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Gatwick Airport transfers - your questions answered

Comprehensive Gatwick Airport transfer information

Gatwick Express Train

For many, the Gatwick Express train is the simplest transfer option

The London Toolkit website tries to offer detailed coverage of all aspects of airport transfers at Gatwick Airport, whether you just need to travel to a Gatwick Airport hotel, transfer into central London or another London airport for onward travel.

Below are links to the relevant Gatwick transfer pages of all the types of transport from/to Gatwick Airport.


If you are still confused then use our question and answer facility at the bottom of the page for a personalised answer.


Gatwick Airport - central London transfers

There is a good choice of airport trains and buses between Gatwick Airport and central London. There are of course private transfers by pre-booked car and taxi cabs available from outside the passenger terminals too.

Gatwick - central London transfers - make an informed choice


Gatwick to/from Heathrow, Luton and Stansted airports

There are direct coach services between London's major airports, cheaper indirect options via Central London and of course private transfer options.

Gatwick - Heathrow Airport transfers - make an informed choice

Gatwick - Luton Airport transfers - make an informed choice

Gatwick - Stansted Airport transfers - make an informed choice


Gatwick Airport -to/from Southampton & Dover Cruise Ports

London is served by two major cruise ports, Southampton and Dover. There is a wide choice of transfer options private and public transport, even shared tour transfer services.

Gatwick - Southampton transfers - make an informed choice

Gatwick - Dover Transfers - make an informed choice


Gatwick Airport group transfers

If you are bringing a group through Gatwick Airport then a private charter will be economic as well as stress free.

Gatwick Airport group transfers details

Bob's Gatwick Transfers Q&A

If you are still unclear about Gatwick transfer options after reading our dedicated pages then use our Q&A facility below. Bob will normally reply within 24 hours.

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