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River Thames Boat Service Westminster – Hampton Court 2016

Author: Bob Handford
This not very well publicised river boat service has been operating for many, many years.

The service runs in the summer months only from April until the end of October.

The thought of arriving at Hampton Court by the river just like the main Kings and Queens who used Hampton Court is a very attractive idea.
Unfortunately the logistics of the river journey all the way do not fit in too well with a full visit to Hampton Court as the river journey takes a full three hours.
If you want to visit Hampton Court \’properly\’ its probably best if you go down to Hampton Court first thing by train from Waterloo, the other side of the Thames from Westminster Pier where the boats start from in Central London.

In 2016, there are 2  daily departures from Westminster at 11 a.m. and midday.
The return boats to London depart Hampton Court Palace at 3.p.m and 4 p.m.

The other main destination the boat visits is Kew Gardens, which is half way between Westminster and Hampton Court.
Kew Gardens is also on the District Line of the Underground

The boats used are not the biggest river boats on the Thames, the largest able to carry about 200 people. They have basic catering facilities.

The departure point in London is Westminster Pier, next to Westminster Bridge with Big Ben towering above. There is an exit from Westminster Underground Station direct to the pier.
Its a pleasant enough journey with an ever changing tapestry of river life from the inner city to near countryside by the time you get to Hampton Court.

Sailing Schedule & Fares Westminster - Kew - Hampton Court Palace 2016

Westminster to Hampton Court River Service – Full timetables & Fares


Alternative Richmond - Hampton Court Palace River Service 2016

A shorter and more frequent river service to Hampton Court runs from Richmond.
Richmond is at the end of the District Line of the London Underground and there are also frequent trains from London’s Waterloo Railway Station.

The river journey is scheduled at 1 hour 45 mins between Richmond and Hampton Court.

Richmond to Hampton Court River Service – Full timetables & Fares


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Comments & Questions

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Normally I\’ll gte back to you within 24 hours

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  • Rachel

    Hi, can we take a picnic to have on the boat and can we also take alcoholic drinks if we wish (nothing much, just a glass of wine or a g&t)? We will be doing the round trip to Hampton court

    • Bob

      I don’t think they’ll mind food, but I suspect alcoholoc drinks they may have an issue with

      Contact them direct for an authorative response at their web sites linked above.

  • Amy Green

    Is there a cheaper way of doinhg the trip than pay £20 return from Westminster to Hampton Court

    • Bob

      It depends where you are traveling from.

      Most people would take the train to Hampton Court, the trains start at London’s Waterloo Station and you can use Oyster cards on these trains
      If you bought a return train ticket to Hampton Court these would qualify you for the railways 2 for 1 promotion that Hampton Court supports

      If you want to specifically go by boat in one direction there are shorter, more frequent services between Hampton Court and Richmond

  • Mark Harris

    Please don’t mislead people about 1st class travel on Gatwick Express. There is no longer a trolley service. There is absolutely no difference in the quality of seating, access to power points or anything else on the new GE. You do get minuscule antimacassars though. Govia (the parent company) is mis-selling this product. It’s a disgrace.

  • Alan Green

    When will the 2016 schedule for the ferry from Hampton court to westminster be available?
    Is it ever cancelled because of tidal conditions?

    • Bob

      Normally they are quite late publishing the schedule – sometimes not publishing until March just before the service starts
      If its important to you, you can contact the boat company direct at:

  • George Hart

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I plan to go in April but I need to work out logistics and thought you might know whether it’s possible to get the the boat dierctly from Kew Gardens to Hampton Court. If yes, it would be a great help to know the departure times as soon as possible (or are these variable?).

    Many thanks,


    • Bob

      The boat from Westminster to Hampton Court stops at Kew Gardens, this year there was only one boat a day leaving Kew at around midday but in prior years there was sometimes two services
      There are more frequent services between Richmond and Hampton Court via Kingston

      The web site of the company operating is linked below

  • George Hart


    Can you also get the boat dierctly from Kew Gardens to Hampton Court? If so, what are the departure times?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Bob

      The Kew Gardens to Hampton Court river boat is a summer only service so no boats until next April.

  • Bob

    Train from Wimbledon to Clapham Junction, train then to Richmond, then Train or Underground to Kew

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Hi Bob my friends and i are going to Hampton court palace on thursday 10/9/15, we are staying in Wimbledon and plan to get the boat from kew to Hampton Court, What is the easiest way from wimbledon to Kew? we then plan to get a train back into the city from Hampton court. is all of this possible please. thank you.

    • Bob

      Train from Wimbledon to Clapham Junction, train then to Richmond, then Train or Underground to Kewr

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