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Our guide to accommodation types and London's hotel areas

Hotels in London
London offers a wide range of historic hotel buildings

Many factors will shape your decision on where to stay in London. It’s a big city that is spread out to several neighbourhoods bursting with hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, apartments and even homestays. There is no “Downtown” hotel area in the north American sense. London's hotel areas are grouped under 12 headings which you can read in detail below.

On this page, we have grouped London accommodation options under many categories so you can quickly and efficiently pinpoint a shortlist that meets your individual wants and needs.

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Hotel areas in central London

We have grouped central London hotel areas in 12 headings for you, highlighting the main characteristics of the location. You can see the map below to get a better understanding of their locations.

Bayswater hotels in London


• Budget • Good value

A budget hotel district with outstanding value hotels. Good position next to Hyde Park and close to Paddington Station. Has a large local community so very good for everyday needs and restaurants.

See Bayswater hotels

Bloomsbury hotels in London


• Mid-range • Luxury

On the edge of the West End with Covent Garden and Leicester Square within walking distance. British Museum is in heart of district. Mostly mid-range and 4-star hotels. Ideal for theatre breaks.

See Bloomsbury hotels

Hotels near Canary Wharf in London

Canary Wharf

• Mid-range • Business

To the east of the centre of London, Canary Wharf is one of the main financial districts. Redeveloped in the 1980s every building is new including hotels built around the waterfronts of the old West India Docks.

See Canary Wharf hotels

City of London hotels

City of London

• Mid-range • Luxury • Business

London's main business area dominated by financial institutions. Not normally favoured by leisure travellers because of expense. However, at weekends bargains can be found around the Tower of London.

See City of London hotels

County Hall & Waterloo hotels in London

County Hall & Waterloo

• Mid-range • Luxury

On the south bank of the Thames an area much improved in the last decade and now a great place for visitors. Hotels beginning to take hold but no great variety, mostly 3 and 4 stars.

See County Hall & Waterloo hotels

Euston hotels in London


• All ranges • Mainline train station

Dominated by Euston Station with trains to the north-west/midlands of England and North Wales & Scotland. Good range of accommodation around the station area. Tends to be cheaper at weekends.

See Euston hotels

Kensington hotels in London


• Bed & breakfast • Luxury

Just west of central London. Price and number of stars decrease as you go west. From exclusive Knightsbridge (Harrods), through to cheap B&B at Earl's Court. Good location to stay if travelling to Heathrow.

See Kensington hotels

Kings Cross & St Pancras hotels in London

Kings Cross & St Pancras

• Budget • Mainline train stations

One of the best value budget areas to stay in central London. An area of B&B hotels directly opposite the stations with low prices and above average standards. London terminus of Eurostar.

See Kings Cross & St Pancras hotels

London City Airport, Docklands and ExCel hotels in London

London City Airport & Docklands

• Mid-range • Luxury • Business

Part of the Docklands redevelopment area to the east of London a number of hotels around the waterfront of the old docks serve the ExCeL Exhibition Centre, City Airport and the O2 Arena.

See Docklands hotels

Paddington hotels in London


• Budget • Mainline train station

Terminus of the Heathrow Express and trains to West Country & Wales. On the edge of Hyde Park and less than 1km from Oxford Street. All grades of hotel but biased towards budget accommodation.

See Paddington hotels

Regent's Park hotels in London

Regent's Park

• All ranges

Relatively large area encompassing Marylebone, Baker Street, Camden Town and Swiss Cottage. Handy for visitors using Luton and Stansted airports. The hotels here are dispersed over a wide area.

See Regent's Park hotels

Victoria hotels in London


• All ranges • Mainline train station

Close to most attractions and direct public transport to all of London's airports. Some cheap B&B behind the station, otherwise mostly above average priced hotels. Very convenient if you use Gatwick Airport.

See Victoria hotels

The West End of London: Leicester Sq, Mayfair & Marble Arch

The centre of the entertainment and shopping districts. Dominated by large expensive 4- and 5-star chain hotels. Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Mayfair are detailed below or see our detailed West End area guide.

Leicester Square & Covent Garden hotels in London

Leicester Sq & Covent Garden

• Luxury • Entertainment • Shopping

Just north of Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Covent Garden is where you will find good shopping areas, most of the West End theatres and much of the nightlife in central London.

Leicester Sq & Covent Garden hotels

Mayfair & Piccadilly hotels in London

Mayfair & Piccadilly

• Luxury • Entertainment • Shopping

Mayfair is located in the west of West End and Piccadilly is along its southern edge. Mayfair is perhaps the most exclusive area to stay in London and Piccadilly is great for upmarket shopping.

Mayfair & Piccadilly hotels

Oxford Street & Marble Arch hotels in London

Oxford Street & Marble Arch

• Mid-range • Luxury • Shopping

Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street for the mass market with most UK chains available. Hotels are located particularly around Marble Arch and are relatively cheaper than central West End.

Oxford Street & Marble Arch hotels

See central London's hotel neighbourhoods on the map

Hotel chains in central London

London offers a wide range of trusted hotel chains across various categories of accommodation. Chain hotels often do not have star ratings, so to make it easy, we have grouped them into budget and luxury hotels. A chain hotel often gives you the familiarity of standards and service you have experienced before, helping to take the guess work out of booking your London accommodation.

Budget chain hotels

Full-service luxury hotel chains

Types of accommodation in London

Hotels in London


Budget bed & breakfasts, mid-range and luxury hotels to suit every budget.

Holiday apartments in London


Fully-furnished, self-catering accommodation options for short-term lettings.

Backpacker hostels in London

Backpacker hostels

A wide range of dormitory-style accommodation aimed at the young and young at heart.

airbnb hotels in London


Airbnb offers something for every need and budget in all areas of London.

How to choose where to stay

We understand the choice could be overwhelming especially if you’re a first-time visitor. Choosing a location to stay in London first is important for both your budget and stress levels! We recommend you consider:

  • London has 5 international airports. We’ll help you choose the right place to avoid expensive and inconvenient transfers. Which areas are easier to get to from your airport?
  • Business areas have lower rates at the weekend and leisure areas have lower rates in the week – which is which?
  • Which are the budget hotel areas? Which are closest to shops, attractions or theatres?

We have the main central London hotel areas above, however, if you're planning your first visit to London and find yourself confused with the wide range of neighbourhood options, take a look at our guide to London's hotel areas. It has been designed to help you identify the right area to choose your accommodation in, depending on your individual wants and needs. Our guide will help you make an informed decision to get the most out of your first London holiday.
Guide to hotel areas in London

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