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Southampton Cruise Transfers To/From Central London

Details of Independent Travel Between Southampton and Central London by public transport and private vehicle

Cruise Ship Southampton Ocean Cruise Terminal

Its about 80 miles (128 kms) between Southampton to the centre of London.

Between Southampton and Central London there is a wide choice of transport, both public transport and private hire, tour transfers and van shuttles.

If you do not want to take the expensive transport offered by the cruise line, these are your options:

The Cheapest Transfer Between Southampton and London

The cheapest option are the National Express scheduled buses. Full size 50 seat coaches with washrooms that travel between Central London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and Southampton.

The buses do not go to the cruise terminals, you will need a taxi between Southampton Bus Station and one of Southampton's four cruise terminals and they do not stop at hotels in London or the airports.

The coach station in London is at Victoria that may be far from your London hotel, London has no downtown district in the North American sense.

Your flight luggage allowance may well be larger than the luggage allowance on these coaches.

The Fastest Budget Transfer Between Southampton and London

The fastest budget option are the Southampton train services. Several trains an hour run between Southampton Central Station and London's Waterloo Station and a separate service runs to Gatwick Airport. There are no trains to Heathrow Airport.

Like the National Express buses you will need a taxi between Southampton Train Station that is very close to the Coach Station and one of Southampton's four cruise terminals.

Shared Shuttle Services & Transfer Tours

Offering door to door shared service between your hotel in London and the cruise terminal are the Southampton Cruise Bus Shuttles.

London Cruise Transfers Q&A

In both directions are direct shuttle services.

In the Southampton to London direction there are full day transfer tours. Southampton transfer tours are proper guided tours in a luxury touring coach visiting major attractions. one tour visiting Windsor Castle, Salisbury and Stonehenge before dropping you off at your hotel in London late afternoon/early evening, the other a Downton Abbey themed tour.

In the London to Southampton direction there is a half day service that visits Stonehenge. (see further details and links further down the page).

Private Cars, Vans & Coaches Door To Door

For the ultimate in convenience private cars/vans with driver offer door to door transfers at a time of your choosing. If you have a group there are vans, even large coaches available.

Cruise Bus Shuttles & Tours Between Southampton and London

Offering direct transport between your cruise ship and Central London hotels are dedicated cruise buses servicing individual cruise ships. In the direction to Southampton the bus takes a break at Stonehenge with time for you to visit this world famous monument.

In the Southampton to London direction there is a choice of a direct service or two full day guided tour transfers visiting Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor or a Downton Abbey theme tour transfer.

Map of Southampton Cruise Shuttle Bus Routes
Southampton Cruise Ship Shuttles & Tour Transfers 2016

Services available all dates when Royal Caribbean, Cunard, MSC, Crystal, Oceania, Celebrity and Princess cruise ships are visiting Southampton, plus P&O Britannia and Azamara Quest.

London to Southampton Direction
Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Southampton Direct - After pick-up from your London or Heathrow hotel you will be driven in an air conditioned touring bus direct to your cruise ship at Southampton

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Southampton With Stop At Stonehenge After pick-up from your London or Heathrow hotel you will be driven in an air conditioned touring bus to your Southampton cruise ship with a stop of around 90 mins at world famous Stonehenge.

Southampton To London Direction
Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

London & Heathrow non-stop - 2 non-stop separate services from cruise ship to Heathrow Airport and Central London hotels using 4-16 seater executive cars/minivans to ensure a speedy service.

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Salisbury, Stonehenge & Windsor Tour Transfer - Visit 3 world class attractions in one day on your transfer to London or Heathrow. Arrives Heathrow around 5 p.m. and London hotels around 6 p.m.

Southampton Cruise Bus - More Information

Downton Abbey Themed Tour Transfer - Visit film locations of the Downton Abbey TV series + Blenheim then to London or Heathrow. Arrives Heathrow around 6 p.m. and London hotels around 7 p.m.

Private Transfer Options Between Southampton and London

Private Cars Southampton -  London

Of course private cars and larger vehicles are available. You select what time you want to depart. Vehicles all the way from saloon/sedan cars to large coaches are available. Note, with cruise transfers, more often than not it is the amount of luggage that determines the size of vehicle required, not the number of passengers.

With a clear road, London to Southampton is about 2 hours but London's roads are congested. Its quite important you budget adequate contingency time . If the motorway is congested or there is an accident, alternative routes are much, much slower. Nearly all cruise ships have assisted disembarkation between about 7 a.m. and 08:30 a.m.

During weekdays, transfers into London and its airports have a high probability of road congestion delays at the tail end of the morning commuter traffic once you approach the Heathrow area and the turn-off for Gatwick.

Going towards Southampton its not so bad, but if you are travelling on a summer Saturday, the road down to Southampton can be at gridlock in the morning as half of London makes for the beaches.

Private Cars and Vans To/From Southampton - More Details

Visit Stonehenge or Windsor on your transfer to/from your Southampton Cruise Ship
Late Heathrow Flight Solution For Morning Disembarkatioons From Southampton Cruise Ships

National Express Coaches

National Express Coach

The cheapest option by scheduled public transport are coach services by National Express.

The National Express Coaches are much slower and much cheaper than the train services. They are modern air-conditioned buses with washrooms.

Unlike the trains there are true e-tickets available on-line. Significant for people on cruises is the luggage allowance, 2 cases neither of which should weigh more than 20kg (44lbs) before steep surcharges kick in.

The other critical aspect is that you may well spend more on getting to and from the bus station at Southampton and London Victoria than on the journey between Southampton and London. In London the bus terminates at Victoria Coach Station, quite a way from many of the hotel districts, this is the only stop, there are not stops at hotels or other locations.

National Express To/From Southampton - More Details

National Express Coaches Route Maps Southampton - London

Rail Map Between Southampton & London

Train Between Southampton and London

 London South West Train At Southampton

London Train At Southampton

On a good day with a clear road, a vehicle will make London to Southampton in under 2 hours. The trains between London Waterloo and Southampton take between 80 and 100 minutes.

There are no seat reservations on the trains, but unlike the National Express buses the amount of luggage you can carry on board is only limited by your ability to carry it, (don't expect any assistance).

The train station is very near Southampton Coach Station, so just like the National Express coaches you need a taxi between train station and cruise terminals.

The terminus in London for the train is London Waterloo on the south side of the River Thames.

Waterloo can be a long way from many hotels, there is a more exotic indirect route from Paddington Station in London, which may be much closer to your hotel avoiding a very tedious trek across London with luggage.

Southampton by Train - More Details

Train Route Maps Southampton - London

Rail Map Between Southampton & London

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