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Harwich Cruise Transfers Between Harwich & London

Transfering Between Central London & Harwich Cruise & Ferry Terminals

Harwich Cruise & Ferry Port

Harwich is around 90 miles (145 kms) from the centre of London. On a good day, a vehicle will make it in under 2 hours.

Harwich is the smallest of the three main cruise ports that serve London, (Harwich, Southampton and Dover). It is is a single berth, single terminal affair which even at the height of the summer season will only have a cruise ship every other day at its busiest time.

Next door to the cruise terminal is a ferry terminal with large ferries going to the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Both ferry and cruise terminals are a small part of a much larger port complex. On the other side of the river from Harwich is Felixstowe, one of the UK's largest container ports.

The only public transport option that runs on a scheduled basis daily is the train service. You will need to get to London's Liverpool Street Station where broadly hourly trains make the journey to Harwich International, adjacent to the cruise and ferry terminals. You will have to change trains at Manningtree Station as Harwich is on a branch line from the main London railway.

Unfortunately, Liverpool Street the London terminus of the trains from Harwich is not near where most people's hotels will be in Central London and is on the far side of London from Heathrow Airport, London's main airport.

Special Transport On Dates Cruise Ships Are In Port

For dates during the summer months when a major cruise ship is in port a cruise ship bus shuttle and a special cruise train are put on specifically for cruise passengers. The train runs non-stop between the cruise terminal and Liverpool Street, the cruise bus is a door to door service doing pickups and drops at Central London hotels as well as Heathrow Airport.

Harwich - Liverpool Street Train At Harwich

Harwich - Liverpool Street Train At Harwich

London Liverpool Street To/From Harwich By Train

There is a broadly hourly train between Harwich International Station and London's Liverpool Street Station. The Harwich line is a branch line and for nearly all train journeys between Harwich and London you will have to change trains at Manningtree Station.

Journey time is around 75 minutes.

Note: Liverpool Street Station is in the City Of London in the financial area of London, the other side of town from where most people will have their London hotel. The London Underground or a 15-20 minute taxi ride is a tedious add-on to most people's journey.

When one of the large cruise ships are in port a special cruise train is normally arranged. This runs once each way non-stop between Harwich International and Liverpool Street street. Otherwise it is the same train as the scheduled services.

London and Harwich Trains - Full Details

Private Transfers By Car/Sedan, Van or Bus

Direct transfers between Harwich and London by private hire vehicle save a lot of hassle and tedium associated with the public transport alternatives.

Its around a 2 hour journey into London from Harwich. With most cruise ships disembarking between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m if you are travelling on a work day, you'll hit a lot of commuter traffic and it can take far longer.

More Details of Private Transfers Between Harwich & London

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