmes in 2015.

The service picks up from hotels in all the major Central London hotel districts as well as selected hotels at Heathrow Airport before going onto Harwich. We plan to drop you at your cruise terminal just in time for lunch. If you have labelled your luggage with the labels supplied by your cruise line your luggage will normally be unloaded from the coach by the ship's porters enabling you to walk directly into check-in with just hand luggage.

Cruise Ships Supported in 2016

No cruise ships are being supported in 2016.

London To Harwich Indicative Schedule

09:00 - 10:00 Central London hotel pickups

09:00 - 10:30 Heathrow Airport hotel pickups

Break at motorway services station with small supermarket mid-journey

13:00 Harwich Cruise Terminal Arrival

Separate vehicles will operate from Heathrow Airport and Central London hotels

Guaranteed Departures

Please note this is a guaranteed cruise transfer, and will operate on all of the dates listed on the booking page (link below). There are no minimum numbers required for this service to operate.

Collection From Your Central London or Heathrow Hotel

List Of Hotels For London Coach Pickups

The buses will perform hotel pick-ups from Central London and Heathrow hotels from 9:00 a.m covering all major hotel districts in Central London. We do not pick up from every hotel in London, just from a long list of the most popular hotels.

Nearly every popular chain hotel in Central London is on this list, (see link).

On the list the full address is stated plus the nearest Underground Station together with an indicative time slot when the bus will arrive at the hotel.

Relax in the hotel reception with your luggage ready to board when the bus arrives.

List Of Hotels For Heathrow Airport Coach Pickups

At Heathrow the coach only picks up from Heathrow hotels, not at passenger terminals where coaches are not allowed to pick-up passengers without going through a lengthy security process that makes the option not viable.

There are over 30 mainstream hotels around Heathrow that call themselves Heathrow hotels.

The bus picks up from the majority of the hotels along the main airport hotel strips but doesn't service a few of the remote hotels quite a long way from the airport. Note some of the hotel names may be misleading to you with regards proximity to the airport, e.g. the Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5 is miles from Terminal 5 and the hotel is thus not on the hotel pick-up list.

Most of the global chains have more than one hotel at Heathrow with each hotel serving different terminals which are miles apart from one another.

We have a thorough discussion of Heathrow hotels on our dedicated pages including locations.

Heathrow Hotels - A Briefing

Hotel Not On The List?

If your accommodation or arrival point in London is not on the the hotel pick-up list the most efficient way of finding out where the nearest pick-up point is located is to first find out where the nearest Underground Station is.

Each hotel on the hotel pick-up list has the nearest Underground Station to it listed, so you should very quickly find the short list of pick-up hotels in the vicinity. By using Google maps or similar you should be able to find the most convenient hotel for your needs.

Your alternative is just to use the facility linked on the banner right. We will normally come back to you with a personalised reply within 24 hours.

Booking Conditions and Payment

In order that we can guarantee your booking, you will need to make payment in full at time of reservation.

All cruise transfer/tours are booked are not subject to cancellation charges up to 42 days (6 weeks) prior to the the transfer/tour travel date.

If you are travelling with friends but have separate reservations please advise us to avoid the chance you may be allocated separate vehicles.

Harwich Cruise Ship Shuttle Service Prices & Ticketing

Cruise Shuttle In Reverse Direction - Harwich To London & Heathrow

Harwich Cruise Shuttle Service Prices & Ticketing

London's Railway Stations Including St Pancras For Pick-Ups

Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations (for trains from Paris) are adjacent and are popular arrival points in London. For pick-ups the Premier Inn Kings Cross hotel pick-up is down the eastern side of Kings Cross Station and the Pullman St Pancras hotel pick-up is about 200 yards west of St Pancras Station.

Other London railway stations that have hotels used for pick-ups and drops include the Hilton Paddington, Amba Hotel Charing Cross, Andaz Liverpool Street and Grosvenor Victoria hotel each of which form part of Paddington, Charing Cross, Liverpool Street and Victoria stations respectively.

The Ibis Euston hotel is down the west side of Euston Station and the Premier Inn Waterloo is adjacent to Waterloo Station.

Luggage Policy

The luggage allowance is 2 large cases per passenger (maximum 23kgs per case) plus 2 pieces of hand luggage (max 10kg per case). If you have more than this you must contact our office prior to travel.

We do not carry outsize items (eg bicycles) and you MUST inform us in advance if you have a wheelchair, mobility vehicle etc.

We are very interested in your anticipated luggage not from a perspective of hitting you with supplemental excess luggage charges but from the perspective of avoiding not having enough capacity in the luggage hold. Although the buses used are usually large touring buses like that pictured at the top of the page they were designed for the luggage carried by European travellers that tend to travel with no more than one large bag of 20kg (44lbs).

The cap on the number of passengers we book on a bus is driven by a simple equation assuming each passenger will be bringing no more than two large cases.

The Journey From London to Harwich

Cruise Ship Shuttle Bus
Cruise Bus Interior

The standard vehicles used are large comfortable air conditioned touring coaches like that pictured at the top of the page. We do not operate a system to reserve specific seats on the bus, there will be plenty of seats on boarding, just select the first empty seat that takes your eye.

The journey from London is along good motorway/freeway grade roads and there will be a break mid-journey along the way at a motorway/freeway services. There is a small supermarket as well as a good choice to have a coffee or bite to eat. There is obviously an opportunity here to pick up wine etc for your cruise but please do check any restrictions set by your cruise line on what you are allowed to bring on-board in this respect.

On arrival at Harwich cruise terminal disembark from the coach and walk into check-in, the porters will take your luggage from the coach. We plan to drop you at your cruise terminal around 13:00, just in time for lunch.

Vehicles & Scheduling - What To Expect

The cruise bus service has no minimum numbers and are guaranteed to run. The standard coaches used are 50 seat touring coaches on which we put a cap of 34 passengers travelling. The coaches are air conditioned coaches that are used on other days for sightseeing tours in and from London. The coaches do not have washrooms aboard but the longest leg on board the bus should not be more than 90 minutes.

Historically, the Harwich service has had wide variations between dates on travelling numbers. On many dates several vehicles will support a date. On a minority of dates if there are only a handful of passengers a 16 seat bus may be substituted.

Separate coaches are scheduled for Heathrow and Central London pick-ups, depending on numbers the coaches may stay separate or join one another.

For Groups Of 4 or More Its Cheaper to Charter Your Own Private Vehicle & Driver

Cruise Shuttle Bus From London

Around four passengers is about the break even point when it becomes more economic to charter your own private vehicle instead of using the cruise bus service.

For larger groups the savings become quite substantial. For groups of more than 35, luggage is going to be the major factor that determines whether you need more than one bus.

By chartering your own vehicle you also have the bonus of a direct point to point transfer with a departure time of your choosing. Travel time is quite erratic due to possible road congestion in and around London but plan on a minimum of 2 hours.

A popular feature of such charters is the flexibility of combining the transfer with some sightseeing. At Harwich the latest you will disembark your cruise ship is about 9 a.m. so if you have a late afternoon or evening flight such an option avoids killing time waiting for the flight at the airport.

Guides and driver guides are also available.

London - Harwich Private Group Transfers & Tour Transfers - More Details

Late Heathrow Flight Solution For Morning Disembarkatioons From Harwich Cruise Ships
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