Dover ferry terminals

Foot passengers guide to using Dover ferry terminals

Dover Ferry Port
Dover Ferry Port

The Dover Ferry terminals are about 75 miles (120km) from Central London. The ferry port is in the Eastern Docks, the cruise ships come in on the other side of the harbour in the Western Docks.

The main function of Dover is as a ferry port connecting the UK and France and it is this trade that dominates the port. P&O is the dominant ferry company on the trunk route to Calais, just 21 miles away. DFDS is another smaller operator that runs to Calais and Dunkirk.

There's a cross channel ferry departure on average every 30 minutes from Dover, when taken across all operator schedules.

Dover Ferry Terminal

Motorists do not need to stop at the ferry terminal if they have a ticket, you can drive direct to the customs gates. If you are arriving independently you will arrive at the ferry terminal, a modern, spacious affair.

The ferry terminal contains ticket desks for all the ferry companies and a foreign exchange facility and cash point. There is also a coffee shop and a Burger King as well as a place to get newspapers, confectionery and drinks.

Dover Ferry Terminal to/from London

Inside Dover Ferry Terminal
Inside Dover Ferry terminal

For independent travellers on foot your options getting to and from Dover from London are:

  • The cheapest option are the National Express scheduled buses. Full size 50 seat coaches with washrooms that depart from London's Victoria Coach Stations. The buses stop at the ferry terminal.

  • The fastest option are the Dover train services, faster than a taxi. Several trains an hour run along three separate routes between Dover's Priory Station and around 5 major train stations in Central London. The fastest trains by far run between London St Pancras and Dover. You will need a taxi or shuttle bus between Dover Priory Train Station and Dover ferry terminals.

  • And of course the money no object option is a private car service door to door at a time specified by you. If you have a group there are vans, even coaches available.

National Express


National Express

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Transfers between ferry terminals & London trains

Dover taxis
Typical Dover taxi - agree price beforehand

Taxi cabs at Dover come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, the image tight is fairly typical. If you have two cases per person and more than 2 people you may end up with multiple taxi cabs.

It's just a 5 minute drive between the ferry terminal at Dover to/from the railway and bus stations and ferry terminal. All fares within Dover should be on a meter.

For longer journeys outside Dover never leap into a taxi without agreeing the price before hand. Although drivers may offer to accept your Euro or Dollar currency it will almost certainly be at a very, very poor exchange rate. Only do so as a last resort.

The taxi rank at the ferry terminal and Dover priory Station is right outside outside the front doors of the respective terminals. It is customary to leave a small tip with cab drivers, (assuming they provide a good service).

FlixBus - Dover to Paris & Europe

As the major ferry route between England and the European mainland many of the scheduled coach services between London and European cities stage through Dover. FlixBus are the dominant carrier and you can board the coaches at Dover Ferry Port Terminal before they board the ferry.

Most popular route is to Paris with around half a dozen services per day.

FixBus is an umbrella brand for a network of bus companies across Europe that work together to offer an integrated system, they recently took over Eurolines.

Flixbus coaches


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Dover map of cruise & ferry terminals, hotels and bus & railway stations

Dover Hotel and Cruise Terminal Map



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