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Southampton Cruise Ship Shared Transfer Buses 2016

Affordable shared buses offering door to door transport between your cruise ship, London hotel & Heathrow Airport

Southampton Cruise Bus Outside Southampton City Cruise Terminal

Cruise Bus at Southampton Cruise Terminal

Shared Transport Between Central London Hotels, Heathrow Airport & Cruise Terminals

London Hotels & Heathrow Airport to Southampton Cruise Ships

In the London to Southampton direction we run two services a direct service and a service that stops at Stonehenge with enough time to view this world famous monument..

Both services pick-up from over 200 hotels in Central London and most major Heathrow Airport hotels and will have you at check-in of your cruise ship early afternoon.

If you have labelled your luggage with the cruise ship labels the porters will take your main luggage direct from the coach luggage bay to your cabin while you walk into check-in with hand luggage.

Southampton Cruise Ships To London Hotels & Heathrow Airport

In the Southampton to London direction we offer two direct shuttle services to Heathrow Airport and Central London hotels operating non-stop direct. The other two services are full day tour transfers with early evening drops at Heathrow Airport or Central London hotels.

Most ships start disembarkation by 7 a.m. and the latest you will be away normally is 8:30 a.m.

In addition to the direct shuttle vans we offer two full day tour transfers with guiding visiting world class attractions before dropping you off at Heathrow Airport or your Central London hotel late afternoon/early evening.

On one tour you'll be driven in an air conditioned touring bus with time to fully visit Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. You also have the opportunity to visit Salisbury Cathedral.

In a memorable day on the second tour you will explore some of the sites from the hugely popular Downton Abbey Series (including Downton Village Downton Church and the Grantham Arms); followed by a stop in Burford (known as the Gateway to the Cotswolds) where you will enjoy a pub lunch ending with a visit to the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace.

Cruise Ships Supported in 2016

These services area available on all dates when a Royal Caribbean, Oceania, Celebrity, Princess, Azamara Quest and P&O Britannia cruise ship is in port at Southampton between late April and early November.

If you are travelling on another cruise line that is in port the same day as one of the above you can still use the cruise bus service but you will need to disembark and take a local taxi to another cruise terminal where a supported ship is docked.

No Cancellation Guarantee & Full Luggage Allowance

A key aspect for customers is that we guarantee to run these services. Once a date is made available the service is run even if there is just one customer. We also provide a full luggage allowance of two large cases.

Map of Southampton Cruise Shuttle Bus Routes
Southampton Cruise Ship Shuttles & Tour Transfers 2016

Services available all dates when Royal Caribbean, Crystal, Oceania, Celebrity and Princess cruise ships are visiting Southampton, plus P&O Britannia and Azamara Quest.

London to Southampton Direction
Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Southampton Direct Shared Van Shuttle - After pick-up from your London or Heathrow hotel you will be driven to your cruise ship at Southampton (Maximum 8 passengers)

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Southampton With Stop At Stonehenge After pick-up from your London or Heathrow hotel you will be driven in an air conditioned touring bus to your Southampton cruise ship with a stop of around 90 mins at world famous Stonehenge.

Southampton To London Direction
Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

London & Heathrow Direct Shared Van Shuttle - After pick-up from your cruise ship at Southampton you will be driven to your London or Heathrow hotel / passenger terminal (Maximum 8 passengers)

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Salisbury, Stonehenge & Windsor Tour Transfer - Visit 3 world class attractions in one day on your transfer to London or Heathrow. Arrives Heathrow around 5 p.m. and London hotels around 6 p.m.

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Downton Abbey Themed Tour Transfer - Visit film locations of the Downton Abbey TV series + Blenheim then to London or Heathrow. Arrives Heathrow around 6 p.m. and London hotels around 7 p.m.

We Pick-Up & Drop At Your Hotel & Cruise Terminal

The general aim of the cruise bus service is to provide an affordable quality and stress free service. We will pickup and drop customers at around 200 of the most popular hotels in the main hotel districts of Central London.

At Southampton you will be personally met as you come out of customs and baggage. For Southampton arrivals, as long as your baggage has been properly labelled porters will unload your luggage from the coach while you walk straight into check-in from the coach.

Heathrow Airport is on the way between Central London and Southampton and we service the airport too. Coming from Southampton the coaches will drop at any passenger terminal at Heathrow and most mainstream Heathrow hotels. In the opposite direction we can only pick-up from Heathrow hotels, not passenger terminals.

For Groups Of 6 or More Its Cheaper to Charter Your Own Private Bus & Driver

Cruise Shuttle Bus From London

Around six passengers is about the break even point when it becomes more economic to charter your own private vehicle instead of using the cruise bus service.

For larger groups the savings become quite substantial. For groups of more than 35, luggage is going to be the major factor that determines whether you need more than one bus.

By chartering your own vehicle you also have the bonus of a direct point to point transfer with a departure time of your choosing. Travel time is quite erratic due to possible road congestion in and around London but plan on a minimum of 2 hours.

A popular feature of such charters is the flexibility of combining the transfer with some sightseeing. At Harwich the latest you will disembark your cruise ship is about 9 a.m. so if you have a late afternoon or evening flight such an option avoids killing time waiting for the flight at the airport.

Guides and driver guides are also available.

London - Southampton Private Group Transfers & Tour Transfers - More Details

Visit Stonehenge or Windsor on your transfer to/from your Southampton Cruise Ship
Late Heathrow Flight Solution For Morning Disembarkatioons From Southampton Cruise Ships
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