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LEGOLAND Windsor - How to Get to There from London

Your Guide to LEGOLAND by Car, Public Transport or Private Hiring of Bus for Stopover

Green Line Bus Between London & Legoland

Green Line Bus Between London & Legoland

Summary Of Main Public Transport Routes To Legoland

From London

The main choices for visiting LEGOLAND Windsor from Central London are train from London Paddington or Waterloo to Windsor followed by a local bus or Legoland shuttle from Windsor to Legoland, or the Greenline bus running direct from London Victoria to LEGOLAND.


From Heathrow Airport

Public buses run from Heathrow Airport to Windsor, taking about an hour from where you can interconnect with another bus or the Legoland shuttle to Legoland.

A private car will take 20 minutes or so direct to Legoland from Heathrow and for families is probably a better option even for those on a budget. (Prices see bottom of page).

Windsor - The Gateway To Legoland From Everywhere by Public Transport

Legoland Windsor is located on the outskirts of Windsor about a couple of miles from Windsor Castle and the two Windsor train stations.

Whichever public transport option you take to Legoland, even the direct London to Legoland bus service you will pass through Windsor and pass Windsor Castle itself.

When Legoland is open there is a special Legoland shuttle bus that runs between the two Windsor railway stations, Windsor Castle and Legoland. There is also a public bus service that runs through Windsor and stops at Legoland on its way to its destination, Bracknell. This service runs all year round.

Map of Public Transport Between Windsor and London

Train London Waterloo or Paddington Stations To Windsor

There are two railway stations in Windsor, and a choice of railway lines from London. The fastest option is from London's Paddington Station that terminates at Windsor Central. The other railway is from London's Waterloo station, terminating at Windsor Riverside Station.

The Paddington train requires a change of train at Slough, where you catch a branch line train to Windsor. Despite this its slightly faster than the Waterloo train. However, if you are staying close to Waterloo the Waterloo train is probably your best bet.

You cannot use London transport passes like Oyster or Travelcard on these trains.

You can buy day return (round trip tickets) from London and Monday to Friday you will pay a premium if you travel before about 9:30 a.m.

For timetables and fares use the Trainline facility below.

The Trainline - timetables and ticketing for UK railways

LEGOLAND Shuttle Bus Between Legoland and Windsor

The Legoland shuttle operates on days when Legoland is open.

Buses are not run by Legoland but by a local bus company for profit for which you have to buy a ticket.

The shuttle buses run at least every 30 minutes. In Windsor there are two bus stops. One bus stop is between the two railway stations opposite the Theatre Royal, the other is outside Windsor Paris Church.

For those arriving by train from Paddington at Windsor Central Station walk out to the castle, where you turn right and Windsor Parish Church is about 200 yards up the road on the left past the Guildhall jutting out into the road. For those arriving at Riverside Station, walk up to the castle and the Theatre Royal is about 300 yards just as you begin to climb the hill by the castle walls.

Windsor & Legoland Green Line Bus from London

Although most independent visitors to Windsor from London will take one of the two train lines from London to Windsor, road based bus is an option. The service may be of particular interest to those with a hotel in the Victoria or Kensington High Street area through which the bus passes.

The Green Line Bus starts at London Victoria and makes its way out of London along the M4 motorway passing Heathrow Airport, but not stopping there. The Green Line Bus terminates well beyond Windsor, most buses out of London will be signed to Bracknell.

After making a stop at Windsor, the Green Line Bus continues its journey to LEGOLAND just a few miles outside Windsor. This is the only direct transport from Central London to LEGOLAND itself.


Note: The terminus at Victoria is at the Green Line Bus Station, not the bus station in front of the railway station for the red London buses. The Green Line Coach Station is 5 minutes' walk down Buckingham Palace Road that runs besides Victoria Rail Station.


Since most passengers will be leaving in the morning for LEGOLAND, this is their premium time and the fares are more expensive (but still represent good value) accordingly. Fares after 12 p.m. are considerably cheaper.


For families a Group Day Return is available, for either two adults and two children or one adult and three children.


If you have a return ticket to LEGOLAND, you can also stop off at Windsor on the way back, if you have time.

Green Line Bus Service - Timetables & Fares


Local Buses Between Heathrow & Windsor

The buses going direct to Windsor from Heathrow start at Terminal 5 on the western side of Heathrow, the closest terminal to Windsor.

Heathrow - Windsor Bus

Heathrow - Windsor Bus

The Piccadilly Line of the London Underground terminates at Terminal 5 as does the Heathrow Express train from London's Paddington Station.

You can use the Heathrow Express free between Terminals 2 and 3 to Terminal 5 and there are free buses between Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 too.

Journey time to Windsor on the bus is just under an hour so for most people going onto Legoland, a private car is preferred (see below) and will only take around 20 minutes.

Private Transport to/from Windsor & Legoland from London & Heathrow

Below is a 'toolkit' of prices where you can work out how much a Windsor or Legoland by private vehicle and driver may cost.

A firm price can be obtained by using the enquiry/quotation form below.

We can of course just purchase a simple one-way journey but most people require a return journey, not always to the same locations.

We also offer an optional facility where we can store your luggage whilst you are visiting Legoland or Windsor.

We can provide vehicles of all sizes from a sedan size car to 72 seat touring coach.

Indicative Pricing For Private Transport To Windsor or Legoland

(Price Per Vehicle)

Number of People

1 To 3 People

4 To 7 People

4 To 8 People

9 To 16 People

Max Number Cases






E Class Mercedes

Mercedes Van


Small Bus

Airport Components
Meet & Greet In Airport





Windsor Components

Luggage Storage Per Vehicle





Heathrow - Windsor (15 mins)





London Hotel - Windsor





London Hotel - Heathrow





Gatwick - Windsor (60 mins)





Prices above are for vehicle, driver and include taxes. They do not include any admission charges at attractions

This is for driver only service, guiding options available on request.

Example Prices (Per Vehicle Using A Mercedes E Class Car)

Meet Flight at Heathrow, visit Windsor, no luggage, return to Heathrow Terminal

Meet & Greet Heathrow - £10

Heathrow to Windsor - £30

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £70

Pickup London Hotel, visit Windsor, luggage storage, return to Heathrow Terminal

London to Windsor - £65

Luggage Storage Windsor - £20

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £115

Meet Flight Gatwick, visit Windsor, luggage storage, return to Heathrow Hotel

Meet & Greet Gatwick - £10

Gatwick to Windsor - £90

Luggage Storage Windsor - £20

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £150

Legoland Windsor Private Transfer Quotation / Enquiry Form

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Quotations are based on the number of passengers and amount of luggage you state below.

If you are a large group or have more than one case per person, please expand on this in the comments section so the appropriate vehicle is quoted for.

If you want a particular vehicle please state this in the comments section.

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If you do not receive the acknowledgement the most common reason is that it is in a spam facility you have installed. The next most common reason is that your email address has been entered incorrectly.

If you do not receive a quotation within a day or so please follow up using the contact us menu choice at the top of the page. This facility links to your own email programme ensuring the email address on the communications are always correct.