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Prison, Fortress, Royal Palace and home of Crown Jewels

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Founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7 and enlarged and modified by successive sovereigns, today the Tower of London is one of the world's most famous and spectacular fortresses. In its time it has been a royal palace, a fortress, a prison, an armoury, a treasury and an astronomical observatory.


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Tower of London - what you will see

The major draws are the Crown Jewels and the history associated with the Tower's role as a prison for major figures in history, prior to for many a public hanging. Plus also the Beefeaters (guards) dressed in distinctive uniform and Ravens provide classic photo opportunities. The Beefeaters perform the very well received introductory tours of the Tower of London.

Once in the Tower of London check out the next time of the one hour guided tour by a costumed Beefeater. These run normally every half-hour throughout the day from soon after opening to mid/late afternoon and are highly recommended.

The Tower's greatest attraction, the Crown Jewels, are housed in the White Tower. You will normally have to wait in long lines to view the Jewels so try and get there early. Even if you have a skip the line ticket you will still have to queue here like everyone else.


At the Crown Jewels exhibition you will see some of the world's most precious jewels set into swords, robes, and of course crowns. The Imperial State Crown is still used today by the Queen of England for ceremonial occasions.

Tower of London Fast Track Tickets


Many of the rest of the main attractions are associated with the Tower's history with legendary figures imprisoned and/or executed here. The Tower Green at the heart of the Tower has the scaffolding where some private executions and hangings took place.


Three of them were queens of England: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, wives of Henry VIII, and Lady Jane Grey - condemned on the orders of her cousin Mary I.


The gate exiting out directly to the river is known as 'Traitors' Gate' because of the number of prisoners accused of treason who are supposed to have passed through it.


The Bloody Tower was where some of the Tower's most famous prisoners were housed. It may have been the last lodging of the 'Princes in the Tower' before their mysterious disappearance in the 15th century, and is today furnished to look as it might have done during Sir Walter Raleigh’s 13-year imprisonment here.

The Tower of London is good for kids, they can romp around the battlements providing an ideal mix of fun and education. It is very hard to give an average time people take to visit, safe to set aside 2 to 3 hours perhaps.


Tower of London - opening times and location

Tudor Houses at Tower of London

The Queen's House: Tower of London

Most visitors spend in the region of 2-3 hours inside the Tower of London.


Opening times

The Tower of London is open to visitors:

Tuesday to Saturday - 9-4.30pm (an hour later March to October).

Sunday and Monday - 10-4.30pm (an hour later March to October).

Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.



The Tower of London is located in the City Of London, the old walled part of London and now the business district of London. The Tower of London is by the River Thames and it was originally part of the city walls protecting the city from hostiles coming along the river from the sea. Tower Bridge is located next to the Tower of London. Notable mainstream attractions within walking distance are The Monument and The Shard.


Beefeater at Tower of London

Beefeaters: Tower of London

Nearest Underground station

Tower Hill Underground Station (District and Circle Lines) are directly opposite the Tower of London. Tower Hill DLR Station and Fenchurch Street Railway Station are also very close to the Tower of London.


Hop-on, hop-off buses & river Services

All of London's hop on, hop off sightseeing buses cross Tower Bridge and stop in front of the Tower of London. Tower Pier is on the river immediately in front of the Tower of London and the river services, especially routes to the London Eye and Westminster are very popular and rewarding. The Hop on Hop Off sightseeing buses include these river routes in their tickets.


Worth knowing

Tower Bridge in front of the Tower of London is still a working bridge and in the summer months can open up to 5 or 6 six times a day, though openings are erratic and the bridge may not open for several days. You can get the times and days Tower Bridge opens from the Tower Bridge official website.


Tower of London - tickets

Tickets are straight forward with concessions for children, seniors and family tickets.


Your ticket includes access to the Tower and the Crown Jewels display, exhibitions including Coins and Kings and Line of Kings, plus the Yeoman Warder guided tour, live historical re-enactments, White Tower tour and children's activity trails.


Audio guides are available for a fee in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Mandarin).

Tickets purchased in advance on-line are cheaper than tickets purchased on the day.

Third parties also sell discounted tickets at prices below the on-line price from the official website (see banner link below).

The main queues are not to enter the Tower of London, but to access the Crown Jewels after you gain entry.

For the most streamlined visit prepurchase your tickets and be at the entrance at opening time.

Tower of London Fast Track Tickets


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Royal Palaces in London

Other royal palaces and castles in and around London include:

Buckingham Palace: has served as the official London residence of Britain's sovereigns since 1837. Today it is the administrative headquarters of the Queen and is the main venue for the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Kensington Palace: A rich royal history. Kensington Palace can boast of being the birth place of Queen Victoria and the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, not to mention being the home of a host of Georgian monarchs and royalty including Princess Diana who have all left their mark on this impressive Palace. Explore the vast state apartments which contain an array of beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Windsor Castle: Windsor Castle is one of three official residences of The Queen and has been home to the Sovereign for over 900 years. The Queen would call Windsor Castle her home.

The Castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world and the oldest in continuous occupation. The imposing towers and battlements of the Castle loom large from every approach to the town, creating one of the world's most spectacular skylines.

Hampton Court: For almost 200 years, Hampton Court Palace was at the centre of English court life, politics and national history. Its most infamous resident was Henry VIII.

Today Hampton Court is an easy day trip for all visitors to London in vast grounds next to the River Thames.

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Railways 2 for 1 Promotion - The railways 2 for 1 entrance promotion is valid at the Tower of London with the printed voucher and a qualifying railway ticket. However, the promotion is only for the walk-up tickets with the longest wait times and is sometimes withdrawn for peak periods.


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Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Adjacent to the Tower of London is Tower Bridge. If you visit the Tower of London, you will also admire Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. It is famous with good reason, a truly unique and memorable spectacle.


Appearances are deceptive, the appearance of the bridge is in harmony with the Tower of London, but the bridge is not ancient like the Tower of London, it was built only about 120 years ago.

The bridge is not a museum piece it still performs its originally function of providing a public road across the River Thames and letting tall ships pass through. As a pedestrian you can walk across the bridge at any time, there are no tolls or fees. All of the popular hop on, hop off sightseeing buses cross Tower Bridge before stopping at the Tower of London.

The bridge still opens to let shipping through, the central part of the highway between the towers of the bridge lifting up.


Tower Bridge only opens when a ship has reserved an opening at a specific time, it doesn't open to a regular schedule. By the nature of this arrangement openings are irregular, it may open 5 or 6 times one day then not open at all for several days. The bridge can open at any time.


The Tower Bridge Exhibition

Once you have seen the bridge, it is so different to anything else you have witnessed you may well be eager to learn more.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is actually located within Tower Bridge itself. Not only do you learn everything there is worth knowing about Tower Bridge, its history, how it was built and operates etc you also explore the inside of the bridge.

The highlight is undoubtedly the high level walkways right at the top of the bridge. These were originally designed so pedestrians could cross the bridge even when the bridge was lifting and closed to vehicles. As you can imagine there are great views from up here.

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