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National Express Luton - London Airport Bus

National Express Luton Airport bus

London Luton Airport is around 35 miles (55km) north of Central London. Luton Airport is a relatively small but fast expanding one passenger terminal, one runway airport.


It is normally quite a speedy process collecting luggage compared with the larger London airports. Rapid baggage claim and short walks when boarding your plane are therefore the norm and a pleasant contrast to London's other major airports.


Your Luton Airport to London transfer choices

  • The cheapest option between Luton Airport and London are the Luton Airport bus services.

    The stops in London are also in all probability going to be much nearer your accommodation than

    the main alternative train service.


    The main downside of the bus is that it is the slowest option (60 to 90 minutes) and with London

    traffic you are wise to factor in a comfortable contingency in case of traffic delays. There is a choice

    of three different bus companies operating services into London.


  • The fastest option between Luton Airport and London is the Luton airport train service. With a

    journey time of 25 minutes and frequencies of up to 6 times an hour it's by far the fastest option

    and doesn't suffer unforeseen traffic congestion delays in London.


    The downside is that Luton Parkway Station, is about a mile from Luton Airport, but a bus shuttle runs every 10 minutes for the 5 minute journey between Luton Parkway and the passenger terminal at Luton Airport. The main station in London for trains is St Pancras, a major Underground hub and one of the best places in London to look for cheap accommodation.


  • The money no object, most convenient option is of course a taxi or private transport offering door to door transport. Once you get 6 or 7 people the costs start to compare with public transport and for larger groups a chartered bus is going to be a compelling option offering both low cost and convenience. We have a dedicated page for private cars, vans and coaches to/from Luton Airport.


Your London hotel location is key to transfer choice

The one aspect of cost that many do not factor in is the location of their accommodation in London.


London Hotel Districts Guide

The train and three bus services go through very different districts of



London is very spread out. The cheapest transfer into London can become not so cheap if you have another journey to your hotel after disembarking the airport train or bus.


Similarly if you pay a premium for the speed of the train, the investment is compromised if your accommodation is to the west of city centre where the airport buses run direct.


When selecting your London hotel accommodation do factor in hotel location and available transfer options. Remember if you have a very

late or early flight the airport buses run 24/7, the airport trains do not.


Convenient London hotel districts for transfers to Luton Airport


Airport Bus: Swiss Cottage, Marble Arch, Paddington, Victoria

Airport Trains: Kings Cross St Pancras, Euston, Bloomsbury


Buying rail tickets & minimising cost

If you have made a decision in principle to take the faster train link into London you are ready to make an informed decision on what type of ticket.


This may well be out of your control and train ticket types available may well be driven by the day and time you need the transfer. However, one big advantage of taking the train rather than the bus if you are sightseeing in London is that a return train ticket qualifies you for railways 2 for 1 promotion.


The railways 2 for 1 promotion as its name implies gives you half price admission to many of London's premier tourist attractions including the Tower of London, London Dungeon and Madame Tussauds.


Luton Airport to Central London train details


Which airport bus is best for me?

If you have made a decision in principle to take one of the cheap airport buses into London you are ready to make an informed decision on which airport bus to select.


There is no universal best Luton airport bus, which one is best for you, only you can decide. The information that enables you to make an informed choice is through the link below.


Luton Airport to Central London Bus - National Express or Green Line?

Central London - Luton Airport Price Comparison of Public Transport 2018


Standard Adult Fare



Bus Service

National Express Bus

£5 - £12

£10 - £24

Green Line / Terravision Bus



Train Service

Thameslink(Off Peak Fare)



Thameslink (Anytime Fare)



~ Two one-way off peak fares (typically week ends and outside commute times)

Luton - Central London Public Transport Termini Map

Private transfers

Being 35 miles (55km) outside of London, a taxi or private car is not going to be cheap. For families or those with significant luggage or travelling at unsocial hours when public transport is not great in some areas, a car can make sense.


For small or large groups chartering buses can make a compelling choice with the promise of the lowest cost and customised transfer door to door at a time chosen by you.

Private Airport Car Transfers

Indicative Luton Hotel room rates - Sampled prices at Luton for mid October 2018

Hotel & link to detail page



Airport hotels within walking distance of airport terminal

Ibis Luton Airport



Ibis Budget Luton Airport +



Holiday Inn Luton Airport +#



Holiday Inn Express Luton +#



Hotels nearby in Luton town

Premier Inn Luton Town +#



Premier Inn Luton Airport +#



easyHotel Luton ~



Stockwood Hotel ~+



Luton Residence ~+



Thistle Express Luton ~+#



Hampton by Hilton Luton +



Icon Hotel Luton



Leaside Hotel ~+



Off airport suitable only for motorists

Premier Inn Luton South +#



Travelodge Luton +#



Chiltern Hotel ~+#



Holiday Inn Luton South



Hilton Garden Inn Luton +#



~ Single rooms     + Triple rooms      # Quad rooms

National Express Airport Coach Services