ATTENTION: Coronavirus (COVID-19) in London and the UK

The Coronavirus is an evolving situation that is affecting all areas of life. As a London and UK focussed site, we will try to keep you as up to date on all the issues that affect the visitor to London as we can. We have advice on what attractions are currently closed, what to do if your attraction is closed and you have booked tickets, travel restrictions and government advice on the outbreak. We recommend that you follow the reputable news sites and UK Government pages specifically for the most up to date advice on visiting the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 1 June 2022

There are currently no covid related restrictions in place in England. Mask wearing is advised but not mandatory on public transport in London.

Should you feel unwell and can stay at home you should. If you cannot then minimise contact with others (especially anyone vunerable) until you feel better. England and the UK has moved to a learning to live with Covid approach now vaccinations are available and effective.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 4 February 2022

As recently as 26 January, England relaxed its coronavirus measures. Face coverings are still required in health and care settings, including hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies. They are also required on public transport in London. Some shops are also asking customers to wear face masks, but other than the above they are no longer mandatory, only recommended in busy places.

From 11 February 2022, fully vaccinated travellers (two doses) and under-18's will no longer need to take a Lateral Flow test two days after arrival in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. All passengers will need to fill in a passenger locator form. Travellers who are not fully vaccinated will have to show proof of a negative Covid test taken two days before they travel, and still take a post-arrival PCR test on day two. They wont need to self isolate unless the two day test is negative.

To qualify as vaccinated, non-UK travellers must have received their jabs in a country or territory with approved proof of vaccination. This covers most countries in the world.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 31 August 2021

Currently the UK is living with the virus. Due to the vaccination programme, it has been possible (at present) for the UK to remove all of its restrictions. There are though still recommended restrictions in place, these include social distancing in crowded places where possible, mask wearing and isolating if you show symptoms of covid.

The UK currently runs a traffic light system for travel so it is essential to check your country of origin's position on the list before coming to London to understand if you are able to travel or will need to quarantine on arrival.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 24 February 2021

On 22 February 2021, the UK updated its roadmap out of lockdown. This roadmap set out a series of dates by which certain activities will be permitted again. As the vaccine roll-out has gone so well and is continuing to move at pace, it is believed the following dates are acceptable targets for re-opening the UK. The opening up will be driven by data not dates, so none of these dates should be viewed as set in stone. They will change if certain conditions are not met.


8 March: School and college students in all year groups go back from 8 March. Additionally, outdoor after-school sports and activities also allowed to restart.


29 March: The rule of six, alongside a two-household rule will be in force. Outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis, basketball courts and golf courses will also be able to reopen.


Not earlier than 12 April: Pubs and restaurants to reopen outdoors with the rule of six or new two-household rule. Non-essential retail, hairdressers/barbers and nail salons reopen, as will gyms, zoos, theme parks and self-contained holiday accommodation.


Not earlier than 17 May: Gatherings of up to 30 people will be permitted outdoors. Rule of six and two-household rule will apply indoors. Pubs, restaurants, cinemas, children’s play areas, hotels and B&Bs will re-open. Some large events will be able to take place, including sports events, conferences, theatre and concert performances.


No earlier than June 21: Legal limits on social contact will be lifted from 21 June.


The above is the roadmap, but things can obviously change and dates could well be pushed back. It is still unclear on when International travel will be allowed, but it looks likely this will not be until after May 17 at the earliest and more likely in June.


At this stage we feel it is best to direct you to the current government advice on Coronavirus. This page is constantly updated and will detail all the rules in place.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated January 2021

On 5 January 2021, the UK once again entered a national lockdown. This means that only essential shops remain open and everyone who can, must work from home. You are only allowed out for essential journey's like buying food. Attractions will be closed.

The lockdown has no official end date other than February half-term for schools, which means the lockdown will last for at least 6-7 weeks.

During this lockdown, the UK will be administeering the vaccine across all vunerable groups and it is hoped this will allow the country to start the process back to some kind of normality in Spring.

At this stage we feel it is best to direct you to the current government advice on Coronavirus. This page is constantly updated and will detail all the rules in place.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated November 2020

As winter approaches, cases of Coronavirus are increasing again in the UK and Europe. In the UK there have been a series of recent interventions designed to help slow down infection rates and try to prevent a full lockdown of the country again, as seen in March. Most recently these included a tiered system of restrictions based on which area of the country you are in and its rate of infection.

On 5 November, England once again went into lockdown. This means that attractions and destinations are mostly closed with only essential shops and services remaining open. This second lockdown lasts from 5 November to 2 December 2020.

The other countries in the UK also have their own restrictions in place.

At this stage we feel it is best to direct you to the current government advice on Coronavirus. This page is constantly updated and will detail all the rules in places for each tier of the system and for the England lockdown.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 4 July 2020

Today marks a major step-forward in the easing of lockdown measures in the UK. Although countries within the UK are easing measures at different rates, England is moving forward with its measures that affect London and some of the main areas we focus on.

Over the last month or so various easing measures have taken place, including allowing small groups of people to meet up outside (still socially distanced) and other non-essential retail shops to reopen. Today pubs and restaurants are allowed to reopen too. Other UK attractions are now also either opening their doors to visitors or preparing to open soon.

Even with the reopening there will still be rules and restrictions in place. Everything must follow government guidelines. The social distance guideline has reduced from 2m to 1m+. This reduction is what has allowed a lot of places of business to reopen. You will also be asked for contact details to help with track and trace too. Do not expect things to be as they were, it will be a different experience with various measures in place.

Key points:

It is now possible to visit various attractions and follow the standard guidelines of good hand hygiene, social distance and where applicable the wearing of face masks. Outside attractions are more likely to be open than indoor ones initially.

All public transport requires the use of a face mask.

When booking please do check carefully that the attraction is open, what measures are in place to protect you and what you will be expected to do to help protect yourself and others.

As more and more attractions reopen, we will be able to advise on how tour operators are adapting to providing the same great experiences for you, whilst keeping you as safe as possible.

Coronavirus and the current situation in the UK

Updated 24 March 2020

London and the UK is now in a state of lock down with only the essential shops still open - food retailers, pharmacies, hardware stores, corner shops, petrol stations, shops in hospital, post offices, banks, newsagents, laundrettes and pet shops.

Only absolute essential journeys are allowed - to buy food, look after vunerable, for critical workers getting to and from work. One exercise outing per day is allowed but no groups of people and social distancing must be adhered to.

Updated 23 March 2020

With pubs, cafes, gyms, restaurants and attractions now closed, further social distancing is in effect and only essential journeys should be taken. At the weekend people still flocked to open spaces like beaches and parks. It is envisioned that further lock-down measures will come into effect if large groups of people continue to share the same spaces. The government is currently asking everyone that can, to work from and stay at home and any at risk group to completely isolate.

Updated 20 March 2020

Yesterday and today has seen more closures as the city reacts to a continued increase in cases. The Queen has been forced to leave Buckingham Palace and return to Windsor and self-isolate. The major Royal Palaces and residences are closed and today Merlin closed their attractions too. This means London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons, Kensington Palace and Tower of London are all closed. Virtually all major and minor attractions in London and the wider UK are now closed.

Updated 19 March 2020

There are new measures being introduced across the transport network of London. A partial shutdown of the London Underground begins today with up to 40 stations that do not interchange with other lines being closed until further notice.

The Waterloo and City line is going to shut completely from Friday and the night tube services that run on Friday and Saturday nights are being suspended.

Late services will continue to run for essential journeys on both tube and overgound and bus services will continue through the night.

It is advised that people should not be travelling by any means unless it is absolutely essential and avoid using public transport where possible.

Nearly all the major museums and galleries in the capital have now shut down and the goverment decided to close all schools from this Friday.

Updated 18 March 2020

Continuing from the advice given yesterday and on previous days (see below) there are more closures happening all the time.

Last night Stonehenge closed until 1 May, English Heritage and National Trust have said that they are closing sites but where possible sites with wide open spaces will try to remain accessible, so although the indoor spaces will be closed, they feel people will need outdoor spaces and can therefore keep observance of social distancing measures.

The Tate galleries, British Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum have now all closed.

The West End shows has now shut down so that is in relation to the theatres in the district.

Cinemas are also closed.

Updated 17 March 2020

New advice from the government asks that everyone should stop non-essential contact with others, particularly important for over 70's, those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women.

People should avoid places like pubs, clubs and theatres, applying especially to those in London. People should stop all unnecessary travel.

As attractions and tour operators react to this new advice we will update our page to reflect any closures.

The hop-on-hop-off buses around London have decided to cease service today, joining Warner Bros. Studios' decision yesterday.

Updated 16 March 2020

Currently the government has not enforced any closures on the UK. It is likley that mass gatherings will though shortly be banned which will affect major sporting events and other events for the short-term future.

Attractions themselves are currently still open with the main exception being Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. This was a choice by the studio itself. Other companies may make the same choice and we will update this page specifically with regard to what is still open as we learn more.

Updated 23 March 2020

The Uk has been put into lockdown. All attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops etc are closed except for providing essential services like food and medication.

A very small number of flights into London are operating. Very limited public transport is operating.

Nobody is allowed to travel outside their residence unless it is essential.

Updated 8th June 2020

A two-week quarantine period for anyone arriving in the UK will be enforced from 8 June.

Passengers arriving in the UK by plane, ferry or train - including UK nationals - will have to provide an address where they will remain for 14 days.

Limited relaxation of lockdown with some schools resuming

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