The Original London Tour now Tootbus

Hop-on hop-off open top double deck sightseeing bus tour of London

Tootbus Original London Tour Open Top Sightseeing Bus

Tour highlights: The Tootbus Original Tour has routes to major sights and free cruises

The Original Tour now Tootbus - panoramic and hop on, hop off ticket options

In summer 2021 The Original Tour changed their name to Tootbus. The bus livery has stayed the same with the iconic Union Jack embelished across the sides of their buses, so they are still easy to spot. Tootbus offer several programmes of tourist bus services in London. These are the traditional hop on hop off tickets for different durations, and also shorter family friendly panoramic tours, particularly geared toward children.

The shorter trips are non-stop and either 45 or 90 minutes long, and have been designed particularly with families in mind. The routes take in all the main highlights and the on-board commentary is delivered in a fun, child friendly way. These are also perfect for anyone a little short on time who just wants to be taken around the beautiful sights the capital has to offer.


Hop on, hop off bus safety measures during COVID-19

As the UK vaccination programme continues apace to combat Covid-19, London has reopened with very little in the way of restrictions. Hop on hop off bus services have also resumed. If you are worried, then travelling in the open air and distanced from other passengers will help ensure your experience is a safe one.


Tootbus, formerly Original Tour has introduced a number of measures to help reduce the risk of contact with Covid-19. They have also acquired the 'We're Good to Go' approval from Visit England as well as 'Safe Travels' globally recognised protocols. Check out this safety video to see what procedures have been put in place and what you can expect when services resume.

Discover London - non-stop 90-min tour

Enjoy a panoramic tour of London in just 90 minutes. This is a great way to see the city in the open-air, on a non-stop tour with on-board commentary. Adults from £20, Children (5-15) from £10, Family (2 adults + 2 children) from £50.

London tours for kids

This is a short 45 minute open-top bus tour of the city, designed specifically for kids. The on-board guide will give a fun introduction to the history of London as you pass major landmarks. This is a great way to see London in the open-air setting of the top of the London bus. Adults from £15, Children (5-15) from £8.

The London Bar Bus

This is a rooftop bar with a difference. Enjoy spectacular views of the city as you relax with a few drinks, all in the open-air. A lovely way to spend a summer evening. Adults only £25.


Book tickets for Tootbus new services for summer

Tootbus, formerly Original Tour hop-on hop-off

Over sixty years ago the company who ran London's red buses decided to create a special open topped conversion of some of London's famous double deck red buses and run them on a circuit of London's main attractions with the facility to hop on and hop off.

Today the Original London Tour now Tootbus is still going strong in London and has been refined to a sightseeing product so very popular with first time visitors to London.


Tootbus - The Original London Tour - what is included in your ticket:

Comparison table of London's hop-on bus prices 2022

Original London Tour Tickets

The Tootbus - Original London Tour deal

The Tootbus Original London Tour tickets

You can buy tickets for the Tootbus Original London Tour service in 24, 48 and 72-hour durations.

So, if you buy a 48-hour ticket, the ticket is valid 48 hours from the time you activate the ticket by boarding the bus.


The Tootbus Original London Tour also offer a separate product called the City Sampler, full details further down the page. This ticket is for one calendar day and is cheaper than the 24-hour ticket but you have no access to the river cruise or walking tours.


Tootbus Original Tour currently offer the cheapest prices on hop-on buses against the other two companies in London. This is especially true for family tickets where considerable savings can be made against the cost of buying two adult and two child tickets individually and compared with the other two providers.

Tootbus Original London Tour tickets - how it works

Tickets can be purchased on the day from staff at the bus stops or from hotel concierges and visitor centres or online in advance from the Tootbus Original London Tour official website (see banner link above.) All prices are the same.


If purchasing online, the payment is by credit/debit card at the time of purchase.

Tickets are flexible and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

You can either have the tickets e-mailed to you as a voucher, you can collect them in London or have them posted to you. If you opt for postal delivery there is an extra charge.


If you go for the most popular option having a voucher e-mailed to you, you print out the voucher and walk up to any Tootbus Original London Tour bus stop in London.


On boarding the bus or with the Tootbus Original London Tour representative at the bus stop you exchange your voucher for your Original London Tour tickets that start immediately.


Save money with Tootbus Original London Tour London

Tootbus Original London Tour + attraction combination tickets

You can save money during the ticket ordering process by purchasing tickets to major attractions like the London Eye and Madame Tussauds.


As well as saving money, the really popular attractions in London like these two have very long waiting lines so this option can save you time as well as money.

Original London Tour & Attraction Packages

Tootbus Original London Tour Windsor and Thames Boat Tour

Explore Windsor from two points of view with a hop-on hop-off bus tour combined with a cruise on the Upper River Thames. This package includes a 24-hour ticket on The Original Tour's sightseeing buses together with a 40-minute round-trip on the Thames.

Winter hop on hop off sightseeing tour promotions

In the winter months, November to March, historically all three London hop on hop off sightseeing services have offered a very good promotion along the lines of an extra day free or 2 days for the price of 1.


It is not guaranteed to happen, but as soon as one company starts offering this promotion the others follow suit.

So, if you are travelling outside the peak summer months, keep your eyes open for this promotion.

The Tootbus Original London Tour's City Sampler Ticket

The City Sampler ticket is a cheaper alternative to the 24-hour ticket. The difference is that the City Sampler is valid for for 1 calendar day, not 24 hours (the ticket expires at the end of the day that you ride).


You only have access to the Hop-on and hop-off bus services, not the river cruise or walking tours.


Original London Tour Tickets


Tootbus Original London Tour routes and buses

With your tootbus Original Tour ticket, you have access to 6 bus tour routes around London. The Yellow Route is the main tourist route, and as such offers the most frequent service, running every 5-20 minutes.


Evening service?

In common with all hop on sightseeing buses there is no evening service included in the standard ticket.


Free Wi-Fi

There is free Wi-Fi across the entire fleet of Original London Tour.


Changes to route services

Note, route changes happen relatively frequently and there are always events in London (especially Sundays) where roads are closed that impact on the operation of all the tours. So do check the Original London Tour website just prior to travelling which will highlight known issues in advance.

Service update- official OLT website


Main London tourist route - Yellow Route (T1 and T2)

Every 5-20 mins daily

On the T1 Yellow Route you'll enjoy live, English-speaking guides.

If you choose the T2 route instead of the live guide you'll get the Kids commentary and audio guided commentary in 11 languages, broadcast via complimentary headphones.


On other routes just the audio guides are made available.


Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Museums - Blue Route

Every 15-20 mins daily

The Blue Route covers the Kensington shopping district including Harrods and Harvey Nichols as well as popular museums like Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum.


Kings Cross Station and British Museum - Orange Route

Every 20-30 mins daily

The Orange Route is useful if you arrive into London at Euston station or King’s Cross St Pancras via the Eurostar. From here you're very close to the British Library, Chinatown, London's theatre-land and of course the British Museum.


Regents Park and Hyde Park (Madame Tussauds) - Red Route

Every 30-60 mins daily

The Red Route covers the key central areas of Hyde Park, Marble Arch and Regents Park. At Marble Arch you can swap between 4 more of OT's routes. Marble Arch is also close to Baker Street where you can access Madame Tussauds or find Sherlock Holmes’ house at 221B.


Bayswater and Holland Park hotel areas - Purple Route

Every 30-60 mins daily

The Purple Route is useful if you are staying in Bayswater, Notting Hill, Holland Park or Lancaster Gate. It connects with the Yellow Route at Marble Arch. For the full route map just click on our link above.


Early morning shuttle (8-9am) - Grey Route

Every 30 minutes daily

This route connects the main hotel districts with 4 more of the tour routes on Park Lane at Marble Arch. This route operates between 8am-9am, and is a great way to get to the main Yellow Route in the mornings.


Free river cruise with City Cruises

Enjoy a complimentary river cruise included in your Tootbus Original London Tour ticket.


City Cruises offers customers of Original London Tour a free cruise on the River Thames.

The cruise includes live commentary and enables you to see London and its attractions from a different perspective. Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare's Globe and the Tate Modern art gallery are some highlights that line the riverside. City Cruises depart from Westminster (Big Ben), Waterloo (London Eye) and Tower of London.

The River Cruise between Westminster Pier (Big Ben) and the Tower of London departure times vary, but are about every 20 minutes in the summer and every 30-40 minutes in the winter.


Note - if you purchase a 48 or 72-hour ticket you can extend your Thames river cruise to to Greenwich. However, because Greenwich is outside of the city, OT buses do not run to Greenwich. You need to take the Original Tour bus to Tower Hill and begin your Greenwich boat trip from Tower Pier.

City Cruises River Boat In Front Of The Tower Of London

Daily walking tours

OLT offer free walking tours, led by a friendly Original London Tour guide.


The Changing of the Guard walking tour is available every day at 10am.


The other two walking tours are daily

  • Rock n Roll London (1pm)
  • Jack the Ripper walk (4pm).

Each walking tour is around 90 minutes long and are spread throughout the day so you can access each if you wanted to.

  • 24-hr ticket = one walk included
  • 48-hr tickets = two walks included
  • 72-hr ticket = three walks included


Original London Tour Tickets


Big Bus v Tootbus (Original London Tour) v Golden Tours

Comparison of London's Sightseeing Buses

There are three London hop on hop off sightseeing buses all offering a very similar product in very similar buses. In terms of pricing you will notice from the table below, that costs can vary between the operators. Tootbus (Original Tour) currently offers the best deals on the 24 hour service, particularly on the family tickets, but is less competitive on the other durations.

In terms of London coverage all three HoHo sightseeing bus operations visit the same areas and all the main London attractions.

There is some difference in ticketing, some have their standard ticket on calendar days, some on 24-hour blocks.


Golden Tours also operates a one lap of the main sightseeing route product with no hop-on, hop-off facility for those who just want to get orientated with London, its layout and main sights.

There are differences in the walking tours offered, and two different river cruise operators are used.

Outside the core bus routes, each operator has their own unique differences which may sway one operator over another. Click through on the banner for a thorough discussion on the differences between companies.


Online advance ticket price adult/child/family


1 day‡
Bus only

or 1 day

or 2 days

or 3 days

Tootbus (Original Tour)






Big Bus






Golden Tours






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