National Express Stansted - London Liverpool Street

24/7 airport coach service, fast budget route into London from Stansted Airport

National Express Stansted Airport Bus Outside Liverpool Street Station

National Express Stansted Airport bus outside Liverpool Street Station

The National Express Stansted to Liverpool Street airport coach service runs head to head with the Stansted Express train service that also runs from Liverpool Street Station to Stansted Airport.

The National Express Liverpool Streetcoach service is slower but cheaper than the Stansted Express train.

The Stansted - Liverpool Street National Express service has other stops as well, it is not a non-stop service.

Although Liverpool Street is where most visitors will get off the service, Liverpool Street is not the terminus and the coach goes onto Shoreditch and Bethnal Green.


Before reaching Liverpool Street the coach offers stops at Bow Church, Mile End and Whitechapel.

Liverpool Street is in the heart of the City of London, the business area of London.


The majority of leisure visitors will have their accommodation much further west, on the other side of the city centre in hotel districts that an alternative National Express coach service to Victoria from Stansted drives through and has stops within.

National Express Victoria - Stansted Service - full details

The Central Line and Circle Line of the London Underground link Liverpool Street quickly with the rest of Central London.

The National Express Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street service is one of four National Express services between Stansted Airport and Central London.

National Express Stansted Airport Services to/from Central London.

A7 Stansted - London Victoria via Waterloo Station
- 24/7 service with stops in Southwark and Waterloo Station. Frequency of 3 or 4 coaches an hour, reducing to 2 an hour in the early hours of the morning.


A6 Stansted - Stansted - London Marble Arch/ Portland Square/ Paddington Station via Golders Green & Baker Street
- 24/7 service with stops in the centre of London convenient for many of the main hotel districts. Frequency of 3 or 4 coaches an hour, reducing to 2 an hour in the early hours of the morning.


A8 Stansted - London Liverpool Street, Shoreditch & Bethnal Green via Bromley by Bow Church, Mile End & Whitechapel
- 24/7 service serving the East End of London and the district around Liverpool Street Station, a cheaper alternative to the Stansted Express train. Frequency of 2 coaches an hour.


A9 Stansted - Stratford
- 24/7 service terminating at Stratford outside the centre of London, (avoiding potential traffic congestion delays). Choice of Underground lines into London and close to London Docklands. Frequency of 2-3 coaches an hour.

Stansted - Central London Airport Coach Services
Stansted Bus London Boarding Points

National Express Stansted - London Liverpool Street Service

Is this the right airport bus service for you?

The National Express Stansted Airport - London Liverpool Street service serves the City of London, on the eastern side of Central London.


It is a business district that most leisure visitors do not stay in, though there is a major hotel district around the Tower of London close to Liverpool Street.

The National Express Stansted Airport - London Liverpool Street service also has stops at 3 Underground Stations in East London, Bow Church, Mile End and Whitechapel. After Liverpool Street the bus goes onto Shoreditch before terminating at Bethnal Green.

If you are not staying around Liverpool Street itself, the National Express Stratford service offers a good alternative, particularly if you are travelling at busy times with a high risk of traffic congestion.

Stratford is the key transport hub near the end of the motorway from Stansted with Underground, rail and Docklands Light Railway connections onward into London. Alternative airport buses to and from Stansted like the Liverpool Street service continue into London with stop/start journeys through an urban environment.

By taking a Stratford service and walking straight onto the London Underground at Stratford you can avoid most of the probable traffic bottlenecks in the centre.

National Express Stratford - Stansted service details

National Express Stansted luggage allowance

Stansted Coach Station Waiting Room

Stansted Coach Station Waiting Room

You can carry two medium-sized suitcases - weighing up to 20kg (44lb) each - plus one small piece of hand luggage per person. Drivers loading the baggage do not weigh bags.

Customers will be permitted to pool their individual allowances if they are travelling in a group or as a family, but they must be travelling on the same ticket.

Over this allowance and steep excess luggage charges kick in.

If you need to take extra luggage on your journey, this can be arranged either in advance or on your day of travel when you arrive at the coach station. However buying your extra luggage on-line in advance is much cheaper.


Stansted & Liverpool Street boarding points

Finding the buses is very easy and straight forward. In front of Stansted Airport's passenger terminal is a very large bus station. All the London buses are lined up with their own bays. There is a waiting room and somewhere to get a coffee and snacks. When you come out of the customs area, just look up and follow the signs downstairs to the bus station.

At Liverpool Street the National Express Bus boards right outside the train station.

There are clear signs and maps locally on the ground at the station so it is easy to find. You take the Bishopsgate exit from the station. The bus stop is immediately outside the exit onto Bishopsgate.

National Express Fares - The key points

Remember: With National Express you book a seat on a specific bus schedule

National Express Fare Types

National Express have two standard fare types:

Standard Ticket: The cheapest fare. Amendable (for a fee) but not refundable

This ticket is not refundable but the journey date and time can be changed prior to your current departure date and time. Amendments must be made prior to the journey. An amendment fee will apply.

Fully Flexible Ticket: Unlimited amendments and refunds allowed before travel

Unlimited amendments can be made anytime prior to departure without incurring an amendment fee.

In order to claim a refund, you must cancel your ticket at least 72 hours in advance of your journeys.


The Airport Flexible Add On - The flexibility to switch schedule if your flight is early/late -

For peace of mind if your flight is early or delayed with this add-on you may board any available coach 12 hours before or 12 hours after your original departure time you have selected on reservation.

You can amend your ticket to a new departure date as well - free of charge.

You can obtain a refund on your ticket up to 24 hours before departure.

You add the Airport Flexible Fare Add On during the booking process, not at the original selection screen where you select your schedule and fare. The option comes up on a subsequent screen with other supplemental options like excess luggage and travel insurance are offered and before payment.

National Express Group Discount (for 4 people or more) -

If you're travelling on the National Express services in a group of four or more, you can obtain 25% off passenger one-way fares.

To take advantage of this offer, simply book your seats at least three days in advance.

Luggage supplements

The National Express coaches come with a free luggage allowance of 2 cases for the hold of the bus. Neither case should weigh more than 20kg (44lb). An item of hand luggage is allowed in the passenger cabin but only laptop/handbag size. There are steep excess luggage charges if you exceed these limits. easyBus allow one bag max dimensions H+W+L equalling 57 or less inches and weighing 23kg or less plus one hand luggage no more than 5kg.

Extra case supplement - £8 on-line, £10 on day

Book 1 extra bag making 3 in total.

3 extra cases supplement - £16 on-line, £30 on day

Book 3 extra bags making 5 in total.

Stansted - Central London Airport Coach Services

Alternative Stansted - London Liverpool Street Bus by Airport Bus Express

Airport Bus Express Stansted are relatively new, replacing the Terravision services that previously operated the same Stansted - London coach services to and from London.


The Airport Bus Express services operates a simple flat fare, whilst National Express operate a dynamic fare structure. National Express online fares can be cheaper than Airport Bus Express if you book well in advance, or more expensive if you don't.

Although Terravision no longer operate the service they do provide ticketing for this Airport Bus Express service.

Airport Bus Express operate a similar service to the National Express format using full size buses with large luggage holds.

Stansted - London Victoria Airport Coach Tickets

Airport Bus Express or National Express for your Stansted - London transfer?

Although superficially both National Express and Airport Bus Express offer very similar services, there are real differences when you look closer:


Airport Express offer a simple flat fee ticket price with a small discount for round trip journeys.

National Express have dynamic pricing, basically the further in advance you book tickets the cheaper the fare.

In broad summary, if you can book your tickets well in advance National Express will probably be cheaper, buy at short notice and Airport Express may have the edge on price.

Ticket Flexibility - What if your flight is late?

With National Express you have to select an individual schedule. With the cheapest tickets if you miss it you lose the ticket. You can buy more expensive flexible tickets or pay a supplement on reservation allowing you 12 hours flexibility either side of your chosen schedule.

With Airport Express the ticket is flexible and can be used any time, any date and any direction.


National Express have the definite edge here, offering better frequencies and 4 services with additional choiice as a result of your chosen bus stop in London.

Child Fare Concession Age Band

National Express childrens fare age band is 3-15 year old, Airport Express is 4-12 years old.

Luggage Allowance

Very similar for both operators, 2 cases plus an item of hand luggage per person.

London - Stansted Fare Comparison of Public Transport 2018


Standard Adult Fare



Stansted Express - Liverpool Street



Stansted Express Web Duo - (2 people)



National Express - Stratford

£3.50-£10 †

£7-£20 †

National Express - Liverpool Street

£3.50-£10 †

£7-£20 †

National Express - Victoria via Waterloo

£5-£12 †

£10-£24 †

National Express - Marble Arch /Portman Square/Paddington

£5-£12 †

£10-£24 †

Airport Bus / Terravision - Stratford /Liverpool Street



Airport Bus / Terravision - Baker Street/Victoria



# Promotional fare only available at Stansted Express web site, for 2 people travelling together

† Lowest fare online only advance purchase Funfare tickets - limited number of tickets, the earlier you book the better the availability. Higher fare is for payment on the day or at short notice online.