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The Roman Baths at Bath on day tour from London

Many tours include the Roman Baths at Bath

The City of Bath is about 115 miles (185km) from central London, a good two and a half hours non-stop from London in a tour bus.


Bath is not particularly dominated by any one attraction though the Roman Baths are the single most popular attraction.

There are many facets to Bath including Georgian Bath - from a time not so long ago if you were anyone of note you spent a week or three in Bath each year.


There is so much to Bath that you could stay a few days in Bath and still not have covered everything.

And that is perhaps the only problem on a day tour from London - time. It is very common to hear people boarding the tour bus to leave Bath saying that they must return to Bath one day and spend more time.


Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge tours

The Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath itinerary is the most popular itinerary for a day tour from London that visits Windsor Castle.

Tour of Bath with Stonehenge and Windsor from London

Visit Windsor Castle on a day tour with Bath & Stonehenge


There are several tours every day of the year including Christmas Day when no attraction is open!


Although the basic itinerary of 2 hours at Windsor, just under 2 hours at Stonehenge and 75-90 minutes at Bath is fairly constant there are tweaks to this format between the tours available.


All but the International Friends small group tours have the visit to Stonehenge after Windsor Castle, arriving around lunch time or late afternoon depending on season.

The International Tours Small Group tour has Stonehenge as the first stop and is normally the first tour bus to arrive at Stonehenge from London each morning. Windsor being the last stop of the day.

The standard full size bus tours typically use around a 50-seat touring coach to operate their tours. It's a long day whatever Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour you travel on and there is little time to linger.

The very popular Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge with lunch tour makes an additional lunch stop at Lacock, at the expense of less time in Bath.


This routing offers some very nice English countryside and time in a very nice village off the beaten tourist track with lunch in a 14th century historic village pub.

Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Windsor, Stonehenge, Lacock & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Small Group Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Tour of Bath with Stonehenge from London

Visit Stonehenge on a day tour with Bath from London

Stonehenge & Bath tours

For many, 90 minutes at Bath on a tour visiting also Windsor and Stonehenge is not long enough. Missing out Windsor results in you getting a full 3 hours and more in Bath.


The biggest single attractions in Bath are the Roman Baths, but there is so much to see and do for many their priorities for sightseeing are elsewhere.


The good news is that there is a tour for either requirement, one tour that includes admission to the Roman Baths, and another that just lets you do your own thing with no tickets included in Bath.

Stonehenge & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing
Stonehenge & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Alternatives to the Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge route

Although Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath is the most popular itinerary, there are alternatives.

Windsor, Stonehenge, Salisbury & Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Windsor and Bath Day Tour From London Ticketing

Stonehenge, Bath & Stratford Day Tour From London Ticketing
Small Group Lacock, Bath & Stonehenge Day Tour From London Ticketing

Visiting Stonehenge and/or Bath and/or Windsor

Stonehenge Morning Or Afternoon Half Day Tour- £52

Stonehenge & London Day Tour (Apr-Oct only) - £61

Windsor Castle Windsor Morning & Afternoon Tours - from £55

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (inc Lunch, no adm Roman Baths) - £114

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (no Lunch, inc adm Roman Baths) - £103

Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge & Salisbury - £101

Windsor & Bath Day Tour - from £79

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (Small Group - Max 16 people) - £149

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge admission only) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £74

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge & Baths adm) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £89

Stonehenge & Windsor (featuring extended time at Windsor) - £95

Stonehenge & Avebury - £109

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford - £106

Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge - £99

Stonehenge, Glastonbury & Avebury (Small Group) - £149

Lacock, Bath & Stonehenge (Small Group) - £149

Visiting Cotswolds and/or Oxford and/or Stratford and/or Warwick

Oxford, Stratford & Warwick Castle - £99

Oxford, Cotswolds & Stratford (Small Group) -£149

Stratford & Cotswolds (inc Anne Hathaway’s) - £89

Shakespeare’s Stratford–upon–Avon - £57-75 (no admissions incl)

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch - £96

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch (Small Group) - £149

Blenheim Palace, Downton Abbey Village & Cotswolds Tour - £65

Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge - £99

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford - £106

Oxford & Cambridge Tour (May-Sep only) - £101

Downton Abbey & Blenheim Palace (Small Group) - £149

Visiting Canterbury, Leeds Castle & Dover

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury with river cruise - £99

Canterbury, Dover Castle, White Cliffs & Rochester (Small Group Apr - Oct) - £94

Dover Castle, White Cliffs & Canterbury - £99

Special Theme Tours

Stonehenge Special Access (Walk Among Stones) Tours

Downton Abbey + Highclere Castle Tours

Harry Potter Tours

Day Tours by Train to Liverpool, Paris and Scotland

Beatles Liverpool Day Tour - £169

Day Trip to Paris - from £179

Day Trip to Edinburgh - from £199

2 to 12 Day Tours covering Great Britain, Ireland, Paris & Amsterdam

2-Day Avebury, Cotswolds, Bath & Oxford - from £174.25

2-Day Stonehenge, Bath, Cotswolds & Oxford - from £195.21

3-Day Tours of English Regions (3 tours) - from £294.80

3 Days in Paris - from £339

2-Day Edinburgh - from £312

3-Day Edinburgh & Scotland Weekend - from £329

3-Day Edinburgh & Scotland Weekday - from £499

3-Day Amsterdam - from £315

6-12-Day tours of Great Britain and Ireland - from £925

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