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London Theatre Breaks

The Top West End Hit Shows With Hotel Accommodation

London Theatre Breaks

The most popular shows in London's West End are the blockbuster musicals. The select few that everyone wants to see are booked out weeks, if not months ahead.

Weekend performances are particularly in demand. Note there are no performances on Sundays at theatres and some theatres do not perform on Mondays either.

Nearly all shows start between 19:30 and 20:00 and a typical show will last between 2 hours 15 minutes and three hours. When you leave the theatre you will typically have an hour before the last Underground train runs.

There is also a good night bus network that will get you to all the main hotel districts if you want to eat or drink afterwards or visit a nightclub. If you get a cab make sure its a proper licensed cab, only London's famous black cabs are allowed to solicit for business.

At the moment hardly any shows will have a performance on a Sunday, though this is a situation that potentially may change in the near future.

Many shows have matinee performances early afternoon, typically around 2:30 p.m one or two days a week. Ticket prices will be cheaper at the matinee performances.

Location of West End Theatres

The popular commercial theatre is centred in the West end district of London and is centred around Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Musicals are the most popular format for this market.

However, there are theatres all over Central London, especially the serious and arty shows. The Royal Festival Hall on the south side of the river is one of the largest venues, not that far from the Globe Theatre with performances of Shakespeare. Sadlers Wells Theatre, near Islington is London's premier dance theatre and the Barbican Centre nearby has all kinds of performances.

The West End theatres are also spread out far beyond their heart around Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Two major theatres are next to Victoria Station, a long distance from Leicester Square.

London Theatre Map
Show & Stay West End Theatre Show Tickets

Theatre & Hotel Packages

For domestic UK people travelling into London for a show its often a tight thing to make the last train out of London termini. Staying overnight is thus very attractive, also giving you the time to have a drink or something to eat in a more leisurely and relaxed way.

You can even get packages that combine hotel, theatre tickets and the rail journey in one money saving package.

The providers who put together the hotel and theatre packages are consolidators that buy up allocations of all the hit shows. You can often get access to dates in this way at short notice when other channels have sold out a long time previously.

The is a large choice of hotels from the most frugal to 5 star luxury.

There are two main providers of London hotel and theatre bundles.

Leading Theatre Break Packages - Show & Stay and Superbreak

West End Theatre Break Deals
Superbreak West End Theatre Break Deals
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